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Legends of Chima




Bladvic is a Legends of Chima minifigure that was released in 2015.


He and the rest of the bears are always sleeping and when they aren't they are very sleepy and unalert. He can only be woken up by whispering in his ear. He was seen in the Speedor tournament jousting against Rogon, loses and falls asleep on the battlefield.

He also falls asleep in Episode 5: Market Day, when he is racing with the other competitors. He is seen slowing down his Speedor, falling off of it, and then falling asleep.

Bladvic was one of the bears in the online webisode, "Hy-Bear Active", that found a bee-hive dripping with honey merged with Chi, causing the bears to go on a rampage throughout Chima when they eat it. In Force of Nature when he naps he says "Mmm tiny berry people".

In Season 2, Bladvic is one of the eight warriors who goes on the quest to save the Legend Beasts, but fails to contribute, having about 2 lines per episode, and just sleeping and eating snacks, being the least contributiong member of the group. A Tangled Web he joins in a conversation between Razar and Eris. When Razar said that Eris seems jealous about Rinona, she laughs and asks why would she be jealous of Rinona. Bladvic says "She's Rogon's "special Friend". In The Legend Thief after finding out that Lavertus is ShadoWind he participates in the cave area of the track for he is good at racing with his eyes closed. The scorpions sting Bladvic and order him to destroy his friends, but he falls asleep shortly afterwards. Cragger says that not even their venom can wake Bladvic up.

In "The Eagle and The Bear," he helps rescue the Bear Legend he sleeps and thinks how to rescue him and the Eagle Legend's eggs. He enters a dream zone all bears enter when they sleep and asks the Bear Legend to do what he says in the dream area. He and the Bear Legend get captured by the Dark Tribes, but while on Chi he and the bear legend incredibly loud snores cause an avalanche that defeats the Dark Tribes and their Speedorz.

At the end of "Wings of Fire", Bladvic and the other bears had a vision of the Ice Bears reawakening causing their personality completely changed. They became more aggressive, angry, and less sleepy with Bladvic saying "!".

When the Ice Bear Tribe arrive in "The Heart of Cavora," Bladvic and the other members of the Bear Tribe fight them in a blind fury. He later joins the rest of Chima's heroes by donning the Fire Wing harnesses and performing the Great Illumination. Which fixes all of Chima's problems.



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