[11:04] <1999bug> ... Lonely Bug Bug Bug Bug Bug ....
[11:24] <1999bug> Creeping himself out... Bug Bug Bug... XD
[11:34] <MassiveSodaDuck> I gtg gtg gtg gtg gtg gtg 
[11:37] <Melody Kuro> Hello!
[12:10] <Dataman1> Hey bug!
[12:10] <Dataman1> Whaddup?
[12:10] <Dataman1> Hello?
[12:11] <Dataman1> Oh forget it.
[12:16] <Power Jim> hey bug
[12:20] <1999bug> Hi
[12:24] <1999bug> ...
[12:35] <Agent Swipe> Hi
[12:38] <Power Jim> hi
[12:39] <Power Jim> hi tat
[12:39] <Skdhjf> HI
[12:39] <Power Jim> do you like the new updates on the main page?
[12:39] <Skdhjf> nope
[12:40] <Skdhjf> It's good.
[12:40] <Skdhjf> But not that great...
[12:40] <Skdhjf> I would fix it myself..
[12:40] <Skdhjf> But I have no time.
[12:40] <Agent Swipe> Hey Mr. Minifigure.
[12:40] <Mr. Minifigure> Hello
[12:40] <Power Jim> yeah I can see what you mean
[12:40] <Power Jim> Hi Mr.Minifigure
[12:41] <Power Jim> but, I find it easier to get to other pages from the main page now.
[12:41] <Agent Swipe> I doubt I will win the RfA
[12:41] <Agent Swipe> :P 
[12:41] <Skdhjf> I love brickcraft..
[12:41] <Power Jim> I'm still not too sure about it :/ 
[12:42] <Mr. Minifigure> I am sort of jealous of there coding but not their whole operation
[12:42] <Agent Swipe> BrickCraft is most likely going to be better. . .
[12:43] <Mr. Minifigure> But do they hae a close tight community?
[12:43] <Skdhjf> They just started.
[12:43] <Skdhjf> December 2011
[12:43] <Mr. Minifigure> Still
[12:43] <Skdhjf> Did we have one in March 2005?
[12:43] <Skdhjf> Nope.
[12:43] <Skdhjf> We were smaller than they are.
[12:43] <Skdhjf> I see this as a possible Brickipedia rival.
[12:44] <Mr. Minifigure> Probally
[12:44] <Mr. Minifigure> Yet I will do anything I can to make us better and more reliable
[12:46] <Power Jim> brb
[12:46] <Berrybrick> Probably, it's less than ten people
[12:46] <Mr. Minifigure> brb
[12:46] <Berrybrick> When/if they reach our level, chances are they'll suffer from the same problems
[12:47] <Skdhjf> Community problems >_>
[12:47] <Berrybrick> Yep
[12:47] <Berrybrick> And vandalism
[12:47] <Berrybrick> And what not
[12:48] <Power Jim> back
[12:48] <Mr. Minifigure> They don't have the blog problems
[12:49] <Berrybrick> They probably will get them, unless they don't allow blogs.
[12:49] <Berrybrick> Then they have that as a disadvantage
[12:51] <Mr. Minifigure> But if they do get blogs it most likely won't last long
[12:51] <Mr. Minifigure> unless they have a news blog
[12:52] <Berrybrick> Because it would threaten a perfect society (of less than 10 people)?
[12:53] <Berrybrick> Either they have the disadvantage of spam blogs or they have the disadvantage of not having blogs.
[12:54] <Mr. Minifigure> Ture
[12:54] <Mr. Minifigure> *True
[12:55] <Power Jim> I don't think they'll do blogs for at least a while yet.
[12:55] <Power Jim> but true
[12:57] <Power Jim> How about online chat. Do you think they'll ever do that?
[12:57] <Mr. Minifigure> Maybe
[12:58] <Power Jim> Agreed, but they'll have a few problems with it for sure if they make it.
[12:58] <Berrybrick> We sure do
[12:59] <Mr. Minifigure> Who doesn't?
[12:59] <Skdhjf> Ever site has problems...
[12:59] <Berrybrick> Exactly
[12:59] <Skdhjf> *every
[01:01] <Power Jim> I g2g, bye.
[01:01] <Mr. Minifigure> bye
[01:04] <Skdhjf> back
[01:04] <Mr. Minifigure> Dissconnection
[01:06] <Skdhjf> :L
[01:06] <Mr. Minifigure> Geez
[01:06] <Mr. Minifigure> We are missing tons of 2012 articles
[01:06] <Skdhjf> Geez wat?
[01:07] <Skdhjf> ooohhhh...
[01:07] <Mr. Minifigure> I'm looking on Brickset and we have a lot of missing ones
[01:07] <Mr. Minifigure> Got four out of the way though
[01:08] <Matthew DelValle> Hey guys
[01:08] <Berrybrick> Bye
[01:08] <Skdhjf> Bye
[01:08] <Matthew DelValle> wait
[01:08] <Mr. Minifigure> Bye
[01:08] <Matthew DelValle> I posted a video and it said sucessfully done
[01:08] <Matthew DelValle> whatever
[01:08] <Matthew DelValle> then
[01:09] <Matthew DelValle> i go back to the page and
[01:09] <Matthew DelValle> it's not their
[01:09] <Matthew DelValle> o mean
[01:09] <Matthew DelValle> there 
[01:09] <Matthew DelValle> shoot im so confused
[01:09] <Matthew DelValle> can i get an answer
[01:10] <Matthew DelValle> i guess nobodys interested in helping me
[01:10] <Skdhjf> :l
[01:13] <Mr. Minifigure> g2g
[01:13] <ColelovezMintz Hayward Greenlees> hello
[01:20] <1999bug> ...
[01:46] <Makuta Tarkairadan> Soup
[01:46] <MassiveSodaDuck> Hi People people people people people
[01:46] <Agent Swipe> Makuta Tarkairadan soup?
[01:46] <Makuta Tarkairadan> Yeesh, =3
[01:50] <1999bug> Soup
[01:50] <1999bug> Soooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppp.
[01:50] <MassiveSodaDuck> Meeza is so awesome
[01:52] <MassiveSodaDuck> Mythrun, read PM
[01:54] <Makuta Tarkairadan> Soup.....................................................................................
[01:56] <Makuta Tarkairadan> BRB
[02:00] <Makuta Tarkairadan> ...
[02:02] <Makuta Tarkairadan> ...
[02:05] <Makuta Tarkairadan> Sup, Tat
[02:05] <Skdhjf> nottin'
[02:05] <Skdhjf> much
[02:09] <CzechMate> I came home from school sick today
[02:09] <CzechMate> sadness
[02:10] <Makuta Tarkairadan> Hey, CP!
[02:10] <CzechMate> Hey
[02:10] <Makuta Tarkairadan> That sucks. :/ 
[02:10] <CzechMate> yep
[02:10] <CzechMate> I have a cold still
[02:10] <CzechMate> and I coughed up my milk in class
[02:11] <Makuta Tarkairadan> Uuugh.. :/ 
[02:11] <CzechMate> yeah
[02:12] <Skdhjf> .
[02:12] <CzechMate> yup
[02:13] <CzechMate> (hmm) 
[02:13] <Skdhjf> .
[02:14] <CzechMate> lol
[02:14] <CzechMate> But my cat is fluffy
[02:14] <CzechMate> =d
[02:16] <CzechMate> aww
[02:16] <CzechMate> me is alone
[02:21] <Agent Swipe> :/ 
[02:23] <Leland turbo> Hollo!
