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This minifigure has only appeared in a non-physical form
Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form, or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

The following is a list of non-physical minifigures that appear in Nexo Knights media.

Denizens of Knighton

Alice Squires

Alice Squires

Alice Squires is a squirebot who is a reporter for the Knighton News Network.

Papa Axl

Axl’s father.

Mama Axl

Axl’s mother.


Axlina is Axl's younger (and smaller) sister with long blonde hair but identical facial features to her brother.

Cuthbert Richmond

Cuthbert Richmond is Lance Richmond's father.

Fletcher Bowman

Fletcher Bowman is a character who appears in the Nexo Knights theme, specifically in the book series Nexo Knights: Knights Academy.

Gobbleton Rambly

A Knighton celebrity chef whom Axl admires that was a culinary classmate to Chef Eclair. He is a parody of Gordon Ramsay.

Goldie Richmond

Goldie Richmond is Lance's mother.

Herb Herbertson

Herb Herbertson

Herb Herbertson is an anchorman for the Knighton News Network.

Izzy Richmond

Izzy Richmond is a character who appears in the Nexo Knights theme, specifically in the book series Nexo Knights: Knights Academy. She is the younger sister of Lance Richmond and the best friend of Fletcher Bowman.

Ned Knightley

A famous Knight.

Jokes Knightley

Jokes Knightley is a washed up comedian whom Jestro admires. He is Ned Knightley’s brother.

Jurgen von Stroheim

A resident film director who debuted in ‘The Golden Castle’.

Lance Cosplayer

A kid who dresses up as Lance as seen in ‘The Book of Obsession’.

Sir Swordmore Brickland

The principal of the Knights Academy who debuted in ‘The Knights of The Realm-Part 2’.

Wizards' Council

Wizards' Council

The Wizards' Council is a group that appears in the Nexo Knights animated series; its membership previously included both Merlok and Monstrox.


After Monstrox turned against the Kingdom of Knighton, the Wizards' Council tasked Merlok with stopping him, though in their confrontation Monstrox implied that not everyone on the Council was aligned with Merlok.


Forest Monsters

A force of monsters exclusive to LEGO Nexo Knights: The Book of Monsters.

Baron Badwood

Berry Globlins

Berry Globlins are the Forest Monsters' version of the Globlins.


Dame Flora

Deadwood & Knot

Deadwood is a hulking behemoth who wields a club, while Knot is a small sentient chunk of wood embedded in his belt.

Elm of the Dark Realm



The Mushlord, also known as Mushlord the Marauder, is the leader of the Forest Monsters.

Shrooms of Doom

Jorah Tightwad

A man who owns a ‘gold factory’. The mentor of the Tighty Knighties.

Roberto Arnoldi

A sculptor who was fired by King Halbert and joined Jestro’s stone army. He was last seen cleaning up the debris left by the stone colossus alongside Jestro.

Sea Monsters

A group of aquatic monsters in LEGO Nexo Knights: The Book of Monsters.

Behemoth of Brine

The Behemoth of Brine is a massive sea monster whose forehead resembles a tranquil tropical island, while in reality it is part of a monster as great in stature-if not larger-than the Stone Colossus.

Chef Savage

Chef Savage is a villainous chef and is described by the Book of Monsters as having written the Cookbook of Evil, which the Book of Monsters longed to consume.


Marquis, more fully known as Marquis de Seaweed, is the leader of the Sea Monsters

Mate Squiddlybeard

Poop & Deck


Sharkerado, also known as the Moat Stalker of Doom.


Stone Gnomes

Tighty Knighties

The Tighty Knighties are a group of amoral knights employed by Jorah Tightwad for various purposes, each serving as a counterpart to one of the heroic Nexo Knights-minus one for Aaron Fox-and having a named based on a real-world celebrity.

The Blok

The Blok is a massive warrior who serves as the Knighties' answer to Axl; his name is a parody of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Brickney Spears

Brickney Spears is a female knight who is the opposite number to Macy Halbert; her name is a reference to Britney Spears.

Jousting Bieber

Jousting Bieber is the counterpart to Lance Richmond; his name is a play on Justin Bieber.

Shia LaBlade

Shia LaBlade is a swordsman and opponent to Clay Moorington; his name references Shia LaBeouf.

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