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Brick Runners was a theme introduced in 1999, however no 2000 sets were made. LEGO brought back Brick Runners for 2002, for its Explore line, but discontinued it until 2009, when it was re-released one final time.


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
2280-1-946614394 2280  Circus Freeway  30     $14.99  1999 
2281-Deluxe Harbor Highway 2281  Deluxe Harbor Highway  49  2   $29.99  1999 
2284-Clown Go Round 2284  Clown-go-Round  14     $5.99  1999 
9067-1-945634171 9067  DUPLO Basic Brick Runner  119  2   $50.50  1999 
3267-Brick Runner 3267  Brick Runner  25     $10.00  2001 
9077 Brick Runner Set 9077  Brick Runner Set  132     $116.00  2009 

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