[02:23] <Leland turbo> Hello*
[02:24] <Leland turbo> (Megamind refrence)
[02:24] <Leland turbo> LOOOOOOOOOOL!
[02:24] <Leland turbo> lol
[02:24] <Leland turbo> lol
[02:24] <Leland turbo> lol
[02:24] <Leland turbo> lol
[02:24] <Leland turbo> lol
[02:24] <Leland turbo> SPAM!!!
[02:24] <Leland turbo> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
[02:24] <Leland turbo> :0
[02:24] <Leland turbo> :D 
[02:25] <Leland turbo> No mods are here!
[02:25] <Leland turbo> I'm safe!
[02:25] <Leland turbo> (witch)
[02:25] <Leland turbo> (batman) 
[02:25] <Leland turbo> (city)
[02:25] <Leland turbo> (star wars)
[02:25] <Agent Swipe> Sorry but I am a mod :P 
[02:26] <Leland turbo> But the star isn't next to your name?!?
[02:26] <Agent Swipe> I guess I am a secret one now ;P
[02:37] <CzechMate> Ohai
[02:38] <CzechMate> ...
[02:57] <1999bug> I'm a secret mod, too. =P
[03:06] <Melody Kuro> Hello!
[03:08] <CzechMate> 'I found out I have an old user
[03:13] <1999bug> Hmm
[03:13] <CzechMate> Lewa66
[03:13] <1999bug> CP, is the Zane Robot image real?
[03:13] <CzechMate> On Club Penguin Wiki
[03:13] <CzechMate> @Bug No idea
[03:14] <1999bug> Because Kingpinn posted it on the page...
[03:14] <1999bug> And people were saying it's fake.
[03:14] <CzechMate> oh
[03:14] <CzechMate> link?
[03:14] <1999bug> [[Zane]]
[03:14] <1999bug> Images and the notes.
[03:15] <1999bug> It looks photoshopped.
[03:16] <CzechMate> It looks like a joke
[03:16] <CzechMate> and fake
[03:16] <CzechMate> Do you mind if I log in as my old user?
[03:16] <1999bug> IDC
[03:17] <CzechMate> t
[03:17] <CzechMate> *gtg
[03:19] <1999bug> ...
[03:20] <1999bug> g2g too
[03:22] <Clone commander dominos> yeah
[03:49] <Clone commander dominos> (checks time)
[03:49] <Clone commander dominos> Cligra
[05:59] <CzechMate> Bot?
[05:59] <CzechMate> How is he going?
[06:13] <Lewa66> ...
[06:50] <Legosoldier10> heyy
[06:59] <Legosoldier10> hello CGC
[08:20] <RaceLord> you here CGCJ?
[08:20] <RaceLord> guess i missed him
[09:01] <Peach51> hello
[09:01] <Peach51> anybody here?
[11:40] <Drew1200> Hey :D 
[11:40] <Drew1200> :D 
[11:40] <Drew1200> That's weird :P 
[11:40] <Drew1200> LOL
[11:41] <Drew1200> Emoticons don't work 
[11:41] <SuperSpyX> hi
[11:41] <SuperSpyX> finally!
[11:41] <SuperSpyX> someone to chat with
[11:42] <SuperSpyX> :D 
[11:42] <SuperSpyX> ack!
[11:43] <SuperSpyX> you can't do your tongue-sticking-out-itis
[11:43] <SuperSpyX> :D 
[11:43] <SuperSpyX> -_-
[11:44] <SuperSpyX> (batman) 
[11:45] <Drew1200> CGCJ will really hate it now :P 
[11:47] <SuperSpyX> lol
[11:47] <SuperSpyX> :P 
[11:49] <Keo5> Oh yay! The doggie is here! :P 
[11:50] <SuperSpyX> emotes aren't working for some obscure reason 
[11:52] <SuperSpyX> ugh, I have to go to a chiropractor soon
[11:52] <SuperSpyX> my shoulder is acting up
[11:53] <Drew1200> Yeah
[11:53] <Drew1200> Me too
[11:53] <Drew1200> I haven't gone since we started hanging ceiling drywall :P 
[11:53] <Drew1200> Since before that
[11:54] <SuperSpyX> using a grinder for two hours doesn't help my shoulder
[11:54] <Drew1200> LOL
[11:54] <Drew1200> I should probably being doing stuff right now...
[11:54] <Drew1200> So I'm gonna' be AFK
[11:54] <Drew1200> Actually AFChat 
[11:54] <SuperSpyX> and setting myself, a box and a wood bench on fire with torch slag
[11:54] <SuperSpyX> :P 
[11:54] <Drew1200> Yeah
[11:55] <Drew1200> Not very helpful indeed
[11:55] <SuperSpyX> small fire
[11:55] <SuperSpyX> VERRY small
[11:55] <Drew1200> XD
[11:55] <SuperSpyX> no harm
[11:55] <SuperSpyX> except for a little vulcanized rubber
[11:55] <SuperSpyX> yuck
[11:57] <Drew1200> Yeah :| 
[11:57] <Drew1200> I've been burning siding, and pecks a lot lately
[11:58] <Drew1200> That stuff's horrible
[11:58] <SuperSpyX> :O 
[11:58] <SuperSpyX> what do you think of this "brickcraft" site?
[12:01] <SuperSpyX> drew?
[12:01] <SuperSpyX> are you AFK?
[12:02] <SuperSpyX> I will go now
[12:02] <SuperSpyX> SSX out
[12:03] <Jmg115> hi spy natta56 said i should talk to you
[12:12] <Jmg115> yello
[12:23] <Jmg115> You people are just rude
[12:33] <Drew1200> Hey
[12:33] <Jmg115> Wa sup oh and that was a joke that i said
[12:34] <Drew1200> OK :P 
[12:34] <Jmg115> Have you met Natta56
[12:34] <Drew1200> Nope
[12:35] <Jmg115> And what was that thing with ncookie you just typed
[12:35] <Drew1200> It's an emoticon
[12:35] <Drew1200> It's a glitch
[12:36] <Drew1200> It's a glitch that won't show emoticons 
[12:36] <Drew1200> It's supposed to show an emoticon
[12:36] <Drew1200> But a glitch won't let it
[12:36] <Jmg115> Could help me, Darth henry and Natta56 in Custom Ninjago Lost in time 
[12:37] <Drew1200> Uh
[12:37] <Drew1200> I might be able
[12:37] <Drew1200> to
[12:37] <Drew1200> I'm really busy, though :( 
[12:37] <Drew1200> What do you need done?
[12:38] <Jmg115> Well awesome ideas and pictures
[12:38] <Jmg115> go to your pm
[12:51] <Domino1205> Hi everyone
[12:51] <Domino1205> Hi Jmg115
[12:51] <Drew1200> Hey
[12:51] <Domino1205> hi
[12:52] <Jmg115> Hi wanna help with Ninjago Lost in time?
[12:52] <Domino1205> Lost in time?
[12:52] <Jmg115> A custom Ninjago Series
[12:53] <Domino1205> You have own NINJAGO Series?
[12:53] <Jmg115> Yeah lost in time its nothing like yours
[12:53] <Domino1205> Put the link!
[12:56] <Domino1205> ?
[12:56] <Domino1205> ?
[12:56] <Jmg115> Didn't make it yet I am trying to get the best people on brickipedia to help me
[12:56] <Domino1205> ?
[12:56] <Domino1205> oh
[12:56] <Domino1205> Sorry i have own custom NINJAGO theme.
[12:57] <Domino1205> gtg bye!
[01:08] <Jmg115> Lu have you talked at all yet?
[01:28] <LSCStealthNinja> Hello?
