The Bradford Rant Institute of Cosmic Kinesis (B.R.I.C.K) was a fictional group pertaining to the LEGO Universe Great Minifig Mission. The fictional institute was "founded" in 1984 by Bradford Rant; a brilliant astrophysicist and inter-dimensional theorist. Rant's "mission" is supposedly to uncover the secret of a kind of "dark energy." As quoted from Bradford's website: "dark energy, which is said to make up approximately 70% of the universe, is the essence that causes movement in (or of) the universe." The Institute's mission was to track 7 pods that landed on Earth. Upon discovering the first one, a worldwide contest was launched, stating that whoever found each of the next pods would be able to keep it. Those who found the pods, as well as anyone who showed up at their locations (which always happened to be LEGO stores), were given a T-shirt and a key to alpha test LEGO Universe.

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