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[12:43] <Sonofhades101> Bye
[12:43] <ToaMatau2004> bye
[12:44] <Sonofhades101> Oh!
[12:44] <Sonofhades101> I completed the star test!
[12:44] <Sonofhades101> The math one!
[12:44] <ToaMatau2004> what?
[12:45] <Sonofhades101> The star test!
[12:45] <Sonofhades101> 2 hours of work... Done!
[12:46] <ToaMatau2004> good job then
[12:46] <Makuta Tarkairadan> Nice!
[12:47] <Sonofhades101> I know I messed up in some parts...
[12:47] <Sonofhades101> Hello
[12:47] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[12:47] <ToaMatau2004> hi
[12:48] <JacobLazer> Yo. I guess you guys are bionicle fans
[12:48] <ToaMatau2004> yeah
[12:48] <Makuta Tarkairadan> Si
[12:48] <JacobLazer> me too. been one since the beginning, when I was in kindergarten
[12:48] <ToaMatau2004> cool
[12:48] <Sonofhades101> Bionicle rocks
[12:49] <Sonofhades101> I miss it
[12:49] <Sonofhades101> Hero Factory took over...
[12:49] <JacobLazer> yeah. me too
[12:49] <JacobLazer> what do you think of hero factory?
[12:49] <ToaMatau2004> terrible
[12:50] <JacobLazer> I think the sets are cool, but its pretty redundant in the storyline
[12:50] <Sonofhades101> Erm...
[12:50] <Sonofhades101> Yeas
[12:50] <Sonofhades101> *Yes
[12:50] <ToaMatau2004> yeah
[12:51] <ToaMatau2004> bye
[12:51] <Sonofhades101> Sigh...
[12:52] <Sonofhades101> I will be back in a second
[12:52] <Sonofhades101> Wait, nvm
[12:53] <Sonofhades101> Wait, nvm about the last nvm
[12:53] <Sonofhades101> lol
[12:53] <Sonofhades101> Too many-
[12:53] <Sonofhades101> Wait... No
[12:53] <Sonofhades101> Bue
[12:53] <Sonofhades101> *Bye
[12:53] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[12:53] <Sonofhades101> Be back soon...
[12:59] <Awesomeknight1234> Here ye, here ye!
[01:00] <CzechMate> hi
[01:00] <Dna360> hello
[01:01] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[01:01] <Awesomeknight1234> o/ 
[01:04] <Sonofhades101> I am back!
[01:04] <Sonofhades101> Hello everyone
[01:04] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[01:07] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[01:07] <Sonofhades101> Hi, how are you?
[01:07] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[01:09] <Awesomeknight1234> Good.
[01:09] <Awesomeknight1234> TrollahKiin!
[01:09] <Awesomeknight1234> *Trollahkiin!
[01:11] <Sonofhades101> Um... What?
[01:13] <Awesomeknight1234> That's a funny video. :P 
[01:14] <Awesomeknight1234> Want a picture of [[file:Trollahkin.png|Trollahkiin]]?
[01:14] <Sonofhades101> Um... Broken link
[01:14] <Awesomeknight1234> * [[fileTrollahkin.jpg|Trollahkiin]]
[01:15] <Awesomeknight1234> [[File:Trollahkin.PNG]]
[01:15] <Sonofhades101> Lol
[01:15] <Sonofhades101> isn't that a picture of CM4S?
[01:16] <CzechMate> :P 
[01:18] <Awesomeknight1234> (eyeroll) 
[01:19] <Sonofhades101> lol
[01:22] <Sonofhades101> To many eye rolls lately
[01:23] <Sonofhades101> Wow, I have been on the wiki for 16 days in a row!
[01:23] <Sonofhades101> Cool!
[01:25] <Sonofhades101> And ranked 68!
[01:26] <Awesomeknight1234> Cool.
[01:26] <CzechMate> I'm ranked 24
[01:27] <Sonofhades101> In my nonediting defence, I have not been here as long
[01:27] <Sonofhades101> So I will soon be in the top 50
[01:27] <Sonofhades101> Soon
[01:27] <Sonofhades101> As in... Soon
[01:28] <CzechMate> I'm aiming for Top 20
[01:28] <CzechMate> Only 5 places off.
[01:28] <Sonofhades101> Your close
[01:28] <Sonofhades101> Last month I was 800
[01:29] <Sonofhades101> I am getting close to 50
[01:31] <Sonofhades101> No I am... 64!
[01:31] <CzechMate> :p 
[01:32] <Drew1200> Hey, Czech...
[01:32] <Drew1200> My blog took me 30 minutes
[01:32] <Drew1200> So I hope you like it
[01:33] <CzechMate> Link?
[01:35] <Drew1200> [[User blog:Drew1200/A Request for Admin|User_blog:Drew1200/A_Request_for_Admin]]
[01:38] <Awesomeknight1234> Gonna go.
[01:38] <Awesomeknight1234> Bye.
[01:39] <Sonofhades101> Bye
[01:39] <Sonofhades101> See ya soon Knight
[01:39] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[01:40] <Sonofhades101> Oh, now I won't be the one to nom Czech
[01:41] <CzechMate> Why?
[01:42] <Sonofhades101> Because I think Drew was going to
[01:42] <Sonofhades101> In a month or so
[01:44] <CzechMate> 1 month from now would be enough time to get my goal too.
[01:45] <Sonofhades101> What goal?
[01:45] <Agent Swipe> Hi :P 
[01:45] <CzechMate> Hey
[01:46] <Sonofhades101> Hello
[01:46] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[01:46] <Sonofhades101> How are you?
[01:46] <CzechMate> @Sonofhades: 2,000 mainspace
[01:46] <Agent Swipe> I am fine
[01:46] <Sonofhades101> Sweet Czech
[01:46] <Agent Swipe> What are we talking about here? =P
[01:46] <Sonofhades101> @ Swipe, good
[01:46] <Sonofhades101> Nominations I guess...
[01:46] <CzechMate> Well
[01:46] <CzechMate> Drew made a blog
[01:46] <CzechMate> [[User blog:Drew1200/A Request for Admin|User_blog:Drew1200/A_Request_for_Admin]]
[01:47] <CzechMate> And there is controversy of a certain user on here.
[01:47] <Agent Swipe> Oh
[01:47] <Agent Swipe> Drew1200?
[01:47] <Sonofhades101> Yep. He's a mod?
[01:47] <CzechMate> No
[01:47] <Sonofhades101> Cool
[01:48] <CzechMate> I'll tell you in a PM
[01:50] <CzechMate> Hi DH.
[01:50] <Sonofhades101> Hello
[01:50] <Darth henry> Heya
[01:50] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[01:50] <Sonofhades101> How are you?
[01:50] <Darth henry> Pretty good
[01:50] <Agent Swipe> Hello, Darth Henry
[01:51] <Darth henry> Haven't been here today cause I was makin pages.
[01:51] <Darth henry> Heya swip
[01:51] <Darth henry> *Swipe
[01:51] <Agent Swipe> Hey Henry
[01:52] <Darth henry> Hi again
[01:52] <Agent Swipe> :P 
[01:52] <Sonofhades101> gtg
[01:52] <Sonofhades101> bye
[01:52] <Darth henry> Bye SoH
[01:53] <Darth henry> I officially hate making clothing pages.
[01:54] <CzechMate> :p 
[01:54] <Agent Swipe> I remember when that theme came out... :P 
[01:55] <Darth henry> I've made like 10 pages of it today?
[01:56] <Darth henry> Oops
[01:56] <Darth henry> No question mark
[01:57] <Agent Swipe> Ah
[02:03] <Darth henry> RIP-Chat
[02:04] <CzechMate> ?
[02:04] <CzechMate> :p 
[02:04] <Darth henry> :P 
[02:04] <Agent Swipe> Rest-In-Pieces :P 
[02:04] <Darth henry> XD
[02:04] <Nickelodeonlyric1> RIP Chat? Whats that mean?
[02:05] <Darth henry> NVM
[02:05] <Nickelodeonlyric1> ok
[02:05] <Darth henry> Didn't try to scare him off. 
[02:07] <Darth henry> Gtg,
[02:07] <CzechMate> Bye
[02:07] <Agent Swipe> Bye Henry
[02:24] <Agent Swipe> g2g
[02:24] <Agent Swipe> Hi
[02:54] <Darth henry> Hiyall
[05:10] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hi Drew o/ 
[06:11] <Irnakk> hi
[06:11] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Test
[06:11] <Irnakk> o/ 
[06:11] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hello o/ 
[06:12] <Irnakk> i mitt get the tumbler and the batcave from the classic batman theme ;) 
[06:12] <Irnakk> might*
[06:13] <Irnakk> how are you today?
[06:14] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Good
[06:14] <Irnakk> me too ;) 
[06:16] <Mat96> Hi
[06:18] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hi Mat o/ 
[06:18] <Irnakk> hi o/ 
[06:20] <Mat96> How are you?
[06:20] <Irnakk> good :) 
[06:20] <Irnakk> and you?