[01:39] <Awesomeknight1234> Here ye here ye!
[01:50] <Awesomeknight1234> ...
[01:55] <Awesomeknight1234> For the first time I wish Bots could talk.
[01:58] <Jmg115> Have you met Natta56
[01:59] <Jmg115> How do you make a bot
[02:01] <Jmg115> Knight i am not mad at you anymore
[02:01] <Awesomeknight1234> No.
[02:01] <Awesomeknight1234> Don't know.
[02:01] <Awesomeknight1234> What?
[02:02] <Awesomeknight1234> When were you mad at me?
[02:02] <Awesomeknight1234> (confused) 
[02:02] <Awesomeknight1234> :S 
[02:02] <Awesomeknight1234> :P 
[02:02] <Awesomeknight1234> The emoticons are failing!
[02:02] <Awesomeknight1234> :O 
[02:02] <Jmg115> Never really but before when i came into chat you would leave before
[02:03] <Jmg115> So ya wanna make minifigures i got good ideas
[02:04] <Awesomeknight1234> You can make Minifigures yourself.
[02:05] <Awesomeknight1234> If you didn't, they wouldn't be YOUR customs, it would be MY customs, and I don't want to make them.
[02:05] <Jmg115> Wanna help the imagination team in Custom ninjago lost in time
[02:05] <Awesomeknight1234> No... :/ 
[02:06] <Awesomeknight1234> I hate that the emoticons are failing! >:O
[02:19] <Awesomeknight1234> Jmg?
[02:21] <Jmg115> Yeah
[02:23] <Ankarus> ...
[02:23] <Ankarus> LUWikiBot is here too?
[02:23] <Ankarus> <span style="color:red;">Mythrun</span> is going too far...
[02:25] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[02:30] <Awesomeknight1234> :( 
[02:30] <Awesomeknight1234> Chat is dead.
[02:37] <Jmg115> Ankarus give me a link of a custom thing you made
[02:39] <Ankarus> ?
[02:40] <Awesomeknight1234> Not everyone makes customs, Jmg.
[02:40] <Drew1200> Hey
[02:40] <Ankarus> I havn't taken pics yet.
[02:40] <Jmg115> never mind you dont have anything i am looking for people with awesome customs
[02:40] <Ankarus> ...
[02:41] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[02:41] <Ankarus> Now I WON'T show you.
[02:41] <Jmg115> Drew hi hows the award coming
[02:42] <Awesomeknight1234> ...
[02:42] <Jmg115> Drew pm
[02:44] <Jmg115> Drew1200?
[02:44] <Awesomeknight1234> Warning 1: Don't spam.
[02:45] <Jmg115> what do you mean? I am fairly new?
[02:46] <Jmg115> the last ? wasn"t appropiate
[02:48] <Awesomeknight1234> Don't repeat things.
[02:48] <Awesomeknight1234> People can see if you say it once.
[02:49] <Awesomeknight1234> 2 more warnings, and you're kicked.
[02:50] <Awesomeknight1234> :O 
[02:50] <Awesomeknight1234> Why'd you leave?
[02:50] <Drew1200> Emoticons don't work
[02:50] <Awesomeknight1234> I know. : (
[02:52] <Drew1200> Hey
[02:52] <Jmg115> pm me
[02:56] <Awesomeknight1234> ...
[02:57] <Drew1200> Boy, wikia is really glitchy today
[03:01] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[03:05] <Drew1200> Hey
[03:06] <Drew1200> Bye
[03:12] <Awesomeknight1234> ...
[03:20] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hello
[03:22] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[03:22] <Awesomeknight1234> Emoticons are broken.
[03:22] <Awesomeknight1234> :( 
[03:23] <Clone gunner commander jedi> they work for me
[03:26] <Awesomeknight1234> :O 
[03:26] <Clone gunner commander jedi> the :( comes up for me
[03:26] <Clone gunner commander jedi> and so does :O 
[03:26] <TLOR FETT> Mourning
[03:26] <Clone gunner commander jedi> (Batman) 
[03:26] <Clone gunner commander jedi> its 15:27 here
[03:27] <TLOR FETT> Congratulations
[03:28] <Clone gunner commander jedi> for what?
[03:32] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hi Br1ck
[03:32] <Br1ck animat0r> hi
[03:33] <Awesomeknight1234> HI Br1ck.
[03:33] <Br1ck animat0r> Hello knight
[03:33] <TLOR FETT> Herro Br1ck
[03:33] <Awesomeknight1234> I have this whole week off! : )
[03:33] <Clone gunner commander jedi> lucky
[03:34] <Br1ck animat0r> I had last week off
[03:34] <Clone gunner commander jedi> we has last week off
[03:34] <Clone gunner commander jedi> had*
[03:34] <Awesomeknight1234> So how am I lucky?
[03:34] <Br1ck animat0r> I know :P 
[03:34] <Br1ck animat0r> what?
[03:34] <TLOR FETT> Oh were talking school not work
[03:34] <Br1ck animat0r> the heck?
[03:34] <Br1ck animat0r> :P 
[03:34] <Br1ck animat0r> L)
[03:34] <Awesomeknight1234> All of us had 1 week off a certain time in this month.
[03:34] <Br1ck animat0r> :) 
[03:35] <Br1ck animat0r> why is that like that?
[03:35] <Awesomeknight1234> Emoticons are broken.
[03:35] <Awesomeknight1234> Don't know.
[03:35] <Clone gunner commander jedi> what?
[03:35] <Awesomeknight1234> They're going to be fixed sooner or later,
[03:35] <Clone gunner commander jedi> emoticons show up for me
[03:35] <Br1ck animat0r> Yeah
[03:35] <Bob bricks> hello
[03:35] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[03:36] <TLOR FETT> Br1ck make sure you lemme know when you get your package
[03:36] <Br1ck animat0r> I will
[03:37] <Br1ck animat0r> And I wanted to ask, did you add the arms and legs (without the decals) because I don't have any pink arms and legs 
[03:38] <Awesomeknight1234> They never made any Minifigure with pink arms and legs. O_O
[03:38] <Awesomeknight1234> Well...
[03:38] <TLOR FETT> Yes I did, you will be receiving one full Pink Minifigure
[03:38] <Awesomeknight1234> They did make pink arms.
[03:38] <LEGOMAN2134> ?
[03:39] <Bob bricks> the girl storm trooper
[03:39] <LEGOMAN2134> oh
[03:39] <LEGOMAN2134> lol
[03:39] <Br1ck animat0r> What?
[03:39] <LEGOMAN2134> nice 1
[03:40] <Awesomeknight1234>
[03:40] <Awesomeknight1234> Funny video.
[03:40] <Bob bricks> and in...
[03:40] <TLOR FETT> Their is LEGO pink Torso, Arms, and Legs in official pieces. My first pink mandalorian consists of those
[03:41] <Awesomeknight1234> Pink legs?
[03:41] <Awesomeknight1234> There are official pink torsos and arms.
[03:41] <Awesomeknight1234> But legs?
[03:41] <Awesomeknight1234> Oh yeah!
[03:41] <Awesomeknight1234> But the only ones are printed.
[03:41] <Bob bricks> and [[Intergalactic Girl]]
[03:42] <Clone gunner commander jedi>
[03:42] <TLOR FETT> Yea so you remove Printing, pink legs came before Intergalactic girl
[03:42] <TLOR FETT> ahhhh lemme calrify DARK PINK not BRIGHT PINK
[03:43] <Awesomeknight1234> Oh.
