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Black Forest Ride
Black forest ride




Play the game:


Black Forest Ride is a game on the LEGO website.


  • The Dragon Knights's are after the King's treasure! Help the King's carriage escape and save the treasure from the evil Dragon Knights.
  • Reach the nearest town to get to safety.
  • If the Dragon knights reach the carriage, It's game over!
  • Evade every obstacle using the arrow keys.
  • The more obstacles you hit, the more damaged your carriage gets.
  • A damaged carriage goes slower and will eventually get caught by the Dragon Knights.
  • The Progress bar shows how close the enemies are.
  • look for power ups - the apple speeds up your carriage, and the hammer fully repairs it
  • Beware of falling Dragon Knights - they will try take control of the carriage.
  • Throw the Knights of the carriage pressing the arrow keys quickly!
If you win, then the carriage comes to the farm, and the screen displays this:

Cheat Codes

  • LIFE gives heavy blacksmith armor
  • SKY enables Chicken Rush

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