[06:20] <Mat96> Me too
[06:20] <Irnakk> :D 
[06:20] <Irnakk> 
[06:21] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Good
[06:23] <Irnakk> i gtg
[06:23] <Irnakk> bye o/ 
[06:24] <Mat96> Me too
[06:24] <Mat96> Bye
[06:36] <Korppufin> drew
[06:36] <Korppufin> oh
[06:43] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hello o/ 
[06:49] <CzechMate> Hi
[06:50] <Brick bobby> Hello o/ 
[06:51] <CzechMate> Hi
[06:51] <CzechMate> Welcome to the Chat mod team :) 
[06:51] <Brick bobby> Thanks :) 
[06:52] <CzechMate> I'll add you to the list]
[06:55] <CzechMate> I'm kinda annnoyed
[06:55] <Brick bobby> Why
[06:55] <Brick bobby> Is it to do with your RFA?
[06:56] <CzechMate> Slightly
[06:56] <CzechMate> and due to personal stuff
[06:57] <CzechMate> Stuff which should stay outside of open chat
[06:59] <Brick bobby> You could just take a short break from the wiki, like a week then come back. It should help.
[07:00] <CzechMate> Nah.
[07:00] <CzechMate> I have to stay
[07:00] <CzechMate> It's an obsession
[07:02] <CzechMate> The problem is also due to a user on here.
[07:02] <Brick bobby> Which user?
[07:03] <CzechMate> I shouldn't say in open chat
[07:03] <CzechMate> I'll say in PM
[07:11] <Clone gunner commander jedi> CM your back?!?!?!?
[07:11] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I thought that you left for good
[07:12] <CzechMate> Nope.
[07:16] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Ok
[07:23] <Power Jim> Hi
[07:26] <Power Jim> ....
[07:27] <CzechMate> hi
[07:27] <CzechMate> I might go onroblox later
[07:27] <CzechMate> *on roblox
[07:27] <CzechMate> I'm watching Ninjago eps
[07:28] <Power Jim> What episode?
[07:28] <CzechMate> Episode 1 of Rise of the Snakes
[07:28] <Power Jim> Have you watched any of the other episodes before from series 2?
[07:29] <CzechMate> a few
[07:30] <Power Jim> Ok, I won't spoil it for you then.
[07:31] <Power Jim> I'll meet you on Base Battle
[07:31] <CzechMate> When I come on 
[07:31] <CzechMate> Ya
[07:44] <Brick bobby> Hello
[07:44] <Brick bobby> O/ 
[07:44] <CzechMate> o/ 
[07:55] <Simon5750> hello.
[07:56] <Simon5750> (wall) did we get the spammer sorted out?
[09:39] <Brick bobby> Hello
[10:23] <Drew1200> Hey
[10:24] <Drew1200> :o/
[10:24] <Drew1200> o/ 
[10:49] <Drew1200> o/ 
[10:49] <Power Jim> I g2g
[10:49] <Drew1200> :( 
[10:49] <Drew1200> C-ya
[11:03] <Greenninja2.0> whatup :) 
[11:03] <Drew1200> o/ 
[11:03] <Greenninja2.0> ~:)
[11:03] <CzechMate> Hi
[11:04] <Greenninja2.0> going 2 school
[11:11] <Awesomeknight1234> Here ye, here ye!
[11:11] <Greenninja2.0> awsome!!!!!11
[11:11] <CzechMate> Hi
[11:12] <Awesomeknight1234> o/ 
[11:12] <Drew1200> o/ 
[11:14] <Brick bobby> Hello o/ 
[11:14] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[11:14] <Awesomeknight1234> o/ 
[11:14] <Awesomeknight1234> O/ 
[11:14] <Brick bobby> Lots of waving science the new symbol o. Chat
[11:14] <Brick bobby> *on
[11:15] <Brick bobby> O/ 
[11:15] <Brick bobby> *test
[11:26] <Drew1200> o/ 
[11:27] <Awesomeknight1234> o/ 
[11:30] <CzechMate> I've got to go, Dinner/Bed
[11:31] <CzechMate> Bye o/ 
[11:31] <Awesomeknight1234> Bye.
[11:31] <Awesomeknight1234> D:
[11:51] <Newman53> hi guys
[11:52] <Newman53> whats the topic?
[12:03] <Awesomeknight1234> Back.
[12:03] <Korppufin> hello awesome K
[12:04] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[12:04] <Korppufin> i need to eat this medicans
[12:05] <Korppufin> 2 times on day
[12:05] <Awesomeknight1234> Cool... :/ 
[12:05] <Korppufin> and they dosnt taste good at all
[12:06] <Korppufin> they taste like dirt and fluor
[12:06] <Korppufin> mixed
[12:06] <Awesomeknight1234> Wow.
[12:07] <Korppufin> good medican never taste good
[12:07] <Korppufin> that is what my grand fhater said
[12:07] <Awesomeknight1234> Cool.
[12:07] <Korppufin> and that is the truth
[12:07] <Korppufin> dirty truth :-P 
[12:08] <Awesomeknight1234> XD
[12:08] <Korppufin> yeah XD
[12:09] <Korppufin> what is time there
[12:09] <Awesomeknight1234> 8:09...
[12:09] <Korppufin> 15:10 here
[12:09] <Awesomeknight1234> Does your name come from one (or more) Finnish word(s)?
[12:10] <Awesomeknight1234> Because I'm interested.
[12:10] <Korppufin> my finnish name is Terho
[12:10] <Korppufin> i have three names
[12:10] <Awesomeknight1234> I mean, does your username mean anything in Finnish?
[12:10] <Korppufin> yes it does mean
[12:11] <Awesomeknight1234> What does it mean?
[12:11] <Korppufin> i dont remember what is the word on english
[12:11] <Awesomeknight1234> Hmm...
[12:11] <Awesomeknight1234> I'll user Google Translate.
[12:11] <Korppufin> ok
[12:12] <Korppufin> my name means those things what squirrels loves
[12:12] <Korppufin> in there
[12:12] <Awesomeknight1234> Acorn?
[12:13] <Korppufin> mey i check
[12:13] <Awesomeknight1234> Sure.
[12:13] <Korppufin> acorn
[12:13] <Korppufin> yes
[12:14] <Korppufin> ive been bullyd becouse my name mean acorn
[12:14] <Awesomeknight1234> Really?
[12:14] <Korppufin> yeah
[12:14] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm using Google Translate, it doesn't say it's acorn.
[12:15] <Awesomeknight1234> It just says it's Korppufin.
[12:15] <Korppufin> LOL
[12:15] <Awesomeknight1234> So I take put spaces in between the words.
[12:15] <Awesomeknight1234> I find a few...
[12:15] <Awesomeknight1234> Floppy fin.
[12:15] <Awesomeknight1234> Corinthians ppufin.
[12:15] <Korppufin> my full finnish name is Terho Eevertti Korpua
[12:16] <Korppufin> but Brithis and Usa people spell those wrong
[12:16] <Korppufin> its the hardest thing about learning finnish
[12:16] <Awesomeknight1234> Tried to translate Terho Eevertti Korpua, it tells me to translate from Dutch.
[12:17] <Korppufin> hey only my first name mean something
[12:17] <Korppufin> others are just names
[12:17] <Awesomeknight1234> oH.
[12:17] <Awesomeknight1234> Terho does mean acorn!
[12:17] <Awesomeknight1234> *Oh.
[12:18] <Korppufin> but Korpua is a litlle bit tranformed word about korppu
[12:18] <Korppufin> and it mean rusk
[12:18] <Awesomeknight1234> Okay.
[12:18] <Korppufin> i dont like ruskes that mutc then people in Kiiminki thinks
[12:19] <Awesomeknight1234> I can't remember Terho, so can I just called you Acorn?
[12:19] <Awesomeknight1234> (But not in a mean way.)
[12:19] <Korppufin> hey i finded a litlle video about the city where Kiiminki is joining in next year
[12:19] <Awesomeknight1234> Cool.
[12:20] <Korppufin> so i dont live in Kiiminki on next year
[12:20] <Korppufin> i post it
[12:20] <Korppufin>
[12:21] <Korppufin> Finnish people are mutc ruder then Usa people
[12:21] <Korppufin> but this is about Finnish grils
[12:21] <Korppufin> and food
[12:22] <Korppufin> ive been in that street of that video
[12:22] <Korppufin> on
[12:22] <Korppufin> not in
[12:22] <Newman53> hi guys
[12:22] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[12:22] <Korppufin> hi
[12:22] <Awesomeknight1234> @Korppufin: If the Finnish are much ruder, how are you Finnish? :P 
[12:23] <Newman53> i'm just having a little trouble
[12:23] <Korppufin> i dont whrite rude things on here
[12:23] <Korppufin> but i speak litlle bit of rudenes
[12:23] <Korppufin> and that is my baddest problem
[12:24] <Newman53> i am having trouble with my avatar
[12:24] <Korppufin> ok
[12:24] <Awesomeknight1234> Really?
[12:24] <Korppufin> if youve chanced your avatar you need to leave the chat and then come back
[12:25] <Korppufin> that worked when i tried it
[12:25] <Newman53> do u kno how to change it to something else other than the ones they give u?
[12:25] <Korppufin> ?