[03:43] <Br1ck animat0r> couldn't you leave the printing, it looks quite good
[03:44] <Br1ck animat0r> doesn't matter though
[03:44] <TLOR FETT> It did not look good for my mandalorian it was the straps and buckles
[03:44] <Br1ck animat0r> oh ok :) 
[03:45] <TLOR FETT> I decaled flight straps and knee pads onto the Official Dark Pink lego, its the complete Pink Mando on my flickr/MOC Pages
[03:45] <Br1ck animat0r> I saw it it was very good 
[03:45] <TLOR FETT> TY
[03:46] <Br1ck animat0r> Your welcome
[03:46] <Clone gunner commander jedi> link to the photo?
[03:49] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hi Ajr
[03:49] <Ajraddatz> hey
[03:49] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[03:49] <Awesomeknight1234> BrickCraft won't be as popular as us, hopefully.
[03:49] <Ajraddatz> I doubt it
[03:49] <Clone gunner commander jedi> what?
[03:50] <Awesomeknight1234> BrickCraft is trying to copy us.
[03:50] <Clone gunner commander jedi> whats brickcraf?t some lego minecraft thing?
[03:50] <Awesomeknight1234> No.
[03:50] <Awesomeknight1234> A LEGO wiki that's starting out.
[03:50] <Ajraddatz> don't worry, we can get Wikia to sue them if they copy our actual content without permission
[03:50] <Awesomeknight1234> It should fail!
[03:51] <TLOR FETT> Here is link to Pink Mandalorian V1
[03:51] <Awesomeknight1234> BrickCraft is so stupid, that they don't know who the Green Ninja is.
[03:51] <Br1ck animat0r> ok
[03:51] <Clone gunner commander jedi> really?
[03:51] <Clone gunner commander jedi> nice pink mando
[03:51] <Awesomeknight1234> Yep.
[03:52] <Awesomeknight1234> They're that stupid.
[03:52] <Br1ck animat0r> I think the less stickers the better, I like simpler designes
[03:52] <Awesomeknight1234> Great Mandalorians.
[03:53] <Awesomeknight1234> Mandalorians were always my favorite Star Wars faction...
[03:54] <Br1ck animat0r> Same, their culture is so complex
[03:54] <Br1ck animat0r> and interesting
[03:55] <Awesomeknight1234> And they have epic armor.
[03:56] <Br1ck animat0r> I like trandosian armour/architecture and wookiee weaponry aswell
[03:57] <Awesomeknight1234> Jango Fett is my favorite Mandalorian.
[03:57] <Br1ck animat0r> Jaster is mine
[03:58] <Br1ck animat0r>
[03:59] <TLOR FETT> Thank you guys for the props
[03:59] <Br1ck animat0r> props?
[03:59] <TLOR FETT> be sure to check out all my stuff, i pride myself in impressing others. I currently held back on making stuff due to working
[04:00] <TLOR FETT> Props = Ups = Kudos = Saying they are good etc
[04:00] <Br1ck animat0r> Oh, I really like your minifigures, you have a knack for working with decals.
[04:01] <Awesomeknight1234> There's a custom Brickipedia theme I can make sets for! : D
[04:01] <Awesomeknight1234> [[Custom:Brickipedia]]
[04:01] <Br1ck animat0r> Yeah, you din't know?
[04:01] <Awesomeknight1234> I've got a set idea!
[04:01] <Awesomeknight1234> "Awesomekngiht1234's Castle of Blog."
[04:02] <Br1ck animat0r> [[Custom:Darth henry]] I didn't get gredit for this!
[04:02] <Awesomeknight1234> There will be this area where you can enter one of my contests.
[04:02] <Awesomeknight1234> What users should I include?
[04:03] <Br1ck animat0r> Moi
[04:03] <Clone gunner commander jedi> me]
[04:03] <Awesomeknight1234> There's no Anakin hair or lab coat in LDD.
[04:03] <Br1ck animat0r> I thought there was anakin hair
[04:03] <Awesomeknight1234> No Clone Wars printing in LDD.
[04:03] <Awesomeknight1234> Nope.
[04:03] <Awesomeknight1234> : (
[04:03] <Awesomeknight1234> Well...
[04:03] <Br1ck animat0r> Oh...
[04:03] <Awesomeknight1234> It will look bad in the picture.
[04:04] <Br1ck animat0r> ok
[04:04] <Awesomeknight1234> But I can put the actual Minifigures in the area where it lists them.
[04:04] <Drew1200> Wikia is SO glitchy today
[04:04] <Drew1200> Look at my blog!
[04:04] <Drew1200> I G2G
[04:04] <Clone gunner commander jedi> bvye
[04:04] <Clone gunner commander jedi> bye
[04:04] <Drew1200> [[User blog:Drew1200/What Happened to Brickipedia%21%253F|User blog:Drew1200/What Happened to Brickipedia!?]]
[04:05] <Awesomeknight1234> Any ideas for my Castle of Blog?
[04:05] <Br1ck animat0r> [[Custom:Darth henry]] He used my picture
[04:05] <Awesomeknight1234> He used your prototype picture.
[04:06] <Br1ck animat0r> Yeah and didn't give credit
[04:06] <Clone gunner commander jedi> i put your name on that
[04:06] <Awesomeknight1234> You should put the finished BP picture of him in?
[04:06] <Br1ck animat0r> Yeah
[04:07] <Br1ck animat0r> thanks clone
[04:07] <Awesomeknight1234> What else should I do in my Castle of Blog, other than the contest area?
[04:07] <Awesomeknight1234> Should I make a comment area?
[04:07] <Br1ck animat0r> You could do an archive with books for years
[04:08] <Awesomeknight1234> Great idea!
[04:08] <Awesomeknight1234> And a keep saying "New Blog"!
[04:08] <Awesomeknight1234> *with a sign saying
[04:08] <Br1ck animat0r> A dungeon with banned users in
[04:09] <Awesomeknight1234> : P
[04:09] <Br1ck animat0r> cannons that fire red links, or am I getting a bit far fetched?
[04:09] <Br1ck animat0r> : P
[04:09] <Awesomeknight1234> Far fetched.
[04:10] <Awesomeknight1234> A winners area with a chest!
[04:10] <Clone gunner commander jedi> bit far fetched
[04:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> test
[04:12] <Br1ck animat0r> what's wrong
[04:13] <Awesomeknight1234> Red link cannon, nah.
[04:13] <Awesomeknight1234> No one ever puts them on the comments of my blogs.
[04:14] <Br1ck animat0r> ok
[04:14] <Clone gunner commander jedi> ok
[04:14] <Super Scribblenaut> Hey
[04:15] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hi SS
[04:16] <Br1ck animat0r> hi
[04:16] <Super Scribblenaut> What goes on?
[04:16] <Clone gunner commander jedi> nothing much
[04:16] <Br1ck animat0r> nope
[04:17] <Awesomeknight1234> Want to see the castle so far?
[04:17] <Super Scribblenaut> Okay
[04:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> yes
[04:17] <Br1ck animat0r> sure
[04:18] <Super Scribblenaut> Which would you rather get, the new Anakin's Jedi Interceptor, or the new Lego Star Wars Hoth Game
[04:18] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hoth game
[04:18] <Clone gunner commander jedi> it has great microfigs
[04:18] <Awesomeknight1234> Interceptor.
[04:19] <Awesomeknight1234> [[:fileLDDScreenShot35.png]]
[04:19] <Br1ck animat0r> already have interceptor it not brilliant
[04:19] <Super Scribblenaut> I think it looks pretty awesome
[04:19] <Awesomeknight1234> Like my castle so far?
[04:20] <Awesomeknight1234> It's the keep's gate.
