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Castle, Pirates, Paradisa, Divers, Belville, Wild West

Design ID:

Part 2546




Solid, Painted, Blended


1989 - 2007
2009 - present

The Bird, also known by its design ID "2546 Animal Bird", is a minifigure animal which consists of only one piece and fits on only one stud. Bird minifigures have been produced in varied colors throughout the years to represent varied species of birds, including Parrots.

History Edit

Birds first appeared in 1989 with the introduction of the Pirates line. The set 6270 Forbidden Island and 6285 Black Seas Barracuda were the first to feature red coloured bird figures which were adorned with painted embellishments, to resemble parrots. The set 6274 Caribbean Clipper was the first to feature a solid non-painted bird coloured yellow. From 1990 and onward, solid coloured birds were made available in various colours in multiple sets including Castle, Pirates, Wild West, Adventurers Egypt, and Time Twisters themed sets. Since it's introduction in 1989 to 2002, painted parrot figures have been utilized in multiple sets within the Pirates, Paradisa, Divers, and Adventurers themes.

In 2007, with the reintroduction of the Pirates line, bird figures became produced with a blend of red and green plastic.

On the LEGO online shopping program called Pick A Brick, the Bird figure is available for individual purchase, only in light gray, for the price of $0.31 USD.

Element & Design ID Edit

(Solid) Bird:

  • Element ID: 4221742
  • Design ID: 2546

Bird with Painted "Parrot" Pattern:

  • Design ID: 2546p01

Bird with Marbled Green Pattern

  • Design ID: 2546p01

Colours Edit

  • Black
  • Brown (a.k.a. Old Brown)
  • Dark Gray (a.k.a. Dark Stone)
  • Light Blue (a.k.a. Medium Blue)
  • Light Gray (a.k.a. Old Dark Gray)
  • Light Green (a.k.a. Aqua / Medium Green)
  • Pale Blue
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Red / Green Blended
  • Yellow

Appearances Edit

Black Bird Edit

Black Bird1

Dark Gray (Dark Stone) Bird Edit

Dark Gray Bird1

Light Green (Medium Green) Bird Edit


Light Blue (Medium Blue) Bird Edit

Light Blue Bird1

Brown (Old Brown) Bird Edit

Brown Bird1

Light Gray (Old Dark Gray) Bird Edit

Pink Bird Edit

Pink Bird1

Solid Red Bird Edit

Red Bird1

Red Bird with Printed Parrot Pattern Edit


Yellow Bird Edit

Yellow Bird1

Notes Edit

  • Popsy is the name of the parrot that appeared in many Pirates sets.
  • Parrots and a dark gray bird appear in the video game LEGO Racers. A parrot appears on the Amazon Adventure Alley level on the second and fifth circuit. Two dark gray birds appear as statues on an Ark of the Covenant like chest, that serves as a hazard by electrocuting racers in range, on the Adventure Temple Trial track in the third and sixth circuit.
  • Both a parrot and a dark gray bird appear as building elements in Build mode in LEGO Racers.
  • Parrots appear in LEGO Universe, as both a rare item found in Gnarled Forest, and as a brick for use on properties.
  • A Parrot appeared in the episode "Pirates Vs. Ninja" from the Ninjago TV Show, owned by No Eyed Pete. The Parrot guides the blind pirate, telling him where to go. It is unknown if this Parrot Variation will appear in any future sets.

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