[12:26] <Korppufin> oh
[12:26] <Korppufin> i know that
[12:26] <Newman53> how
[12:26] <Korppufin> you need to upload photo
[12:26] <Newman53> oh ok
[12:26] <Newman53> do u like [[Ninjago]]?
[12:26] <Korppufin> final time yes
[12:27] <Korppufin> but it isnt the best
[12:27] <Newman53> ok
[12:27] <Newman53> i love it
[12:27] <Korppufin> i don
[12:27] <Korppufin> t
[12:27] <Korppufin> i dont know why people are so loved to it
[12:27] <Korppufin> and its anoyning
[12:27] <Newman53> it is?
[12:28] <Korppufin> here is those 5 years screaming litlle childs ho are like HEY LOOK THAT IS SO COOL
[12:28] <Korppufin> and that is something so anoyning
[12:28] <Newman53> yeah i kno
[12:29] <Newman53> i will go try and upload a photo
[12:29] <Newman53> see ya
[12:39] <Brick bobby> Hello o/ 
[12:45] <Newman53> hi
[12:46] <Newman53> hi i just wanted to kno how to upload a photo?
[12:49] <Newman53> hey guys here is all the ninjago ninja's:
[12:50] <Newman53> * [[9591 Tool Pack]]
[12:51] <Awesomeknight1234> Back.
[12:52] <Newman53> * [[9591 Tool Pack]]
[12:52] <Newman53> *[[9572 NRG-Cole]]
[12:52] <Newman53> *9590 NRG-Zane
[12:53] <Newman53> *[[9590 NRG-Zane]]
[12:53] <Newman53> *[[9570 NRG-Jay]]
[12:54] <Newman53> *[[9574 Lloyd ZX]]
[12:55] <Newman53> My leader is [[him]].
[12:55] <Awesomeknight1234> Please stop spamming.
[12:56] <Newman53> what i didn't
[12:56] <Awesomeknight1234> You did.
[12:56] <Awesomeknight1234> You spammed links.
[12:56] <Newman53> what did i spam
[12:58] <Newman53> ...
[12:58] <Newman53> what link did i spam?
[12:59] <Newman53> did i spam NRG-Zane?
[01:01] <Dataman1> Hi AK
[01:01] <Dataman1> Oops, I'm not supposed to call you that
[01:02] <Dataman1> I must go now.
[01:05] <Mat96> Hi
[01:07] <Sonofhades101> Hwllo
[01:07] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[01:07] <Sonofhades101> How are you?
[01:08] <Mat96> Good
[01:08] <Mat96> And you?
[01:10] <Sonofhades101> I am ok, thanks
[01:10] <Sonofhades101> So, what's going on with you guys?
[01:12] <Mat96> Nothing much
[01:18] <Sonofhades101> So...
[01:18] <Sonofhades101> Im ranked 62~
[01:19] <Sonofhades101> Oops... !!!
[01:20] <Newman53> hey guys
[01:20] <TheBrickBuilder> Hi o/ 
[01:20] <Newman53> o/ 
[01:20] <Newman53> hi
[01:20] <Newman53> hi Sonofhades101
[01:21] <Sonofhades101> Hello guys
[01:21] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[01:21] <Sonofhades101> The rick Builder... Have I met you before?
[01:21] <TheBrickBuilder> I don't know...
[01:21] <Sonofhades101> Well, Hi! o/ 
[01:21] <Sonofhades101> How are you guys?
[01:21] <TheBrickBuilder> I'm just fine
[01:22] <Newman53> TheBrickBuilder have I met u before. good U?
[01:22] <Sonofhades101> I am good, thanks!
[01:22] <Sonofhades101> Is there anything I can help you guys with?
[01:23] <Newman53> no not really
[01:23] <Newman53> i'm just eating ckicken with my computer
[01:23] <Newman53> *chicken
[01:24] <Newman53> (lol) 
[01:24] <Sonofhades101> Lol lucky
[01:24] <Sonofhades101> (lol) 
[01:24] <Newman53> what time is it?
[01:24] <TheBrickBuilder> 15:24
[01:25] <Newman53> it's 10:25 AM my time
[01:25] <Irnakk> hi o/ 
[01:25] <Newman53> hey
[01:25] <TheBrickBuilder> Hi o/ 
[01:25] <Newman53> o/ 
[01:25] <Sonofhades101> Hello Irnakk
[01:25] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[01:25] <Sonofhades101> It's 6:25 am here
[01:25] <Newman53> wow
[01:25] <Sonofhades101> I have star testing
[01:25] <Newman53> oh
[01:26] <Awesomeknight1234> Back.
[01:26] <Sonofhades101> I am almost always up his early though...
[01:26] <Awesomeknight1234> Hey!
[01:26] <Awesomeknight1234> o/ 
[01:26] <Sonofhades101> Hey Knight!
[01:26] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[01:26] <Irnakk> i don't think the Serpentine moving fortress is a real set.... 
[01:26] <Newman53> hi Irnakk
[01:26] <Irnakk> o/ hi Knight :) 
[01:26] <Sonofhades101> Hmmm...
[01:27] <Sonofhades101> So if you guys come on about now daily, I will probably be here.
[01:27] <Irnakk> has Matt96 been on the chat today?
[01:27] <Sonofhades101> Yes
[01:27] <Newman53> I hope the Serpentine Moving Fortress is a real set.
[01:27] <Irnakk> @Newman53: me too,but i hope it is Oroborus
[01:27] <Irnakk> when was he on?
[01:28] <Sonofhades101> 10 minutes before you came on
[01:28] <Sonofhades101> About 10
[01:28] <Irnakk> ok
[01:28] <Sonofhades101> Wait!
[01:28] <TheBrickBuilder> @ Newman53 do you mean the serpentine train?
[01:29] <Sonofhades101> 15 minutes
[01:29] <Sonofhades101> About 15 minutes since now
[01:29] <Newman53> it comes with: [[Sensei Wu]] [[Kai]](ZX) [[Zane]](ZX) [[Pythor P. Chumsworth]] [[Lizaru]] [[Mezmo]].
[01:29] <Irnakk> :D but i still want them to release the Serpentine Bus,too
[01:29] <Irnakk> i think it's fake
[01:29] <Newman53> yeah
[01:30] <Awesomeknight1234> They're going to make a set with Jay's parents. :P 
[01:30] <Sonofhades101> What?
[01:30] <Sonofhades101> Link please
[01:30] <Irnakk> or i hope a Zane's Memory set and the Blade cup
[01:30] <Awesomeknight1234> I can make people believe me!
[01:30] <Awesomeknight1234> XD
[01:30] <Awesomeknight1234> Hey!
[01:30] <Awesomeknight1234> o/ 
[01:30] <Sonofhades101> Hello
[01:30] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[01:30] <Sonofhades101> Hi
[01:31] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[01:31] <Newman53> it is called: [[9458 Serpentine Moving Fortress]]
[01:31] <Sonofhades101> How are you guys?
[01:31] <Donaldduckatti313> hi...
[01:31] <Newman53> hey
[01:31] <TheBrickBuilder> Hello everybody who has just joined chat o/ 
[01:31] <Irnakk> serpentine moving fortress is fake
[01:31] <Sonofhades101> Wow, I am ranked 62 here!
[01:32] <Irnakk> little kids want it,so they edit to wikipedia and here wit no source
[01:32] <Sonofhades101> Lol
[01:32] <Sonofhades101> Yes
[01:32] <Donaldduckatti313> now its better...
[01:32] <Awesomeknight1234> I thought it was a train.
[01:33] <Sonofhades101> Don't know
[01:33] <Donaldduckatti313> my internet was horrible...
[01:33] <Donaldduckatti313> BTW, just covered the night.
[01:33] <Awesomeknight1234> What's your favorite LEGO theme?
[01:34] <Donaldduckatti313> umm. city...
[01:34] <TheBrickBuilder> Ninjago or star wars
[01:34] <Irnakk> they said a 4-headed Piraka was going to be released in 2006,but it was little kids from wikipedia to LMB.....
[01:34] <Sonofhades101> Ninjago
[01:34] <Irnakk> same is here
[01:34] <Irnakk> LOTR,BIONICLE,Ninjago 
[01:35] <Sonofhades101> LOTR, Ninjago, Bionicle, Star Was, or Super Heros
[01:35] <Irnakk> so don't believe the Fortress set.....
[01:35] <Awesomeknight1234> I have a lot of favorite themes.
[01:35] <Sonofhades101> I would buy any of those
[01:36] <Awesomeknight1234> Just look at my profile to see them.
[01:36] <Gamewolf66> I will have a new pic
[01:36] <Irnakk> i might get the Tumbler and the bat cave from the classic batman theme :) 
[01:36] <Irnakk> o/ 
[01:36] <Awesomeknight1234> o/ 
[01:37] <TheBrickBuilder> Hello gamewolf o/ 
[01:37] <TheBrickBuilder> too late
[01:37] <Gamewolf66> I am now Cooler?
[01:37] <Sonofhades101> I like it GameWolf
[01:37] <TheBrickBuilder> Cool
[01:37] <Sonofhades101> One sec
[01:38] <Sonofhades101> The 1st one...
