Billy Bear
Billy Bear HD



1982 - 1984


Billy Bear was a Fabuland figure who was released in 1982. He has appeared in two sets.

Television Series

In Edward and Friends, Billy was the mechanic of Fabuland. He always liked to help get things working, like in Boris gets a Scooter where he helped Boris learn how to steer his scooter properly. Another example is in Lionel's Car where he helped Lionel fix his car because the steering was funny, but he couldn't mend the hooter. In A Robot for Max, it is revealed he liked inventing, because Max wanted a robot and so he built one for him. In Edward and the big balloon he inflated the hot air balloon for Max, Edward and Joe Crow so they could go on a flight to cheer up Bonnie, who was sick in hospital. In A Trust To Nature he was catching bugs to claim the Earth Day Bug Off 1988 trophy.




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