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BIONICLE II is a constraction theme. It was introduced in 2015 and ended in 2016. It featured a Flash cartoon series and a Netflix animated series, both of which ended after the line was cancelled.

Content-wise, it has no connection to the first BIONICLE theme from 2001 until 2010, aside from the premise of robotic islanders, names of the Toa, the name Toa, the name Makuta, and mask powers. It features entirely new personalities for the Toa and Makuta, different character names for villagers, no unique species names, and different villains. It replaced Hero Factory.



A long time ago, on the mythical island of Okoto, all lived in harmony. It was a place of wonders and beautiful landscapes. From the island's elemental forces, two brothers, known as the Mask Makers, created Masks of Power. Each brother had a special mask—Makuta owned the Mask of Control and Ekimu the Mask of Creation. The brothers provided the islanders with many masks but Ekimu's were the most treasured. His brother became envious and forged an evil plan. It was a sacred law that a mask could never contain the power of more than one element, otherwise it would become too strong and dangerous. Makuta wanted to create the most powerful mask of all time: the Mask of Ultimate Power. When Makuta put it on, it took control of him, and the island began to shake and crumble. Realizing what his brother had done, Ekimu managed to knock the mask from Makuta's face. The ensuing shockwave rolled across the land, cursing both brothers into an endless sleep. The masks were scattered across the island, waiting for a time when someone would come looking for them.

Many years later a horde of creatures called Skull Spiders rampaged through Okoto—spreading panic and terror—led by Makuta's spirit. When all hope was about to be lost, the Protectors, the Region elders of Okoto, summoned for six heroes to come to their aid. Their arrival was foretold by a Prophecy told to the Protectors long ago, when they recovered the body of Ekimu. In his dying words, Ekimu whispered to them the Prophecy of Heroes: "When times are dark, and all hope seems lost, the Protectors must unite, one from each tribe, evoke the power of Past and Future and look to the skies for an answer. When the stars align, six comets will bring timeless heroes to claim the Masks of Power and find the Mask Maker. United, the elements hold the power to defeat evil. United, but not one." The Protectors crafted a special mask for Emiku, burying him in the Ancient City of Okoto.

When the heroes—Tahu, Gali, Pohatu, Kopaka, Onua and Lewa—arrived in the six regions with amnesia, the Protectors individually explained to them who they were and their destiny, guiding them to their Golden Masks guarded by Skull Spiders. After fighting past them they claimed their Golden Masks, unlocking their full elemental powers and defeating the Skull Spiders.

Ekimu's spirit guided the Toa to the Ancient City of Okoto via his telepathic link with the Masks, where they met each other for the first time. Tahu and Kopaka fought about leadership, but the other Toa managed to break them up, suggesting to call a vote. But before they could start, the vicious Lord of Skull Spiders, the ''Guardian'' of the city appeared on the city's bridge. The Toa attacked him separately with no effect, but when they attacked together they managed to defeat him. Onua then broke the ground that the Lord of Skull Spiders was standing on, dropping him to his death.

They entered the Ancient City in search of Mask Maker Ekimu's resting place. Inside, however, a new threat awaited them: the Skull Creatures. Lewa went to explore the city alone while the others were ambushed by Skull Warriors. Onua jumped to the attack, but accidentally destroyed the city's bridge in the process, trapping them there. Lewa managed to flank the Skull Warriors and they all worked together to defeat them. Lewa suggested going to an arena he found to "have some fun", but Kopaka disagreed and led the Toa another way. Lewa again broke away from the group to go to the arena alone, but his mask stolen from him by a Skull Slicer, draining him of all his energy. The others found him and battled the Skull Slicer—a being that drains power from masks—in an ancient game where players must hit a lever that when activated, opens the floor to "swallow" the losers in a full of traps arena. Onua wins, dropping the Skull Slicer to his death. Lewa's mask is restored, but not before the arena collapses around them.

Trapped in the ruins, they reflected upon why they were there at all, reigniting their determination to fulfill their destiny. Lewa realizes he feels a breeze, suggesting a tunnel they can use to escape, and Onua uses his powers to free them from the rocks that trapped them. They follow the tunnel to the city's graveyard. Thinking that Ekimu's resting place might be amongst the graves, they started searching. Lewa finds it, but they are ambushed by a pair of Skull Scorpio's who steal Pohatu's mask. They easily overpower all of the Toa except for Lewa, who is able to stay out of their reach. He hides behind a large stone tablet with Kopaku thinking him a coward, but proves Kopaku wrong when he breaks and drops the stone onto the Skull Scorpio's killing them.