[01:38] <Irnakk> i might write a review about the tumbler on brickipedia,as long pictures are not needed
[01:38] <Sonofhades101> I like it better
[01:39] <Gamewolf66> I am now Balto
[01:40] <Sonofhades101> Sweet
[01:40] <Sonofhades101> I like it
[01:41] <Irnakk> awesome :) 
[01:42] <Irnakk> Isengard theme
[01:42] <Sonofhades101> Someone called me...
[01:42] <Sonofhades101> Who said awesome?
[01:42] <Sonofhades101> Oh Irnakk
[01:42] <Gamewolf66> Sonofhades101 is making edits to girl themes 0_0
[01:42] <Sonofhades101> Lol what?
[01:43] <TheBrickBuilder> Who cares?
[01:43] <Gamewolf66> You edited girl themes. Flower Fairy Party? You're The Son Of Hades!
[01:43] <Sonofhades101> If I do, I get weapons... Like claws
[01:43] <Gamewolf66> That is a cool theme BTW
[01:43] <Sonofhades101> lll_-_-_lll
[01:44] <Gamewolf66> Isengard's theme
[01:44] <Irnakk> :) 
[01:44] <Gamewolf66> :) great song
[01:44] <Irnakk> :D 
[01:44] <Gamewolf66> /THX
[01:44] <Gamewolf66> ;) 
[01:46] <Gamewolf66> I have a new blog today
[01:46] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:46] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:46] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:46] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:46] <Sonofhades101> link
[01:46] <Donaldduckatti313> best song ever: (not)
[01:46] <Donaldduckatti313> its korean pop...
[01:47] <Gamewolf66> [[User blog:Gamewolf66/News Blog 4/18/12|User_blog:Gamewolf66/News_Blog_4/18/12]]
[01:47] <Gamewolf66> Wait that wasn't the newest
[01:47] <Donaldduckatti313> people say that theyre high. :D 
[01:47] <Gamewolf66> I love dat song!
[01:48] <Donaldduckatti313> wat?
[01:48] <Donaldduckatti313> which one?
[01:48] <Gamewolf66> Where is CzechMate he survived the operation!
[01:48] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:48] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:48] <Gamewolf66> :0
[01:48] <TheBrickBuilder> What operation?
[01:48] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:48] <Gamewolf66> :0
[01:48] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> :)
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> :)
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> :)
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> :)
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> 
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> :) 
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> 
[01:49] <Donaldduckatti313> please...
[01:49] <Donaldduckatti313> 
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> The life threatening operation.
[01:49] <Donaldduckatti313> 
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> ]
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> :] 
[01:49] <Gamewolf66> {:
[01:50] <Gamewolf66> :3
[01:50] <Gamewolf66> :}
[01:50] <Gamewolf66> :}
[01:50] <Donaldduckatti313> no, watch it:
[01:51] <Irnakk> more epic songs needed?
[01:51] <Gamewolf66> I LOVE THAT BAND
[01:51] <Donaldduckatti313> did anyone watch mine?
[01:51] <Gamewolf66> I love Nazgul's theme
[01:52] <Gamewolf66> Yes I love GD and Top
[01:52] <Donaldduckatti313> You do?
[01:52] <Gamewolf66>
[01:53] <Gamewolf66> Not U.N. Owen was her
[01:53] <Donaldduckatti313> i pretty much.. IDK. i dont like it when asians dye their hair like that... but the music is beast... but seriously, im so high? it makes them sound carzy or drunk...
[01:54] <Gamewolf66> Jap anese video game music is awesome
[01:54] <Gamewolf66> Jap anese
[01:54] <Gamewolf66> Jap 
[01:54] <Donaldduckatti313> oh yeah, even more kpop: (bigbang) (gd and top are members) the video is very wierd. dont watch it.
[01:54] <Mat96> Hi
[01:54] <Donaldduckatti313> and wats that being blocked?
[01:54] <Donaldduckatti313> jap an
[01:54] <Donaldduckatti313> jap 
[01:54] <Gamewolf66> I watched it
[01:55] <Gamewolf66> Jap 
[01:55] <Donaldduckatti313> so j a p is blocked... wierd?
[01:55] <Gamewolf66> J-A-P
[01:55] <Donaldduckatti313> why?
[01:55] <Gamewolf66> A-N-E-S-E
[01:55] <Irnakk> hi mat :) 
[01:55] <TheBrickBuilder> So... We cant type jap an?
[01:55] <TheBrickBuilder> Jap an
[01:55] <Gamewolf66> Yes
[01:55] <Donaldduckatti313> i guess.
[01:55] <Gamewolf66> Why not
[01:55] <Donaldduckatti313> i love JAP AN!
[01:55] <Gamewolf66> JAP AN IS AWESOME
[01:56] <TheBrickBuilder> And jap an is filled of cool technology
[01:56] <Donaldduckatti313> why yes, you jap s are very awesome.
[01:56] <Gamewolf66> DBZ is from Jap an
[01:56] <Donaldduckatti313> funny, ths jap ...
[01:56] <Gamewolf66> So is Godzilla from Jap an
[01:56] <Gamewolf66> I have to go eat toast now
[01:56] <LEGOSpinjitzu> What is that?
[01:57] <TheBrickBuilder> What is what?
[01:57] <Donaldduckatti313> i already covered the night!!!
[01:58] <Awesomeknight1234> Back.
[01:59] <Gamewolf66> JAP AN JAP AN JAP AN JAP AN
[01:59] <Awesomeknight1234> Ninjago is based on Jap an.
[01:59] <Gamewolf66> J-A-P
[01:59] <Gamewolf66> A-N
[01:59] <Awesomeknight1234> Don't talk in Capslock, please.
[01:59] <Gamewolf66> Sorry
[02:00] <Gamewolf66> J-a-p-a-n
[02:00] <Donaldduckatti313> WATS wrong wit CAPSLOCK awesomeness?
[02:00] <Gamewolf66> Batman's Simon Cowl Get it? Cowl
[02:01] <Gamewolf66> CaPsLoCk
[02:01] <Awesomeknight1234> Using Capslock is yelling.
[02:01] <Gamewolf66> Sorry but I am not yelling
[02:02] <Gamewolf66> I apologize
[02:02] <Awesomeknight1234> Okay...
[02:02] <Gamewolf66> Thank you
[02:03] <Awesomeknight1234>
[02:03] <Gamewolf66> Yay
[02:03] <Gamewolf66> Wait, I don't like Lord Of The Rings
[02:03] <Gamewolf66> I just remembered!
[02:04] <Awesomeknight1234> :O 
[02:04] <Gamewolf66> It's mah B-day today :) :) :) :) 
[02:04] <Gamewolf66> I'm now 11!
[02:04] <Gamewolf66> Eleven!
[02:04] <TheBrickBuilder> Happy Birthday :) 
[02:04] <Awesomeknight1234> Sorry, you're underaged.
[02:04] <Gamewolf66> THX
[02:04] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm going to have to contact an admin.
[02:04] <Gamewolf66> Wat do you mean
[02:05] <Gamewolf66> Whoops
[02:05] <Awesomeknight1234> You have to be 13 (+) to be in this wiki.
[02:05] <Irnakk> you need to be 13 or older
[02:05] <Gamewolf66> Sorry, I didn't know!
[02:05] <Gamewolf66> Wait why, this is a kids website!
[02:05] <Awesomeknight1234> It's Wikia.
[02:05] <Gamewolf66> But its for kids
[02:06] <Awesomeknight1234> It's not.
[02:06] <Awesomeknight1234> You can view it, but not edit/chat.
[02:06] <Gamewolf66> Please don't arrest me I'm sorry! My dad set up this account and I don't know what he did!
[02:06] <Gamewolf66> Please give me a second chance I didn't know
[02:07] <Gamewolf66> Please don't ban anyone
[02:07] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm not going to arrest you.
[02:07] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm not going to ban you.
[02:09] <TheBrickBuilder> got to go bye
[02:10] <Awesomeknight1234> ...
[02:11] <Gamewolf66> I am 11 but I have so much to edit! I am full of information please don't ban me
[02:11] <Gamewolf66> I am helpful
[02:11] <Gamewolf66> /I need to stay on Wikia!
[02:11] <Gamewolf66> Please don't ban me!
[02:11] <Sonofhades101> Um... You arn't 13?
[02:11] <Gamewolf66> I'm 11
[02:12] <Gamewolf66> It's close though
[02:12] <Sonofhades101> @ years close...
[02:12] <Gamewolf66> 2
[02:12] <Sonofhades101> Yes...
[02:12] <Gamewolf66> I'm sorry I didn't know! My dad made this account!
[02:13] <Sonofhades101> Um... I really don't think...
[02:13] <Sonofhades101> You said you were 11?
[02:13] <Gamewolf66> What
[02:13] <Gamewolf66> Yes
[02:13] <Awesomeknight1234> Back.
[02:13] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm not going to ban you from chat, just so you know.
[02:13] <Gamewolf66> Awesomeknight1234 please don't block me
[02:13] <Awesomeknight1234> I can't.
[02:13] <Sonofhades101> He said he won't.
[02:13] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm only a Chat Mod.
[02:13] <Gamewolf66> Thank you so much
[02:13] <Awesomeknight1234> I can only ban you from chat.
