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Brickipedia's Policies


This is the deletion policy currently in effect on Brickipedia.

If you feel that a page should be deleted, please take one of the following actions:

  • If the page is about something LEGO related, and has good content on it, tag it with {{Delete|reason}} and nominate it for deletion at Brickipedia:Articles for Deletion.
  • If the page was created as complete vandalism, or has no content whatsoever, then tag it with {{Speedy|reason}}.

Pages will be deleted if they meet the following criteria:

Low-content pages

  • LCP-1: One sentence or less, with no templates or images.
  • LCP-2: Any other page with just not enough content to be worth keeping.
  • LCP-3: Page with no sources and unconfirmed info.


  • VND-1: Blatant vandalism page.
  • VND-2: Page created as an advertisement.
  • VND-3: Page created with entirely false info.
  • VND-4: Nonsense page.

Community-deleted pages

  • CDP-1: Community voted for page to be deleted.
  • CDP-2: Copyright violation.
  • CDP-3: Author requested deletion.
  • CDP-4: Duplicate page.
  • CDP-5: Page not needed.
  • CDP-6: Old forum.


  • RD-1: Unused redirect.
  • RD-2: Broken redirect.
  • RD-3: Redirect left from pagemove.

Blog comments

  • BC-1: Spam/Vandalism comment.
  • BC-2: Duplicate comment.
  • BC-3: Off-topic comment.
  • BC-4: Intimidating/personal attack comment.
  • BC-4: Pointless/Spam/Vandalism blog.
LEGO example watermarks

Example LEGO watermarks


  • IMG-1: User image, shouldn't be on the wiki.
  • IMG-2: Copyright violations, confidential watermark, (watermarked) image of a unreleased set.
  • IMG-3: Duplicate/superceded file.
  • IMG-4: Inappropriate image.
  • IMG-5: Unused image.
  • IMG-6: Author requested deletion.
  • IMG-7: Spam image.

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