Arsenal, whose real name is Roy Harper, is a Super Heroes minifigure who appears in the Arrow DLC pack for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. He was later released as an exclusive minifigure that was sold at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con as part of a raffle.



Orphan Roy Harper was raised by a Navajo named Brave Bow. When Green Arrow went to the Navajo reservation and saw Roy's skill, offered to take him as his ward, which Brave Bow agreed to, as he wanted somebody to take care of Roy after he had died. After further training, Green Arrow turned Roy into his sidekick, Speedy, who became part of the Titans. Roy would later become a government agent under the name Arsenal. In the New 52, he joined up with Red Hood (Jason Todd) and Starfire as part of a mercenary team, before being reunited with Nightwing and the other Titans founders.


Roy Harper was a young thief living in the Glades. After he stole from Thea Queen, she tried to empathize with him and they began a relationship. Roy soon developed a hero-worship on Arrow (not knowing he was Thea's brother Oliver) and eventually met the hero, who began training him. He eventually gains extreme marksmanship like his mentor and becomes Arsenal.

Young Justice

Roy Harper appears in the first episode of Young Justice, expressing anger at still being considered a "sidekick" to Green Arrow. He refuses to join "The Team" and goes rogue, working as a vigilante for the majority of the series. He also had a romantic fling with Cheshire, which would eventually lead to the birth of a child.

At the end of Season 1, it was revealed that the Roy Harper we had seen up until that point was a clone of the real Roy Harper, used by Vandal Savage to infiltrate and nearly destroy the Justice League. After the clone Roy learned this, he began to search for the real Roy Harper. The original Roy, having been imprisoned by the Light for years beforehand, is found and released from captivity in Season 2, where he takes on a robotic arm and the codename Arsenal.


  • In LEGO Batman 3, Harper appeared as his real name but in his physical appearance, he was instead called Arsenal.