[02:14] <Gamewolf66> Please don't
[02:14] <Awesomeknight1234> I contacted an admin, though.
[02:14] <Awesomeknight1234> He'll take care of you.
[02:14] <Awesomeknight1234> Sorry.
[02:14] <Sonofhades101> Uh oh.
[02:14] <Gamewolf66> Burn
[02:14] <Sonofhades101> Anyways, Belville needs more edits
[02:14] <Awesomeknight1234> I shouldn't ban you from chat when you have to be blocked from the wiki.
[02:14] <Sonofhades101> Yes...
[02:14] <Irnakk> well,bye wolf,see you in 2 years....
[02:14] <Gamewolf66> You haven't seen the last of me. When I'm 13 I might return
[02:14] <Awesomeknight1234> Yeah.
[02:14] <Awesomeknight1234> You won't be banned then.
[02:15] <Awesomeknight1234> Cligra will unblock you.
[02:15] <Sonofhades101> You should come back and edit Belville
[02:15] <Gamewolf66> Sorry guys I didn't know
[02:15] <Sonofhades101> I know... 
[02:15] <Gamewolf66> I need Cligra!
[02:15] <Awesomeknight1234> Cligra is also the admin going to block you.
[02:15] <Sonofhades101> Sigh
[02:15] <Sonofhades101> Cliggers...
[02:16] <Gamewolf66> In two years so many things can change. You guys might not be her
[02:16] <Gamewolf66> here
[02:16] <Awesomeknight1234> You're right.
[02:16] <Sonofhades101> I will
[02:16] <Gamewolf66> I am?
[02:16] <Awesomeknight1234> But maybe I'll stay here.
[02:16] <Awesomeknight1234> No, I'm just saying that you could be right.
[02:16] <Gamewolf66> I'll just get a Youtube account instead (sigh)
[02:17] <Sonofhades101> I am gonna be here for a year at leat
[02:17] <Sonofhades101> *Least
[02:17] <Sonofhades101> Finish up this year, then stay for next year
[02:17] <Awesomeknight1234> 4 underagers in a row...
[02:17] <Sonofhades101> Who?
[02:17] <Gamewolf66> Okay my Youtube account will be Gamewolf66 check it out in about a year
[02:17] <Sonofhades101> Steven?
[02:17] <Awesomeknight1234> Wow.
[02:17] <Gamewolf66> Who
[02:17] <Sonofhades101> Who Knight?
[02:17] <Sonofhades101> Steven, Gamewolf?
[02:17] <Awesomeknight1234> Meer, G, You, Legofan11.
[02:17] <Gamewolf66> What
[02:17] <Sonofhades101> G?
[02:18] <Gamewolf66> Yes?
[02:18] <Sonofhades101> Wow, alot
[02:18] <Awesomeknight1234> Everyone listed on Cligra's talkpage.
[02:18] <Gamewolf66> Okay
[02:18] <Gamewolf66> Legofan11?!
[02:18] <Gamewolf66> I know him
[02:18] <Awesomeknight1234> He's 11.
[02:18] <Awesomeknight1234> Underaged.
[02:18] <Sonofhades101> Wow
[02:19] <Gamewolf66> I am too, Just turned 11 today
[02:19] <Sonofhades101> Lot's of people... Wonder if they are any sock puppets?
[02:19] <Sonofhades101> Cool, Happy Birthday
[02:19] <Gamewolf66> I'm not a sock puppet
[02:19] <Awesomeknight1234> Legofan11 is a sockpuppet.
[02:19] <Gamewolf66> THX
[02:19] <Awesomeknight1234> He's a sockpuppet of Legofanofawesome11.
[02:19] <Sonofhades101> [[Birthday Minifigure|Birthday_Minifigure]]
[02:19] <Sonofhades101> Lol bad name
[02:19] <Gamewolf66> Oh whats a sock puppet
[02:19] <Sonofhades101> Hy o/ 
[02:20] <Sonofhades101> How are you?
[02:20] <Brick bobby> Hello
[02:20] <Sonofhades101> Someone on wiki with multiple accounts
[02:20] <Gamewolf66> Thanks for the minifigure
[02:20] <Sonofhades101> Lol, I just saw that
[02:20] <Donaldduckatti313> im also 11... any i haz YT. but this rule is pathetic.
[02:20] <Gamewolf66> Okay I am sorry for underage editing
[02:20] <Irnakk> hi bobby o/ 
[02:20] <Brick bobby> @ Gamewolf: we're you telling the truth when you said you turned 11 today?
[02:21] <Awesomeknight1234> Another unerager?
[02:21] <Awesomeknight1234> *underager?
[02:21] <Gamewolf66> Yeah, everyone her isn't really an adult
[02:21] <Donaldduckatti313> whats wrong wit underage edits.. ?
[02:21] <Sonofhades101> Wow, not again
[02:21] <Gamewolf66> here
[02:21] <Awesomeknight1234> *Contacts Cligra again.*
[02:21] <Brick bobby> They admitted we should kickban
[02:21] <Gamewolf66> I am 11 now
[02:21] <Sonofhades101> No, it's just... You can give out personal info or something...
[02:21] <Brick bobby> We can deal with the chat
[02:21] <Sonofhades101> Brick Bobby!
[02:21] <Gamewolf66> Why can't we be 11
[02:21] <Sonofhades101> You are a mod now?
[02:21] <Sonofhades101> Cool
[02:22] <Brick bobby> They admitted to being underage
[02:22] <Sonofhades101> Yes
[02:22] <Awesomeknight1234> Now it's five.
[02:22] <Sonofhades101> May I ask, why was that rule made?
[02:22] <Awesomeknight1234> It's COPPA.
[02:22] <Sonofhades101> COPPA?
[02:23] <Sonofhades101> Um... Not familiar with the term...
[02:23] <Awesomeknight1234> Search it on Wikipedia.
[02:23] <Irnakk> link?
[02:23] <Sonofhades101> Sigh
[02:23] <Sonofhades101> So many under agers
[02:24] <Sonofhades101> Lol, I could add to the drama
[02:24] <Awesomeknight1234> What?
[02:24] <Sonofhades101> I am really an under cover 12 year old
[02:24] <Sonofhades101> jk
[02:24] <Sonofhades101> Lol
[02:24] <Awesomeknight1234> XD
[02:24] <Sonofhades101> To much drama
[02:25] <Irnakk> you know, we should make a window that appears when you first join chat that says how old you need to be
[02:25] <Sonofhades101> Um, personal info again?
[02:25] <Sonofhades101> You shouldn't give it out
[02:25] <Sonofhades101> But most under agers can be tricked into saying they are under age
[02:25] <Irnakk> i know
[02:26] <Sonofhades101> If I told you guys my name and phone number and stuff...
[02:26] <Irnakk> can't wait! i want LoTR sets :) 
[02:26] <Sonofhades101> I wouldn't be here
[02:26] <Irnakk> i know
[02:27] <Sonofhades101> LOTR! When will they get here?
[02:27] <Sonofhades101> I don' remember
[02:27] <Sonofhades101> I can't wait to get them
[02:27] <Sonofhades101> I am saving up my pocket money...
[02:28] <Irnakk> i want them to make Minas Tirith,The Shire,Goblin Town,Minas Morgul,Orthanc,and Barad-ur
[02:28] <Sonofhades101> Yeah, me to
[02:28] <Brick bobby> Hello
[02:28] <Sonofhades101> Hello
[02:28] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[02:28] <Sonofhades101> How are you?
[02:28] <Irnakk> hi o/ 
[02:28] <Brick bobby> Does anyone have the link for chat mods to record bans
[02:29] <Irnakk> it's on [[Brickipedia:Chat]] i believe
[02:29] <Brick bobby> Thanks
[02:29] <Irnakk> your welcome ;) 
[02:30] <Sonofhades101> Belville needs alot of work
[02:31] <Irnakk> don't think i will edit to it. because i only edit to pages i am interested to
[02:31] <Sonofhades101> Lol
[02:31] <Sonofhades101> I edit because I can
[02:32] <Sonofhades101> Most of the pages I see arent my favorites but they need to be edited
[02:32] <Irnakk> ok ;) 
[02:32] <Sonofhades101> The ones that are my favorites are really already edited
[02:32] <Irnakk> lol
[02:33] <Irnakk> i only had the chance to edit a whole page on building bricks wiki
[02:33] <Sonofhades101> Yeah, I know
[02:33] <Irnakk> i made the whole background section on the Kai page
[02:33] <Irnakk> ;) 
[02:34] <Sonofhades101> Sweet
[02:34] <Sonofhades101> I think i added the jay, nya, samurai x, cole, and zane page
[02:34] <Irnakk> i added the Acidicus and Aragorn pages 
[02:35] <Irnakk> and added lots of pictures on Serpentine pages
[02:35] <Sonofhades101> Cool
[02:35] <Irnakk> Aragorn pictures is awesome ;) 
[02:36] <Sonofhades101> They are
[02:36] <Sonofhades101> But I like Legolas alot to
[02:36] <Sonofhades101> I have a LOTR conquest video game
[02:36] <Sonofhades101> I love to be Legolas
[02:38] <Awesomeknight1234> Why is there an R is Aragorn is he is pronounced "EHR-uh-gahn"?
