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B616 BIONICLE Encyclopedia is a BIONICLE book released in 2005.

The BIONICLE: Encyclopedia is an encyclopedia written by Greg Farshtey containing most of the storyline information up to the point of 2005.


The book's articles are in alphabetical order, with information about all the characters, Rahi, locations, Mata Nui and Metru Nui (before the Great Cataclysm), and the like. Each article is split into four sections to further organize the pages: Powers, Personality, History and Equipment.

The book also sports its own short story, explaining how Toa Nidhiki went from a Toa Mangai to a Dark Hunter titled Birth of a Dark Hunter, also written by Greg Farshtey. The end of the encyclopedia also features a sticker page, with stickers of the Toa Mata and Turaga of Mata Nui, along with Toa Metru and their later Toa Hordika forms.

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