[04:20] <Br1ck animat0r> link did not work : /
[04:20] <Awesomeknight1234> Just look at the new files.
[04:20] <Br1ck animat0r> ok
[04:20] <Super Scribblenaut> Didn't work
[04:20] <Super Scribblenaut> So which shall I get :P 
[04:21] <Super Scribblenaut> WTF???
[04:21] <Clone gunner commander jedi> what?
[04:21] <Super Scribblenaut> That link
[04:21] <Awesomeknight1234> It's mostly made of roof tiles right now.
[04:21] <Super Scribblenaut> From me
[04:21] <Awesomeknight1234> Did I do a good use of Ninjago bricks?
[04:22] <Super Scribblenaut> I am really liking the new homepage
[04:22] <Br1ck animat0r> still trying to find it
[04:22] <Clone gunner commander jedi> what ninjago bricks?
[04:22] <Clone gunner commander jedi>
[04:22] <Br1ck animat0r> OK, I see it
[04:22] <Br1ck animat0r> you use my torch design :3
[04:22] <Super Scribblenaut> Cool
[04:23] <Dino2012> SS!
[04:23] <Dino2012> I got the full version of Minecraft
[04:23] <Super Scribblenaut> :D 
[04:23] <Super Scribblenaut> Why!!
[04:24] <Super Scribblenaut> Not you dino
[04:24] <Super Scribblenaut> Something wrong with emotes
[04:24] <Super Scribblenaut> (batman) 
[04:24] <Br1ck animat0r> All the links and html formats are down
[04:24] <Clone gunner commander jedi> what?
[04:24] <Super Scribblenaut> Oh right
[04:24] <Br1ck animat0r> don't use the emoticons for a few days, ok?
[04:24] <Clone gunner commander jedi> the emoticons work for me
[04:25] <Clone gunner commander jedi> i can print screen for proof
[04:25] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm using the Gringot column piece. : 3
[04:25] <Awesomeknight1234> :3
[04:25] <Br1ck animat0r> yay
[04:26] <Super Scribblenaut> I can control my computer from my iPod
[04:26] <Br1ck animat0r> you don't need to printscreen
[04:26] <Super Scribblenaut> : D
[04:26] <Dino2012> SS how do you make a server?
[04:27] <Dino2012> well i gtg
[04:27] <Super Scribblenaut> Complicated
[04:27] <Awesomeknight1234> Bye.
[04:27] <Super Scribblenaut> Cya
[04:30] <Clone gunner commander jedi> bye
[04:31] <Br1ck animat0r> you going, clone?
[04:32] <Clone gunner commander jedi> no
[04:32] <Clone gunner commander jedi> everyone else said bye
[04:32] <Br1ck animat0r> oh
[04:32] <Br1ck animat0r> ok
[04:35] <Awesomeknight1234> My castle is looking better!
[04:36] <Br1ck animat0r> I'll keep checking recent pictures if you update it
[04:37] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm not going to update until my keep is done.
[04:38] <Br1ck animat0r> OK : )
[04:39] <Awesomeknight1234> I just need to make the top floor now!
[04:41] <Jmg115> Clone Natta56 has been talking to you alot
[04:41] <Br1ck animat0r> who?
[04:41] <Br1ck animat0r> who?
[04:41] <Jmg115> Natta56
[04:42] <Jmg115> [[User: Natta56]]
[04:42] <Br1ck animat0r> he hasn't been on today, I don't think
[04:42] <Jmg115> whats with this bot <span style="color:red;">mythrun</span> has gone to far
[04:43] <Jmg115> Clone do you know natta
[04:43] <Clone gunner commander jedi> no
[04:43] <Clone gunner commander jedi> never heard of them
[04:46] <Awesomeknight1234> I think I'm building better than I ever had before.
[04:46] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[04:47] <Br1ck animat0r> you've got all my building techniques as well as your old ones :3
[04:48] <Awesomeknight1234> My old ones weren't as good as I'm doing now though.
[04:49] <Awesomeknight1234> I still can't find a baseplate with the right size for the top floor! >:O
[04:50] <Awesomeknight1234> Should I upload the finished bottom floor?
[04:50] <Br1ck animat0r> you use baseplates? I use 6x6 plates
[04:50] <Br1ck animat0r> then use as many as I need
[04:50] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm not using huge base plates.
[04:50] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm using normal plates.
[04:51] <Prisinorzero> Ow I missed Nattas friend :( 
[04:51] <Br1ck animat0r> baseplates as in flat bottoms or regular plates?
[04:51] <Awesomeknight1234> But I call them baseplates cause they're bigger than the normal ones.
[04:51] <Prisinorzero> WHAAA
[04:51] <Awesomeknight1234> Regular plates.
[04:51] <Prisinorzero> OK emoticons no longer work.
[04:51] <Br1ck animat0r> yeah
[04:51] <Clone gunner commander jedi> :) they work fine Zero
[04:51] <Br1ck animat0r> all HTML is broke
[04:51] <Prisinorzero> That's a good sign.
[04:52] <Prisinorzero> No clone they don't :p 
[04:52] <Prisinorzero> Oh right, sorry.,
[04:52] <Clone gunner commander jedi> it comes up for me
[04:52] <Br1ck animat0r> what's a good sign?
[04:52] <Prisinorzero> It was sarcasm.
[04:52] <Awesomeknight1234> For some reason, my castle looks a bit like the Castle of Morcia right now. O_o
[04:52] <Awesomeknight1234> I uploaded the finished bottom floor!
[04:53] <Br1ck animat0r> Oh, I didn't understand the context due to my current inactivity
[04:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> nice
[04:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi>
[04:53] <Prisinorzero> Well the home page is good.
[04:54] <Br1ck animat0r> loving the scroll
[04:54] <Prisinorzero> OK so nothing works now on chat.
[04:54] <Awesomeknight1234> Thanks.
[04:54] <Awesomeknight1234> That's going to be the sign that says "New Blog!"
[04:55] <Br1ck animat0r> you should really start naming your screenshots, it says that your last two pics were featured in one of power jims bionicle blogs
[04:55] <Awesomeknight1234> Ninjago is epic, if it hadn't been for it, my castle wouldn't of had those brick pieces.
[04:55] <Awesomeknight1234> O_o
[04:55] <Br1ck animat0r> it's not really fair to delete others pictures
[04:56] <Br1ck animat0r> imagine if it happened to you
[04:57] <Awesomeknight1234> Yeah...
[04:58] <Br1ck animat0r> so will you start naming your pictures?
[04:58] <Awesomeknight1234> Yeah.
[04:58] <Awesomeknight1234> I already did.
[04:58] <Awesomeknight1234> I was just lazy to rename them right now.
[04:58] <Awesomeknight1234> *too lazy
[04:59] <Br1ck animat0r> ok, promise me you'l start doing it in the future
[04:59] <Awesomeknight1234> Yeah...
[04:59] <Awesomeknight1234> Did you like my use of Greek/Roman columns?
[04:59] <Br1ck animat0r> loved it
[05:01] <Awesomeknight1234> Yeah, it's fun using new pieces.
[05:01] <Br1ck animat0r> Me too
[05:01] <Br1ck animat0r> I like using update bricks
[05:02] <Awesomeknight1234> It's fun.
[05:02] <Br1ck animat0r> [[User blog:Power Jim/Hero Factory/Bionicle themed heroes 2nd and_final|User blog:Power Jim/Hero Factory/Bionicle themed heroes 2nd and final]]!
[05:02] <Br1ck animat0r> that phailed
[05:02] <Br1ck animat0r> sorry
[05:02] <Awesomeknight1234> My keep?
