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BrickHeadz is a LEGO theme featuring buildable characters made out of LEGO bricks. The theme was released in 2017 and was first shown off at San Diego Comic Con 2016. LEGO confirmed that the SDCC 2016 exclusive characters would be in 2 packs. The characters revealed so far were the Batman and The Joker 2 pack, Superman and Wonder Woman 2 pack, Iron Man and Captain America 2 pack, and Black Panther and Doctor Strange 2 pack. The 2017 BrickHeadz sets are released individually.


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
No image 41487  Lloyd          
No image 41488  Master Wu          
41585 alt1 41585  Batman  91  N/A   $9.99  2017 
41586 alt1 41586  Batgirl  99  N/A   $9.99  2017 
41587 alt1 41587  Robin  101  N/A   $9.99  2017 
41588 alt1 41588  The Joker  151  N/A   $9.99  2017 
41589 alt1 41589  Captain America  79  N/A   $9.99  2017 
41590 alt1 41590  Iron Man  96  N/A   $9.99  2017 
41591 alt1 41591  Black Widow  143  N/A   $9.99  2017 
41592 alt1 41592  The Hulk  93  N/A   $9.99  2017 
No image 41593  Captain Jack Sparrow          
No image 41594  Captain Armando Salazar          
No image 41595  Belle          
No image 41596  Beast          


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