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Beast Boy is a Super Heroes minifigure who appears in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. He appears in the set 76035 Jokerland alongside two of his fellow Titans, Robin and Starfire.


Beast Boy has a green face and a dark green hairpiece that features pointed elf ears. His expression is a closed eyed grin which features his teeth which seem to include fangs. Beast Boy has a black torso that features a grey printed belt. The torso also features a purple stripe. Beast Boy also has muscles that are printed black and purple. His arms are black and have green hands. Beast Boy has plain black hips but his legs are black with purple boot printing.


Beast Boy, also known as Garfield Logan and Changeling, is a superhero with the power to shape-shift into members of the animal kingdom. He is a regular member of the Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans.

Garfield received his powers when an untested serum was used to protect him from a deadly virus transmitted through an animal bite. The serum cured him, but resulted in his green skin and animal-morphing ability. Orphaned at a young age, he eventually found a loving family as the adopted son of Mento and Elasti-Girl, leading members of the Doom Patrol. Raised by them as a kid hero, he grew up and moved to the Teen Titans later in his career. He is best friends with fellow Teen Titan Cyborg. His special abilities make him a fearsome and unpredictable opponent, although he has a very easy-going nature and lacks intelligence and maturity. Despite his prankster personality, he makes up for it in proving to be an invaluable asset to his team and friends.

Young Justice

In Season 1 of Young Justice, Beast Boy appears as Garfield Logan, who meets the team in Qurac. He is the son of Marie Logan, star of Miss Martian's favored TV sitcom: "Hello, Megan!. After a near-deadly injury, he is saved by a blood transfusion from M'Gann. By Season 2, Garfield has become Beast Boy, and has formed a sibling-like relationship with Miss Martian. Unfortunately, his mother was assassinated by the villainess Queen Bee.

Gallery of Variants

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JokerlandTeen Titans Go!

Gallery Video Game Variations

Beast Boy Lego Batman 3
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When he was a young boy, Gar Logan became sick with a rare disease. The untested cure for his illness not only saved his life, it also changed his skin to green and gave him the power to transform into any animal imaginable. As Beast Boy, he's the wise-cracking member of the Teen Titans that relies on his sense of humor as much as his shape-shifting ability to defeat the bad guys.

Agility: 9
Fighting: 7
Strength: 9
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 8


Video Game Appearances

Film Appearances


  • Beast Boy is one of the exclusive variant covers for DC. Much like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes's special advertisements.
  • The Jokerland variant is based on Beast By's appearance in the Teen Titans animated series.
  • He is the 8th Teen Titans character to be made in LEGO form, with the 1st one Robin, second one Nightwing, third one Batgirl, fourth one Superboy, fifth one Cyborg, sixth one Supergirl, seventh one Starfire, the ninth one Blue Beetle and the tenth one Raven.
  • In LEGO Dimensions and LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Gotham City Breakout, Greg Cipes reprised his role from Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! in addition to DC Superhero Girls.


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