[02:38] <Irnakk> i have the War in the North game
[02:38] <Sonofhades101> I don't know Knight
[02:38] <Sonofhades101> Is it one of your favorites Irnakk?
[02:38] <Irnakk> i can only play 3 non-canon characters -.-'
[02:38] <Irnakk> yeah
[02:39] <Irnakk> i want to play as Aragorn and Faramir in the War in the North :( 
[02:39] <Sonofhades101> That would be cool
[02:40] <Irnakk> i know
[02:44] <Brick bobby> Back from recording block
[02:45] <Sonofhades101> Ok
[02:46] <Sonofhades101> I am ranked 61 here!!!
[02:46] <Brick bobby> Gamewolf is going round the wiki spaming talk pages now
[02:46] <Sonofhades101> Sigh
[02:46] <Brick bobby> To be in blocked from chat
[02:46] <Sonofhades101> Crap, He sounded angry
[02:46] <Sonofhades101> Hi Clone
[02:46] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[02:46] <Irnakk> what? not my talk page,right?
[02:47] <Brick bobby> He will be blocked from the wiki completely soon
[02:47] <Sonofhades101> That... Oh no
[02:47] <Irnakk> o/ 
[08:05] <Bob Bricks> um....
[08:05] <Bob Bricks> 
[08:06] <Video Gamer1> o/ again
[08:06] <RaceLord> check out [[User:RaceLord/Comics]]
[08:06] <Darth henry> I did
[08:06] <Darth henry> Pretty good!
[08:06] <RaceLord> i'm still working on it
[08:07] <Bob Bricks> can I be in it?>
[08:07] <Darth henry> I think he already chose the characters
[08:07] <Clone gunner commander jedi> What will it be about RaceLord?
[08:07] <RaceLord> idk, still working on it, still planing and making
[08:09] <Clone gunner commander jedi> RaceLord PM
[08:13] <Tigerflash331> hi
[08:13] <Tigerflash331> whats the topic
[08:14] <Darth henry> Nothing right now
[08:14] <Clone gunner commander jedi> He's back!
[08:14] <Clone gunner commander jedi> What the?
[08:14] <Tigerflash331> ok then
[08:14] <Clone gunner commander jedi> He was meant to be banned
[08:14] <Tigerflash331> who
[08:14] <Tigerflash331> me
[08:14] <Darth henry> Why?
[08:14] <Tigerflash331> what did i do?
[08:14] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Sockpuppet made to get round a chat ban
[08:15] <Darth henry> Lemme check this out
[08:15] <Tigerflash331> me?
[08:15] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Sockpuppet of Tigerstar2
[08:15] <Tigerflash331> god,i am not tigerstar2
[08:16] <Darth henry> He isn't
[08:16] <Tigerflash331> darth tell him
[08:16] <Darth henry> Him and his friend have a club in which the codenames start with tiger
[08:16] <Darth henry> Tigerstar was his friend
[08:17] <Tigerflash331> darth, did you send a vid
[08:17] <Darth henry> I am in the club too as tigerblast 
[08:17] <Darth henry> Nope
[08:17] <Video Gamer1> o/ 
[08:17] <Awesomeknight1234> Tigerblast?
[08:17] <Darth henry> Didn't have time to do a stunt
[08:17] <Tigerflash331> when dan you
[08:17] <Tigerflash331> can
[08:17] <Darth henry> Today or tommorow
[08:17] <Tigerflash331> pm awesome
[08:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I find that very hard to believe
[08:21] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Cligra PM
[08:22] <Video Gamer1> o/ 
[08:22] <Bob Bricks> o/ 
[08:22] <Awesomeknight1234> DH, PM.
[08:23] <Darth henry> kk
[08:25] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Chatmod :D 
[08:25] <Darth henry> What?
[08:25] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Me now chat mod
[08:25] <Clone gunner commander jedi> NXT just gave me the rights
[08:25] <Darth henry> But there was more opposes right?
[08:25] <Cligra> Congratulations....
[08:25] <Prisinorzero> No.
[08:25] <Darth henry> Oh
[08:25] <Darth henry> Tiger-PM
[08:26] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No?
[08:27] <Prisinorzero> Opposes.
[08:27] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I just got an email saying he changed my chat mod rights
[08:27] <Prisinorzero> So did I.
[08:27] <Darth henry> Yay..
[08:27] <Prisinorzero> I got a ton of emails about mega bloks.
[08:27] <Clone gunner commander jedi> To i have the,
[08:27] <Clone gunner commander jedi> them*
[08:27] <Video Gamer1> Really?
[08:28] <Tigerflash331> i have 301 old lego emails
[08:31] <Darth henry> cool
[08:31] <Darth henry> Cutting chat lag.
[08:32] <Awesomeknight1234> ...
[08:32] <Darth henry> What?
[08:34] <Bob Bricks> g2g bye
[08:36] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Opps meant PM
[08:36] <Video Gamer1> Wait, why was RaceLord banned?
[08:37] <Prisinorzero> You did that last time -_-
[08:37] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Did i?
[08:37] <Tigerflash331> back
[08:37] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Sorry about that
[08:38] <Tigerflash331> so
[08:38] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I have to actually look where i click now i have the rights back
[08:40] <Tigerflash331> who is here
[08:40] <Tigerflash331> ?
[08:40] <Video Gamer1> Me.
[08:40] <Tigerflash331> ok
[08:40] <Tigerflash331> what do we talk about
[08:41] <Video Gamer1> Lego?
[08:42] <Tigerflash331> what lego?
[08:42] <Video Gamer1> Any.
[08:42] <Tigerflash331> whats your oldst set
[08:43] <Video Gamer1> A star wars set.
[08:43] <Tigerflash331> systum
[08:43] <Tigerflash331> so
[08:44] <Tigerflash331> racelord pm
[08:44] <Tigerflash331> clone your admin
[08:44] <Tigerflash331> how
[08:45] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No i am not an admin
[08:45] <Clone gunner commander jedi> And hopefully i shall never be one
[08:45] <Tigerflash331> when whats the star
[08:45] <Clone gunner commander jedi> The stars are for chat moderator
[08:45] <Tigerflash331> how
[08:46] <Tigerflash331> is it time spent on chat
[08:46] <Clone gunner commander jedi> By having a chat mod request and it passing
[08:47] <Tigerflash331> how do you do that
[08:47] <Prisinorzero> By going on a deadly quest.
[08:47] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Yes
[08:48] <Clone gunner commander jedi> It was a very long quest
[08:48] <Prisinorzero> I must warn you.
[08:48] <Prisinorzero> You may never return.
[08:48] <Prisinorzero> CP died on his admin request.
[08:48] <Prisinorzero> Killed by a gaint dragon.
[08:48] <Prisinorzero> Sad really.
[08:48] <Tigerflash331> were do you click
[08:50] <Tigerflash331> were do you go to
[08:50] <Tigerflash331> please
[08:50] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No point you wont survive
[08:50] <Tigerflash331> i know
[08:51] <Tigerflash331> it will be fun
[08:51] <Brick bobby> Hello
[08:51] <Tigerflash331> bobby have do you become a chat monater
[08:52] <1999bug> ...
[08:52] <Tigerflash331> come on
[08:52] <Tigerflash331> 
[08:52] <Brick bobby> You have not been on the wiki long enough. If you have been on the wiki 10 days. You can nominated your self and there is a vote
[08:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> He yesterday and got banned...
[08:53] <Tigerflash331> no
[08:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> He joined*
[08:53] <Tigerflash331> lier
[08:53] <Tigerflash331> i have never got ban
[08:53] <Brick bobby> Break it up. I agree with clone but wemh
[08:53] <Prisinorzero> Brick and clone just got back.
[08:53] <Brick bobby> *we have no evidence
[08:53] <Tigerflash331> i never have
[08:54] <1999bug> @Zero: Hold down ctrl and alt and then press the down arrow.
[08:54] <Prisinorzero> I hear clone had to fish tom out of a volcano.
[08:54] <Tigerflash331> i couldnt chat then
[08:54] <Prisinorzero> YAY UPSIDE DOWN!
[08:54] <1999bug> xD
[08:54] <1999bug> To fix it do the same but with the up arrow
[08:54] <Brick bobby> I am not Tom I am Chris Small
[08:54] <Prisinorzero> I know.
[08:54] <Brick bobby> :p 
[08:55] <Tigerflash331> ctrl alt down
[08:55] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Chris Small?
[08:55] <Tigerflash331> try it
[08:55] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Thats your name?
[08:55] <Brick bobby> That is my name
[08:55] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Ok Nice name
[08:55] <1999bug> Chat looks weird sideways.
[08:55] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Brb
[08:56] <1999bug> This is so weird
[08:56] <1999bug> I love this trick xD
[08:56] <Tigerflash331> what
[08:56] <1999bug> Ctrl + alt + right (or left)
[08:59] <Prisinorzero> Clones names the best.
[08:59] <Prisinorzero> Wow my laptops a book.
[09:00] <1999bug> xD
[09:01] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Is my name the best really?
