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BIONICLE: Glatorian VI is a Polish BIONICLE book published in 2009 by Ameet. It charts the second half of the 2009 BIONICLE story.


Ameet Description

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The Mask of Life, cast out away from the Matoran universe, flew into the great unknown, carrying inside the consciousness of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. The mighty ruler had been robbed of his great power and exiled from his world by a cruel and merciless enemy. As he flew through the void, out of control, Mata Nui swore he would return some time and save his people.

Mata Nui's journey suddenly came to an end as the Mask of Life crash landed on the barren planet of Bara Magna. The mask used its power to create a body of a warrior for Mata Nui, so that he could stand a chance of suriving in this strange, hostile world. Soon it turned out he would need a lot more, for destiny threw him in the middle of an armed conflict between the inhabitants of the planet.

Will Mata Nui join the rebellion of the Glatorian against the army of powerful Skrall? Will he be able to protect the Agori tribes of Bara Magna? Will he find a way to return to his own universe?

Here is a new BIONICLE legend with lots of incredible mysteries. A treat for fans - a comic, a set of collector's cards and the second chapter of Greg Farshtey's new novel "The Crossing". Welcome to the BIONICLE world!

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