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Those monsters will be sorry they ever messed with me!
―Ann Lee
Ann Lee

Monster Fighters


Crossbow, Harpoons




Ann Lee is a minifigure introduced in the Monster Fighters theme.


Ann has sand blue legs printed with a clove of garlic, wooden stakes, and a belt. Her torso is white, and is printed with a sand blue desk, a red and white bodice, a white collar, and a silver necklace. She has white arms with yellow hands. Her hairpiece is reused from Cave Woman, with an original arrow instead of the bone. She has a facial scar from the Witch Nail.


Ann Lee is a Monster Fighter, proficient in the ancient art of broomstickajitzu. Her monster arch-enemy are the Ghosts, even though she is shown in videos with the Mummy. She met Dr. Rodney when Dr. Rodney was looking for a suitable pilot brave enough to fly into the Monster Realms, and was described as waiting in the air hangar for him.


  • Similar to Major Quinton Steele having the silver bullets for his set 9463 The Werewolf, she has some clues as to the monsters she is going to face printed on her torso and legs. For example, garlic, and in her bio video, her battle scar is from a witch nail.
  • She has garlic printed on her legs even though she does not face either of the Vampyres.
  • She has a double-sided head, one with a scowl, and the other with a smirk.
  • She is the only female Monster Fighter and one of the three females in this theme, the others being Vampyre's Bride and Zombie Bride.
  • She is seen in the bio video of her with a broomstick, possibly due to the witch scratch on her face.
  • She is one of the two Monster Fighters that do not have a robotic enhancement, the other being Frank Rock.

LEGO's Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Name: Ann Lee
Hometown: UNKNOWN
Strengths: Archery, broomstickajitzu, pilot’s license, disguising ammo as hair accessories
Hobbies: Turning household items into weapons, martial arts and crafts

Monster Arch Enemy: Ghosts



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