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Baby Doll

Super Heroes
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Baby Doll is a 2017 minifigure that will appear in The LEGO Batman Movie.


DC Animated Universe

Mary Louise Dahl, was a female actor who was born with systemic hypoplasia, a rare condition which kept her from ever growing, meaning that she spent all of her life looking like a young toddler. She became famous for a brief period when she played the title character in the TV sitcom Love That Baby (when she was 20, though she still looked like she was 5). She and the show were wildly popular, but as the series got older, the ratings dwindled. In the final season, the producers of the show decided to add a new character; Baby Doll's cousin who was called Spunky. Baby Doll was angry at Spunky because she thought that he was stealing her spot light, especially on one occasion on her birthday episode, where she got her face pushed into her birthday cake by him. Furious, she left the show in order to turn herself into a proper dramatic actress, which ultimately failed, forcing her to put an end to her career. Years later she abducted the former cast members of "Love That Baby" in hopes of making the show her real life whether the cast members liked it or not, but she was foiled by Batman.


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