[09:02] <1999bug> It says "Clone Gunner ..." the way he's seeing it
[09:02] <1999bug> Oh wait
[09:02] <1999bug> It always does that
[09:02] <1999bug> Lol
[09:02] <1999bug> @Zero: Have you seen my Ninjago place?
[09:03] <Prisinorzero> No.
[09:03] <Prisinorzero> Clone it is.
[09:03] <Prisinorzero> Br1cks is the worst XD
[09:04] <1999bug> Br1ck must like L33T SP3AK...
[09:04] <1999bug> Anyway..
[09:04] <1999bug> Want to check it out?
[09:04] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Br1cks name isn't too bad
[09:05] <Prisinorzero> Is as I know someone with the same name.
[09:06] <Tigerflash331> back
[09:06] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Oh
[09:07] <1999bug> Did you see my Fangtom picture?
[09:09] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Yes
[09:09] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I did
[09:09] <Tigerflash331> i am goig to have a life
[09:10] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Ok you go do that
[09:12] <Prisinorzero> Woooo how did you do that bug?
[09:13] <Awesomeknight1234> Back.
[09:13] <Tigerflash331> back
[09:13] <Prisinorzero> OMG for a moment there I thought I logged into br1cks roblox account then XD
[09:14] <Awesomeknight1234> Hold down ctrl, and alt, and the press the down arrow.
[09:14] <Tigerflash331> i know
[09:14] <Awesomeknight1234> Try it. :P 
[09:14] <Prisinorzero> Yes bugs already got us knight.
[09:14] <Tigerflash331> it flips the screen
[09:14] <Prisinorzero> We know what it does.
[09:15] <Awesomeknight1234> You got onto Cruncher436 on ROBLOX?
[09:15] <Awesomeknight1234> He told you his password?
[09:15] <Awesomeknight1234> Wait.
[09:15] <Awesomeknight1234> Didn't read it right. :P 
[09:15] <Tigerflash331> pm knight
[09:16] <Prisinorzero> No.
[09:16] <Tigerflash331> yay
[09:16] <Tigerflash331> 
[09:16] <Prisinorzero> It just came up with his page when I logged in.
[09:16] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Ctrl + Alt + Down doesn't work for me
[09:17] <Tigerflash331> do you have a lap top
[09:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Ctrl + Alt + Down doesn't work for me
[09:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Too mucg lag
[09:17] <1999bug> Weird
[09:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> much*
[09:17] <Tigerflash331> knight pm
[09:18] <1999bug> Fangtom? I uh... built him. o_O
[09:18] <Tigerflash331> PM
[09:18] <1999bug> Zero, I think Knight and I are going to my place. Follow?
[09:20] <Tigerflash331> oh
[09:22] <Tigerflash331> sup
[09:23] <ToaMatau2004> hi
[09:23] <Tigerflash331> hi
[09:23] <Tigerflash331> pm me
[09:23] <ToaMatau2004> about what?
[09:23] <ToaMatau2004> 
[09:24] <Tigerflash331> just do it
[09:24] <ToaMatau2004> ok
[09:42] <Admiral Neo> Hai!
[09:43] <Admiral Neo> Cool new avatar, CGCJ!
[09:43] <Admiral Neo> Hello, Tiger, Matau.
[09:43] <ToaMatau2004> hi 
[09:45] <Admiral Neo> How are you?
[09:46] <ToaMatau2004> good
[09:46] <Admiral Neo> Great!
[09:46] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Thanks...
[09:46] <Admiral Neo> Nice avatar, CGCJ!
[09:47] <Clone gunner commander jedi> You didn't have torepeat yourself
[09:47] <Clone gunner commander jedi> to repeat*
[09:47] <Admiral Neo> How was your day, CGCJ? Forgive me, I didn't know you saw it.
[09:47] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Good
[09:48] <Admiral Neo> Great!
[09:49] <Admiral Neo> Does that glitch annoy you, CGCJ?
[09:50] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No as it doesn't affect me in anyway
[09:53] <Admiral Neo> So, do you like Music?
[09:54] <Tigerflash331> yes
[09:54] <Admiral Neo> What genre(s)?
[09:55] <Tigerflash331> i dont no
[09:55] <Admiral Neo> Hello, PZ!
[09:56] <CzechMate> Hey
[09:56] <Admiral Neo> Knight, too? Hello to you too, Knight!
[09:56] <Awesomeknight1234> Back.
[09:56] <Admiral Neo> Hello CM.
[09:56] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi, CP.
[09:57] <Tigerflash331> hi
[09:57] <Prisinorzero> Czech?
[09:57] <Prisinorzero> But?
[09:57] <1999bug> Hmm
[09:57] <Clone gunner commander jedi> CM!?!?!?
[09:57] <CzechMate> Yes?
[09:57] <Awesomeknight1234> Penguin?
[09:57] <Prisinorzero> I thought youd gone?
[09:57] <Tigerflash331> awesome
[09:57] <Awesomeknight1234> Oh, you're here.
[09:57] <Admiral Neo> Hello, Bug.
[09:57] <Clone gunner commander jedi> You left for good
[09:57] <Tigerflash331> congrats czechmate
[09:58] <1999bug> Hi
[09:58] <Tigerflash331> so
[09:58] <1999bug> CP is leaving forever? o_O
[09:58] <1999bug> This is confusing
[09:58] <1999bug> ._.
[09:58] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I though he wa
[09:58] <Prisinorzero> He said he was.
[09:58] <Clone gunner commander jedi> was*
[09:58] <Admiral Neo> Sorta...
[09:59] <ToaMatau2004> gone?
[09:59] <Admiral Neo> Pardon me, but who exactly is CP?
[09:59] <1999bug> CzechMate
[09:59] <Clone gunner commander jedi> CzechMate
[09:59] <1999bug> His name was formally Crazed Penguin.
[09:59] <1999bug> Everyone called him CP.
[09:59] <CzechMate> Is Drew on?
[09:59] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No
[10:00] <Admiral Neo> Thanks. For the record, he was here yesterday, also.
[10:00] <Tigerflash331> so
[10:00] <Tigerflash331> cp mp
[10:00] <Prisinorzero> OOOO I'm making a comic!
[10:00] <Tigerflash331> cm pm
[10:01] <Prisinorzero> With a real story line!!!!!
[10:01] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Cool Zero!
[10:01] <ToaMatau2004> cool
[10:01] <Admiral Neo> Congrats!
[10:01] <Clone gunner commander jedi> About?
[10:01] <1999bug> CP isn't leaving. He just told me...
[10:01] <ToaMatau2004> yah!
[10:01] <Clone gunner commander jedi> He said that he was going to?
[10:01] <Admiral Neo> Great.
[10:02] <Tigerflash331> czechmate pm
[10:02] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Oh what joyous news
[10:02] <Prisinorzero> About fun stuff.
[10:02] <Prisinorzero> Can't reveal any thing.
[10:02] <Prisinorzero> As I haven't done any thing.
[10:02] <Admiral Neo> :D 
[10:02] <Prisinorzero> Except part of the ravenclaw dorm.
[10:03] <Tigerflash331> pm
[10:03] <Tigerflash331> laggy
[10:04] <Admiral Neo> While I am chatting on my iPad, I am also writing a book for a school assignment. Lazy :D .
[10:04] <Prisinorzero> Any way I needz to goz.
[10:05] <Prisinorzero> Byz
[10:05] <CzechMate> Bai
[10:05] <Admiral Neo> Later!
[10:05] <ToaMatau2004> how do I make a page a work in progress? I want to do one to [[8605 Toa Matau]]
[10:05] <CzechMate> you put {{WIP|Yourname}}
[10:05] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Bye Zero! talk to you tomorrow
[10:05] <ToaMatau2004> ok thanks
[10:06] <CzechMate> ._.
[10:07] <Clone gunner commander jedi> ._.?
[10:07] <Admiral Neo> ____
[10:07] <CzechMate> I want an admin to close Drew's blog.
[10:07] <CzechMate> I'm getting a lot of stick
[10:07] <CzechMate> but He isn't on
[10:08] <Admiral Neo> I need to go. Farewellz!
[10:08] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Bye
[10:08] <Clone gunner commander jedi> That blog annoyed me too
[10:10] <CzechMate> I feel as if people are shooting abuse, but not knowing I didn't make the blog
[10:10] <Clone gunner commander jedi> It annoys me that people wont just stop going on about it failing
[10:11] <CzechMate> I'd prefer to just forget it.
[10:11] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Same
[10:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I have to go now bye
[10:12] <CzechMate> Cya CGCJ
[10:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I shall be back on tomorrow bye now o/ 
[10:13] <CzechMate> Hi KoN
[10:13] <King of Nynrah> Hello o /
[10:14] <King of Nynrah> Oh, good news people! I'm getting a different internet provider soon so I won't be glitched anymore :D 
[10:14] <RaceLord> you guys seen [[User:RaceLord/Comics]]
[10:14] <CzechMate> Yay!