Inside the tomb lies Ekimu's rotten body. Using the united powers of the six Golden Masks, they revive Ekimu. He thanks them, but scolds them for being late. Kopaku complains that if there were more Toa summoned like him, they wouldn't be late. Ekimu tells him that their power comes from acting together, not from numbers, and faults them that they weren't united.

Ekimu explains that just before the Toa's arrival, Makuta's most powerful minion—Kulta the Skull Grinder,the leader and creator of the Skull Creatures—had taken Ekimu's Mask of Creation intending to destroy it. Releasing it's power would allow Makuta to absorb it for himself, making him and his Skull Creatures unstoppable. The only place the mask could be destroyed was in the Forge, the very place him and Makuta forged all the masks before Makuta's corruption.

By the time the Toa and Ekimu reach the Forge, the furnace had already been lit. They are confronted by Skull Basher , who manages to steal Onua's mask and begin draining it. Working together, they overpower Skull Basher and toss him aside. Inside they find Kulta the Skull Grinder, ready to destroy Ekimu's Mask. Once he sees he is being challenged, however, he dons the Mask of Creation himself.Ekimu says to the Toa to distract them,while he searches for materials to re-construct his weapon,the Hammer of Power.Kulta,with his powers enchanced by the Mask,easily defeats the Toa and breaks their masks.As he is about to kill them,Ekimu finds his hammer,restoring his body,and knocks out the Mask,as he did with Makuta long ago,and claims it back,using its powers to destroy Kulta and all of his other minions(not shown directly,but was assumed later in the episode).Ekimu repaired the masks and healed the Toa,congratulating for their courage and unity,as they setted to repair the city.However,the Toa's destiny has just begun,as the Makuta Spirit appeared in the sky and vowed he will be back.


Makuta recruits Umarak the Hunter,a fiend as old as the island,to get him the Mask of Control and the Toa,with help of the Great Elemental Creatures and new powers,must stop him.

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Release History


On January 1st, the Protectors were released. They were the elders of each village, similar to the Turaga. They were sold in canister-like carton boxes that can be stack above the Masters'. Each came with a Skull Spider, a unique melee weapon, a special mask with joints that are now in the ears and a rapid-fire stud shooter that was previously used in the Star Wars line. At the same time, the Toa or Masters were released in larger boxes. They also each came with a Skull Spider and a golden version of their mask. They have the size of the XL Hero Factory figures and 2-in-1 weapons, like the Toa Nuva had. Also, Tahu, Pohatu, and Kopaka have secondary melee weapons. One of the major antagonists, the Lord of Skull Spiders was released. It isn't humanoid like the rest, and includes an exclusive Skull Spider mask.

In August, the Skull Creatures were released. There were 4 of them and they were sold in boxes. They have unique armor, limbs, masks and weapons. They come with half gold, half transparent variations of the Toa masks. Also, a large boxed set was released, 70795 Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder. It included the Mask of Creation, the mask the Toa searched for, Ekimu the Mask Maker and Kulta the Skull Grinder.


In the second year, new versions of the Toa were released, similar to the original line, along with the Elemenetal Creatures. Five of each Uniter and Creature sets came in separate boxes, while Kopaka and Melum were in a single pack. A play feature of this line involved the Elemental Creatures being able to attach to their respective Toa, each of whom also came with standard and gold versions of their new masks; the Creatures also came with Shadow Traps enemies. This line also featured a set for Umarak, who came with a Shadow Trap and a unique mask as well as the Mask of Control. Also, the pieces are completely redesigned and a new gear function found in the Toa and Umarak allows them to turn the waist, something that was impossible in previous BIONICLE sets.

The summer line will feature five boxed sets of varied sizes. The sets depict Ekimu and Umarak in new, larger forms; Ekimu comes with a new version of the Mask of Creation as well as a differently colored version of Umarak's mask from the winter wave. The other three sets depict the Lava Beast, Quake Beast, and Storm Beast, who each come with recolored versions of masks from three Toa: Tahu, Onua, and Kopaka, respectively.


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