[05:03] <Br1ck animat0r> yeah
[05:03] <Awesomeknight1234> :O 
[05:03] <Awesomeknight1234> : O
[05:04] <Br1ck animat0r> that's why you should name pics
[05:04] <Awesomeknight1234> Oh, I thought you meant the model, not the area it's at.
[05:05] <Br1ck animat0r> no, the model's fantastic
[05:05] <Awesomeknight1234> I reverted the picture.
[05:05] <Awesomeknight1234> Because it's not finished.
[05:05] <Awesomeknight1234> It won't be in a page yet.
[05:05] <Br1ck animat0r> ok
[05:07] <Awesomeknight1234> Got the plate size!
[05:07] <Awesomeknight1234> (Nice 9th Doctor reference.)
[05:08] <Clone gunner commander jedi> what reference?
[05:08] <Clone gunner commander jedi> i see no reference
[05:08] <Awesomeknight1234> Br1ck said "No, the model is fantastic."
[05:08] <Awesomeknight1234> Guess which word is the reference.
[05:08] <Br1ck animat0r> wha?
[05:09] <Clone gunner commander jedi> not a reference]
[05:09] <Clone gunner commander jedi> the 9th doctor never said that
[05:09] <Awesomeknight1234> The 9th Doctor says fantastic. -_-
[05:09] <Br1ck animat0r> does he?
[05:09] <Awesomeknight1234> Yes.
[05:09] <Clone gunner commander jedi> yes
[05:09] <Prisinorzero> Yes.
[05:09] <Clone gunner commander jedi> but that still isnt a reference
[05:09] <Awesomeknight1234> It's sort of one.
[05:09] <Br1ck animat0r> it wasnt meant to be?
[05:10] <Clone gunner commander jedi> IT ISNT A REFERENCE AT ALL
[05:10] <Awesomeknight1234> I have a good window idea for the castle!
[05:11] <Clone gunner commander jedi> god i know more about Doctor Who than you 
[05:11] <Awesomeknight1234> Warning 1: Don't personally attack.
[05:11] <Clone gunner commander jedi> who?
[05:11] <Awesomeknight1234> You.
[05:11] <Clone gunner commander jedi> ?
[05:11] <Clone gunner commander jedi> who did i personally attack
[05:11] <Br1ck animat0r> It wasn't an attack on anyone, it was clearly a missunderstanding now can we cool it?
[05:11] <Awesomeknight1234> Sure.
[05:12] <Br1ck animat0r> good
[05:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> so no warning
[05:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> ok?
[05:13] <Awesomeknight1234> Oky.
[05:13] <Awesomeknight1234> *Okay.
[05:14] <Awesomeknight1234> What should I put on the top floor?
[05:15] <Awesomeknight1234> I put some nice windows on the wall.
[05:18] <Br1ck animat0r> did clone leave?
[05:18] <BusyCityGuy> Guys are you having the glitch?
[05:19] <Clone gunner commander jedi> no
[05:19] <BusyCityGuy> Hmm
[05:19] <BusyCityGuy> <font color=blue>We've been waiting for you, BusyCityGuy!<br><br> <small>Remember to obey the <a href="Lego Message Boards Wiki:Chat Rules">Chat Rules</a>!</small></font> 
[05:19] <BusyCityGuy> 11:18
[05:19] <BusyCityGuy> Man.city1
[05:19] <BusyCityGuy> BCG : P
[05:19] <BusyCityGuy> 11:19
[05:19] <BusyCityGuy> BusyCityGuy
[05:19] <BusyCityGuy> <img src="" width='19' height='19' alt=":)" title=":)"/>
[05:19] <BusyCityGuy> oops
[05:19] <BusyCityGuy> It's showing all the code and links in our chat
[05:19] <Clone gunner commander jedi> BCG please dont spam
[05:20] <BusyCityGuy> I'm sorry I was just giving you an example of the glitch.
[05:20] <BusyCityGuy> But I'll avoid it. :) 
[05:20] <Prisinorzero> Yes we are.
[05:20] <BusyCityGuy> see? There it goes again.
[05:20] <Clone gunner commander jedi> stop it
[05:20] <BusyCityGuy> I'm sorry!
[05:20] <BusyCityGuy> I just did a happy smiley!
[05:20] <Clone gunner commander jedi> no you spammed
[05:20] <BusyCityGuy> Try it
[05:20] <BusyCityGuy> Do the happy face
[05:20] <BusyCityGuy> : )
[05:20] <BusyCityGuy> like that.
[05:21] <BusyCityGuy> Please try it?
[05:21] <Br1ck animat0r> my internet went walkies
[05:21] <BusyCityGuy> Hmm
[05:21] <BusyCityGuy> Okay CGCJ I'm just typing : ) with now spaces:
[05:21] <BusyCityGuy> :) 
[05:21] <BusyCityGuy> It's showing the link for the smiley.
[05:22] <Prisinorzero> Clone it's not spam :P 
[05:23] <Prisinorzero> If I do it it's a glitch.
[05:23] <Clone gunner commander jedi> please stop spamming
[05:23] <BusyCityGuy> So you see, I wasn't trying to spam.
[05:23] <BusyCityGuy> Try it!
[05:23] <Prisinorzero> But if someone you don't like does it, it's spamming.
[05:23] <BusyCityGuy> CGCJ I will avoid emoticons since they do that, but I honestly wasn't trying to.
[05:27] <Br1ck animat0r> my internet is awefull
[05:27] <Clone gunner commander jedi> ok
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> BusyCityGuy
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> CGCJ I will avoid emoticons since they do that, but I honestly wasn't trying to.
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate so that everyone can have a fun time! 
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi has left the chat. 
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate so that everyone can have a fun time! 
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi has left the chat. 
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate so that everyone can have a fun time! 
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi has left the chat. 
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate so that everyone can have a fun time! 
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi has left the chat. 
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate so that everyone can have a fun time! 
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Br1ck animat0r has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate so that everyone can have a fun time! 
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi has left the chat. 
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> 11:27
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Br1ck animat0r
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> my internet is awefull
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi has joined the chat, welcome! Please remember to be appropriate so that everyone can have a fun time! 
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> 11:27
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> ok
[05:28] <BusyCityGuy> Clone gunner commander jedi has left the chat. 
[05:29] <BusyCityGuy> Please stop coming and leaving....
[05:29] <BusyCityGuy> Unless you have to.
[05:29] <Br1ck animat0r> That's spam!
[05:29] <Clone gunner commander jedi> please dont spam
[05:29] <Clone gunner commander jedi> and its a glitch
[05:29] <BusyCityGuy> (That's not spam, is it? : S )
[05:29] <BusyCityGuy> Okay, I understand.
[05:29] <Br1ck animat0r> BCG, stop spamming and don't ask that question, it's supid if you don't know
[05:31] <Awesomeknight1234> How many times did he spam?
[05:31] <Awesomeknight1234> I was working on my castle.
[05:31] <Clone gunner commander jedi> loads
[05:31] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hi Ajr
[05:31] <Br1ck animat0r> he spammed the link for : ) and he sent copy pasted logs into chat
[05:32] <Awesomeknight1234> How many times?
[05:32] <BusyCityGuy> I'm sorry... : (
[05:32] <Awesomeknight1234> Enough to be kicked?
[05:32] <BusyCityGuy> 3 times total I guess...
[05:32] <BusyCityGuy> Oh come on! : (
[05:32] <Br1ck animat0r> yeah there abouts
[05:32] <Awesomeknight1234> That's the amount for me to kick you.
