Okay, so this isn't a regular entry and it's probably going to be my only one. But, I was just playing Lego Marvel Superheroes and I was doing free play Rock up at the Lock up. I got to the last one in the elevator but I saw I already had 10. But, the minikit was there not a blue stud. So, I picked it up and then I saw it the counter said 11. I don't know how this happened and at the time of writing this entry I haven't beaten the level yet. I just stopped and wrote this if anything happens I'll add to this but if not this is all the article is going to be.

Alright I just finished it and literally the counter just said 11. I went to Deadpool's room to see if the comic was different nope. Only thing that was different was the counter maybe they planned to put more minikits in there but did not and kept the counter. But, I guess we'll never know.

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