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Release years:

1995, 1996

Main theme:


Colour scheme:
Concurrent faction(s):


Aquasharks is a subtheme of Aquazone. The Aquasharks were villainous underwater miners who competed with the Aquanauts for control of crystals and crystal mines. They never had a permanent base but the biggest set was 6190 Shark's Crystal Cave. The Aquasharks were led by Thresher.

Their vehicles were a mixture of black and blue, with some red. The transparent parts tended to be neon orange.

The 1998 set 6100 Aquashark Dart is the same as 1095 Super Sub which was released one year later and has been attributed to the Hydronauts.

Rare parts

The line included some rare parts. These are:

List of Sets

Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
1095 1095  Super Sub  24  1   $3.00  1999 
5160 5160  Aquazone Accessories  21     $3.00  1995 
6100 6100  Aquashark Dart  24  1     1998 
6104-1 6104  Aquacessories / Aquanauts & Aquasharks  20  2   $3.00  1996 
6115 Box 6115  Shark Scout / Aquashark Dart  28  1 Aquashark   $3.50  1995 
6135 Box 6135  Spy Shark  62  Thresher   $8.75  1996 
6155 Box 6155  Deep Sea Predator / Aquashark Barracuda  103  1 Aquashark   $22.00  1995 
6190 Box 6190  Shark's Crystal Cave  256  ThresherAquashark   $50.00  1996 
Coffeemug Aquasharks  Drinking Mug       1995 


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