[05:32] <BusyCityGuy> ; (
[05:32] <BusyCityGuy> I wasn't trying to...
[05:32] <Awesomeknight1234> Bye.
[05:32] <Clone gunner commander jedi> its your own fault
[05:32] <Awesomeknight1234>
[05:32] <Awesomeknight1234> I finished the keep.
[05:32] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hi Bob
[05:32] <Br1ck animat0r> fantastic
[05:33] <Ajraddatz> ... what
[05:33] <Clone gunner commander jedi> nice
[05:33] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi Bob.
[05:33] <Awesomeknight1234> Like my window design?
[05:33] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[05:34] <Man.city1> Hey mates
[05:34] <Man.city1> Remember me?
[05:34] <Awesomeknight1234> Yes.
[05:34] <Br1ck animat0r> *sigh*
[05:34] <Man.city1> Good 
[05:34] <Man.city1> Seems like BCG was here
[05:34] <Man.city1> What did he do wrong this time?
[05:34] <Br1ck animat0r> spam
[05:34] <Awesomeknight1234> Spam.
[05:34] <Prisinorzero> He shouldn't of been kicked Knight.
[05:34] <Br1ck animat0r> green eggs and spam
[05:34] <Man.city1> What did he do?
[05:34] <Br1ck animat0r> spam
[05:34] <Awesomeknight1234> Spam.
[05:34] <Prisinorzero> Nothing.
[05:35] <Awesomeknight1234> We already told you.
[05:35] <Ajraddatz> he linked to something three times
[05:35] <Ajraddatz> then was banned after he had already stopped
[05:35] <Ajraddatz> so I've removed the ban
[05:35] <Prisinorzero> But as the emoticons don't work and just show the code.
[05:35] <Prisinorzero> :P 
[05:35] <Ajraddatz> :) 
[05:35] <Man.city1> So he unbanned?
[05:35] <Clone gunner commander jedi> no
[05:35] <Prisinorzero> Which they classed as spam, so he got banned.
[05:35] <Br1ck animat0r> (hmm) 
[05:35] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hi CJC
[05:36] <CJC95> Stupid internet/stupid chat. :P 
[05:36] <CJC95> Has someone broke emoticons?
[05:36] <Ajraddatz> Wikia did.
[05:36] <Br1ck animat0r> jah
[05:36] <Prisinorzero> Sorry I dropped them earlier. 
[05:36] <Prisinorzero> Also all the links.
[05:37] <CJC95> Anyway, it caused both firefox and chrome to freeze due to it causing a plugin to stop working
[05:37] <Ajraddatz> well, at least Wikia fixed part of chat (the kickbanning part)
[05:37] <Ajraddatz> now everything else is broken :/ 
[05:37] <Prisinorzero> Ajr check here for full logs of whats happened with MCG. [[User:Prisinorzero/Chat log 22/02/2012%234:41 GMT|User:Prisinorzero/Chat log 22/02/2012#4:41 GMT]]
[05:37] <Prisinorzero> Oh he's back.
[05:37] <Prisinorzero> Good.
[05:38] <BusyCityGuy> ajr Um...there is one thing
[05:38] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[05:38] <Clone gunner commander jedi> why!?!
[05:38] <Man.city1> YES
[05:38] <BusyCityGuy> I had spammed more recently than you thought
[05:38] <Man.city1> THank me later BCG
[05:38] <BusyCityGuy> I posted the "CGCJ left. CGCJ came." to show him what was happening
[05:38] <Ajraddatz> that wasn't disruptive spam
[05:38] <BusyCityGuy> Well, that's what I thought
[05:38] <Ajraddatz> his constant join/quit spam is more disruptive than that
[05:38] <BusyCityGuy> lol
[05:39] <BusyCityGuy> It's not his fault though
[05:39] <Clone gunner commander jedi> its not spam its a glitch
[05:39] <Ajraddatz> I know
[05:39] <Prisinorzero> So this :O 
[05:39] <Prisinorzero> But you classed it as spam.
[05:39] <BusyCityGuy> But thank you anyway.
[05:39] <Prisinorzero> And he got kicked for it.
[05:39] <Br1ck animat0r> I gotta go soon
[05:39] <Clone gunner commander jedi> ok
[05:40] <Br1ck animat0r> now
[05:40] <Br1ck animat0r> bye
[05:40] <BusyCityGuy> Cya
[05:40] <Ajraddatz> bye
[05:40] <Br1ck animat0r> speak 2 y'all soon
[05:40] <BusyCityGuy> Do you want me to explain my "spamming"? Because I didn't see it as spam...
[05:40] <BusyCityGuy> I don't want a spamming history here.
[05:40] <BusyCityGuy> So if I can I want to clear it.
[05:40] <Ajraddatz> No, that's fine, just try not to repeat stuff too many times or people get mad. :P 
[05:41] <BusyCityGuy> I didn't repeat anything though
[05:41] <BusyCityGuy> : ;/
[05:41] <Ajraddatz> the emoticon stuff and then the large copy/paste of his joining and quitting
[05:41] <BusyCityGuy> Oh. I see..
[05:42] <Ajraddatz> as I said though, don't worry about it
[05:42] <BusyCityGuy> I was seeing if they had the same glitch as us back at the LMB wiki to know if I should try and fix it, or if it was WIkia's glitch.
[05:42] <BusyCityGuy> Okay then...I won't.
[05:42] <Prisinorzero> And people here get annoyed very easily here, especially if they dislike you : P 
[05:42] <BusyCityGuy> Well, to my knowledge, nobody dislikes me. : )
[05:42] <BusyCityGuy> And I have a mutual feeling with everyone. ; )
[05:42] <Man.city1> *Cough*
[05:42] <BusyCityGuy> Very funny : P
[05:43] <Man.city1> : P
[05:43] <Prisinorzero> People here dislike anything different, which includes all new people. 
[05:43] <BusyCityGuy> I'm not new...
[05:43] <BusyCityGuy> I was even considered being a chat mod here. Just last month.
[05:43] <Prisinorzero> So you don't have to do anything but your instantly disliked.
[05:43] <BusyCityGuy> But it was decided no since I don't edit enough here.
[05:45] <Awesomeknight1234> Hmm...
[05:45] <BusyCityGuy> Is that "I'm not so sure about that..." or just "Hmm..."
[05:46] <Awesomeknight1234> Just "Hmm..."
[05:46] <BusyCityGuy> Okay. : )
[05:46] <Prisinorzero> : P
[05:46] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm thinking of what Minifigures I should put in my custom Brickipedia set "Awesomeknight1234's Castle of Blog."
[05:46] <BusyCityGuy> Oh. I see... : P
[05:47] <Prisinorzero> Knight versions of us.
[05:47] <Awesomeknight1234> : P
[05:48] <Awesomeknight1234> Well, if you want to be in my set, describe your knight version of your character.
[05:48] <Prisinorzero> I much prefer the emoticons being down as they mess up the chat logs : ) 
[05:48] <Awesomeknight1234> XD
[05:51] <Man.city1> Deadness : P
[05:51] <Clone gunner commander jedi> test
[05:59] <Brick bobby> Hello
[05:59] <BusyCityGuy> Hi. : )
[05:59] <Brick bobby> :) 
[06:01] <Prisinorzero> My amazing graph.
[06:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> lol
[06:32] <Clone gunner commander jedi> brb
[06:55] <BusyCityGuy> Preeeeettyy boring here : P
[06:55] <BusyCityGuy> Cya guys, I'm outta here.
[06:55] <Agent Swipe> Yep : P
[06:59] <Clone gunner commander jedi> back
[07:02] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hello
[07:03] <Prisinorzero> Back.
