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Disney Princess
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Ariel is a Disney Princess mini-doll introduced in 2014. She appears in three sets so far.


In 41050 Ariel's Amazing Treasures and Ariel's Undersea Palace, Ariel is a mermaid, and she has a new mermaid mini-doll leg piece in green, which is representing her tail. Her torso is light nougat with a sparkly purple seashell bikini top. She has long and wavy red hair and a happy face with pink lipstick and long eyelashes.

In 41052 Ariel's Magical Kiss, Ariel uses the same head and hair-piece but is dressed in a long light pink long-sleeved dress. Her torso piece shows parts of light nougat bare skin on her arms and neck.


Ariel was a mermaid who wanted to become a human. After saving a drowning man named Prince Eric, Ariel fell in love with him. Her desire to live with her beloved one was fulfilled by a witch named Ursula, who agreed to turn Ariel into a human in exchange for her voice. Ariel agreed, but soon realised that she was cheated. Ariel finally got her voice back and Prince Eric defeated Ursula. Ariel became a human and married Eric.


Gallery of Variants

Ariel dress-doll
From 41050From 410522016 minifigure


  • Ariel is the first mini-doll to be a different species than human.
  • In this scene of the film, Ariel is wearing a blue dress, rather than pink.

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