Anne was a character from the original Pirates line in 1989. Though there were a couple of other female characters such as Camilla, she was the only woman to appear in a set from the Pirates theme until a female Islander was released in 1994.


Anne was the daughter of Bessie, a widow who owned a tavern/inn popular with pirates. Her bio in the Pirates books published by Ladybird describes her as a fearless pirate who takes part in the adventures of Captain Redbeard's crew whenever she can. In the third book published by Ladybird, Adventure on Shark Island, she tricks Captain Foul into thinking his ship is under attack to break up a fight between his and Redbeard's crews, but Foul takes revenge on her by kidnapping her and demanding a ransom. As Redbeard refuses to pay ransoms (and didn't have the money anyway), her crewmates manage to stage a rescue and outwit Foul.