[10:14] <CzechMate> 
[10:14] <CzechMate> GO KON
[10:14] <CzechMate> King KoN
[10:15] <CzechMate> KoN = See PM pls
[10:16] <CzechMate> Hi SSX
[10:16] <SuperSpyX> hi
[10:17] <RaceLord> hey
[10:17] <SuperSpyX> my request for chat mod is an absolute disaster
[10:17] <CzechMate> Hi Dh
[10:17] <CzechMate> Well
[10:17] <CzechMate> You are commenting on every oppose
[10:17] <Darth henry> Brb-Bathroom break
[10:17] <SuperSpyX> k
[10:17] <RaceLord> has everyone seen [[User:RaceLord/Comics]] i'm still working on it
[10:17] <Katenvaughn> hello
[10:17] <SuperSpyX> my car is...interseting
[10:18] <RaceLord> some stuff i'm still working on
[10:20] <Katenvaughn> Hey ninja-squirrel5 you're trying to be a chat mod?
[10:20] <CzechMate> Ninja - Stop canvassing
[10:21] <RaceLord> what?
[10:21] <Ninja-squirrel5> yes
[10:22] <SuperSpyX> [[Forum:Idea?t=20120420183654]]
[10:22] <King of Nynrah> CM you'll have to resend that PM I'm afraid, didn't get it
[10:23] <CzechMate> I'll refresh
[10:24] <SuperSpyX> Lcawte bot is going crazy
[10:24] <SuperSpyX> he is marking all kinds of pages for speedy delete!
[10:25] <SuperSpyX> ones that don't need to be
[10:25] <SuperSpyX> [[Brickipedia:Administrator%27s noticeboard|Brickipedia:Administrator's_noticeboard]]
[10:26] <CzechMate> KoN,can you see it now?
[10:26] <RaceLord> whos doing what?
[10:26] <SuperSpyX> LcawteBot
[10:27] <RaceLord> never heard of him
[10:27] <RaceLord> or have i?
[10:27] <SuperSpyX> he is Lcawte's bot
[10:27] <SuperSpyX> Bricki will reach 20000 pages this year
[10:27] <SuperSpyX> :D 
[10:27] <SuperSpyX> 61 to go
[10:28] <CzechMate> It will stop on 19,999.
[10:28] <RaceLord> LETS MAKE FAKE PAGES!
[10:28] <RaceLord> lol
[10:28] <RaceLord> 
[10:28] <RaceLord> 
[10:28] <SuperSpyX> no
[10:28] <RaceLord> i was joking
[10:29] <RaceLord> why are they keep bring the prices for Lego up?
[10:29] <SuperSpyX> because material costs keep going up
[10:30] <Darth henry> Or because LEGO likes to jip little kids out of hard earned cash. 
[10:30] <SuperSpyX> die lego hater
[10:30] <SuperSpyX> :S 
[10:30] <Eps Cola 360> Hello, everyone.
[10:30] <CzechMate> Hi
[10:30] <RaceLord> why do that not just go to a new Planet and dig up the stuff to make lego?
[10:31] <Katenvaughn> because Lego sets are high quality.
[10:31] <SuperSpyX> that would cost more
[10:31] <SuperSpyX> it takes millions to launch a rocket
[10:31] <SuperSpyX> not to mention astronauts, drilling rigs, etc.
[10:31] <King of Nynrah> Hello
[10:31] <SuperSpyX> hi
[10:31] <RaceLord> ok why not go to the future and get a Space Ship
[10:31] <Eps Cola 360> Its not really possable to go another plabet, and then make plastic from it.
[10:32] <Alcom1> I need help... with something LEGO related.
[10:32] <SuperSpyX> what?
[10:32] <Eps Cola 360> Yes?
[10:32] <RaceLord> NO!
[10:32] <RaceLord> lol
[10:32] <SuperSpyX> -_-
[10:32] <Alcom1> Nightfall Incident, I'm trying to figure out how to beat the final boss without using a Bit-Man.
[10:32] <Eps Cola 360> I've had experiance with about 50 Lego sets.
[10:32] <SuperSpyX> hm
[10:32] <SuperSpyX> I have 100+ sets
[10:32] <Eps Cola 360> Outch, I no help with games.
[10:32] <CzechMate> I've had about 250 according to Brickset
[10:33] <CzechMate> *350
[10:33] <SuperSpyX> had?
[10:33] <CzechMate> *I have
[10:33] <SuperSpyX> :O 
[10:33] <RaceLord> idk how many sets i got
[10:33] <RaceLord> maybe..............50-100
[10:33] <SuperSpyX> did you see the guy on mocpages who has loads of legos?
[10:33] <SuperSpyX> today
[10:33] <RaceLord> whqat guy?
[10:33] <RaceLord> what*
[10:34] <SuperSpyX> hmm
[10:35] <SuperSpyX> can't find it
[10:35] <SuperSpyX> yum, my gumbo is great
[10:35] <RaceLord> lol
[10:35] <SuperSpyX> rally
[10:35] <SuperSpyX> *really
[10:35] <SuperSpyX> I made it myself
[10:36] <SuperSpyX> yet another recipe in my repetoire
[10:36] <RaceLord> WATCH THIS!
[10:37] <RaceLord> NOW THIS!
[10:37] <SuperSpyX> that was in lego club magazine
[10:37] <RaceLord> in think it was
[10:37] <RaceLord> Hoth and Endor
[10:38] <CzechMate> Ji Mr.M
[10:38] <CzechMate> *Hi
[10:38] <SuperSpyX>
[10:39] <Mr. Minifigure> Hello
[10:39] <SuperSpyX> hi
[10:39] <Darth henry> Hello
[10:39] <Darth henry> I haven't seen you for awhile.
[10:39] <Mr. Minifigure> I know... :S 
[10:39] <Mr. Minifigure> I'm semi-acrive
[10:39] <Mr. Minifigure> *active
[10:39] <SuperSpyX> what do you think of that juggernaut
[10:40] <CzechMate> I'm disappointed in myself
[10:40] <Mr. Minifigure> Eh'
[10:40] <CzechMate> I'm seriously overreacting.
[10:40] <SuperSpyX>
[10:41] <SuperSpyX> want to buy it? Only $1500
[10:42] <SuperSpyX>
[10:42] <Mr. Minifigure> Nah
[10:42] <CzechMate> In 2 months, I'll re-nominate myself for admin I guess
[10:43] <Katenvaughn> you didn't make it?
[10:44] <CzechMate> Nope.
[10:44] <Katenvaughn> :-( why not/
[10:46] <CzechMate> Long stroy
[10:47] <Katenvaughn> that's too bad. 
[10:47] <Katenvaughn> I have to go now 
[10:47] <RaceLord> [[User:RaceLord/Comics|plz vote on Poll and check out]]
[10:48] <CzechMate> hi
[10:48] <Emitewiki2> Can any1 get me a link to the revolver page?
[10:48] <Emitewiki2> Hi CzechMate
[10:48] <CzechMate> [[Pistol]]
[10:49] <Emitewiki2> Oh duh
[10:49] <Emitewiki2> Thank you
[10:49] <Emitewiki2> Wait, have you been on the Lego Star Wars wiki, because you seem framiliar
[10:50] <Emitewiki2> Same with Darth Henry
[10:50] <Emitewiki2> ...
[10:50] <Emitewiki2> Oh well, ty
[10:50] <CzechMate> Maybe
[10:50] <Darth henry> I am on the LSW wiki.
[10:50] <Emitewiki2> I'm an admin on there
[10:50] <Darth henry> I know
[10:50] <Emitewiki2> Cya!
[10:50] <Darth henry> I stop by once in a while
[10:52] <CzechMate> RacwLord, Nice Avengers :D 
[10:53] <RaceLord> i still have you as a Penguin
[10:53] <CzechMate> Can I put in a request for a personal vehicle?
[10:54] <Darth henry> Mr M-Are you in the UK?
[10:54] <Mr. Minifigure> No
[10:54] <Mr. Minifigure> Why?
[10:54] <Darth henry> Oh
[10:54] <Darth henry> Because you have series 7
[10:54] <RaceLord> i have you on the back of 1999bug's because............. idk why
[10:54] <Mr. Minifigure> I bought it online. :) 
[10:55] <Darth henry> Ohhh
[10:55] <Darth henry> It's not in TRU even.
[10:56] <Darth henry> like the cherry kind
[10:56] <Darth henry> Oops
[10:56] <Darth henry> Wrong chat
[10:57] <CzechMate> :P 
[10:59] <1999bug> Leaving party?
[11:00] <CzechMate> Huh?
[11:00] <CzechMate> Roblox?
[11:00] <1999bug> No
[11:00] <1999bug> Everyone left...
[11:00] <Darth henry> I'm acting like a noob on the gumball chat. XD
[11:01] <CzechMate> Link?
[11:01] <CzechMate> I'll play with you guys
[11:01] <CzechMate> Base Wars or something?
[11:01] <1999bug> I am building
[11:01] <CzechMate> Dh?
[11:01] <Darth henry> What?
[11:01] <Darth henry>
[11:01] <Darth henry> This chat
[11:02] <CzechMate> Meet you on roblox?
[11:05] <CzechMate> Hi Jag
[11:08] <Captain Jag> CM, I thought you might want to know…
[11:08] <Captain Jag> I failed my adminship nom three times before getting it.

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