[07:07] <Clone gunner commander jedi> ok
[07:17] <Br1ck animat0r> hi
[07:18] <Мастер-джедай> Hi
[07:18] <Br1ck animat0r> Zero, this is your area of expertise
[07:19] <Br1ck animat0r> Speak much russian?
[07:19] <Prisinorzero> привет.
[07:19] <Br1ck animat0r> Jedi Master, that's a good name
[07:20] <Br1ck animat0r> Новое здесь?
[07:21] <Мастер-джедай> Я плохо знаю Английски 
[07:21] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hi Br1ck
[07:21] <Prisinorzero> Your bad a English.
[07:22] <Br1ck animat0r> Bad a english?
[07:22] <Br1ck animat0r> Hi clone
[07:23] <Prisinorzero> Я изучение русский язык.
[07:23] <Prisinorzero> *at.
[07:25] <Prisinorzero> Ow :( 
[07:25] <Br1ck animat0r> I know little russian, what I don't understand, I google translate, forgive me
[07:25] <Prisinorzero> You know none :P 
[07:25] <Prisinorzero> As you can't read it.
[07:29] <Prisinorzero> как дела?
[07:29] <Clone gunner commander jedi> no
[07:29] <Br1ck animat0r> nope
[07:29] <Br1ck animat0r> :P 
[07:30] <Мастер-джедай> Prisinorzero, хорошо
[07:30] <Clone gunner commander jedi> oh its how are you not are you there
[07:31] <Prisinorzero> хорошо, хорошо.
[07:32] <Br1ck animat0r> what's good?
[07:33] <Prisinorzero> где вы живете?
[07:34] <Br1ck animat0r> You know that don't you?
[07:35] <Prisinorzero> что?
[07:35] <Prisinorzero> Love that word.
[07:35] <Br1ck animat0r> Ok
[07:35] <Prisinorzero> Pronounced Shto. 
[07:36] <Br1ck animat0r> : D
[07:36] <Br1ck animat0r> The russian left though
[07:36] <Clone gunner commander jedi> did they?
[07:36] <Clone gunner commander jedi> it still says there here
[07:36] <Br1ck animat0r> no, he left
[07:37] <Prisinorzero> They?
[07:37] <Br1ck animat0r> there was only one
[07:38] <Prisinorzero> And he could be Belarussian.
[07:38] <Br1ck animat0r> Huh?
[07:38] <Prisinorzero> And br1ck I meant if he was from Saint Petersburg or Moscow or somewhere else.
[07:38] <Br1ck animat0r> oh
[07:38] <Br1ck animat0r> ok then
[07:48] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hi SS
[07:48] <Super Scribblenaut> Hey
[07:48] <Super Scribblenaut> Trying to download a PDF Reader
[07:49] <Super Scribblenaut> : P
[07:50] <Super Scribblenaut> Anyone know any good PDF Readers?
[07:50] <Clone gunner commander jedi> yes
[07:50] <Super Scribblenaut> What?
[07:50] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Adobe Reader
[07:50] <Super Scribblenaut> Urgh
[07:50] <Clone gunner commander jedi> i use that to read lego PDF instructions
[07:51] <Super Scribblenaut> What else do I need to install a PDF Reader
[07:51] <Super Scribblenaut> And do they work on Chrome?
[07:52] <Prisinorzero> Yes they do.
[07:53] <Super Scribblenaut> Okay, I have brought down my Security Settings
[07:53] <Super Scribblenaut> Now lets download!
[07:53] <Super Scribblenaut> Please, please, please work
[07:53] <Super Scribblenaut> Hasn't worked in the past
[07:54] <Super Scribblenaut> Kept stopping at like 60%
[07:54] <Super Scribblenaut> So slow
[07:54] <Super Scribblenaut> Stopped
[07:57] <Super Scribblenaut> Haza!
[07:57] <Super Scribblenaut> Woooooot!
[07:58] <Super Scribblenaut> Wait, I still haven't decided which set to get
[07:59] <Super Scribblenaut> Anakin's Jedi Interceptor or the new Lego Star Wars Hoth Game
[08:04] <Dino2012> Im here! :D 
[08:04] <Super Scribblenaut> Try not to use emotes
[08:04] <Dino2012> oh there broken
[08:04] <Dino2012> SS how do you make a minecraft server?
[08:05] <Super Scribblenaut> Complicated
[08:05] <Dino2012> We could make a one for brickipedia users : D
[08:05] <Super Scribblenaut> You might want to Google it
[08:05] <Dino2012> ok brb
[08:06] <Super Scribblenaut> It may cost for a large server
[08:06] <Super Scribblenaut> And by large I mean like 100+
[08:11] <Dino2012> Well it would be like the two of us
[08:11] <Super Scribblenaut> Then that would be okay
[08:12] <Makuta Tarkairadan> Hey, CGCJ
[08:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hi MT
[08:14] <Dino2012> Hmmm or do you know a really small server?
[08:15] <Dino2012> with like only one other person
[08:17] <Awesomeknight1234> Back.
[08:18] <Awesomeknight1234> Hello?
[08:18] <Clone gunner commander jedi> hi
[08:20] <Super Scribblenaut> I actually do know a small server
[08:20] <Dino2012> wait i know a server with nobody
[08:20] <Dino2012> its the yogscasts server
[08:20] <Dino2012> Im so evil >:D
[08:22] <Dino2012> Grr dosent work
[08:22] <Dino2012> So SS what server is it?
[08:22] <Dino2012> NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[08:22] <Dino2012> Yay!
[08:23] <Dino2012> IP adress to this server
[08:24] <Dino2012> : (
[08:24] <Dino2012> i know a small one
[08:25] <Dino2012> Super join this it only has one person
[08:25] <Legosoldier10> hello
[08:27] <SuperSpyX> I come in pieces
[08:27] <SuperSpyX> :D 
[08:27] <SuperSpyX> -_-
[08:28] <Prisinorzero> Hi.
[08:28] <SuperSpyX> hi
[08:28] <Prisinorzero> Sorry i'm doing biology work.
[08:28] <Super Scribblenaut> One sec
[08:29] <Super Scribblenaut> I'm reading a PDF on Skyrim
[08:29] <Super Scribblenaut> (Complete guide actually)
[08:31] <SuperSpyX> zane might be a robot????
[08:31] <SuperSpyX> cool!
[08:33] <Super Scribblenaut> Wahhhhh!
[08:34] <Super Scribblenaut> How?
[08:34] <Super Scribblenaut> Why would he be a robot
[08:35] <Super Scribblenaut> Well?
[08:35] <SuperSpyX> just a sec
[08:36] <Prisinorzero> Because Ninjagos all ready a year old so they need to keep it new and fresh.
[08:36] <Prisinorzero> BRB.
[08:36] <SuperSpyX>!%3F!%3F!%3F!%3F#comm-175894
[08:36] <Prisinorzero> More like a WHAbot.
[08:37] <Super Scribblenaut> Error
[08:37] <Prisinorzero> Get rid of the 25.
[08:37] <Super Scribblenaut> Stupid 25
[08:38] <Super Scribblenaut> Woah
[08:39] <Super Scribblenaut> It must be true
[08:39] <Super Scribblenaut> It just all adds up
[08:39] <Super Scribblenaut> We knows everything to know, he acts way to intelligent, barely ever laughs, and well, the picture shows all
[09:27] <Makuta Tarkairadan>
[09:27] <Clone gunner commander jedi> what is it?
[09:28] <Makuta Tarkairadan> A MOC I had made with my own bricks, but the colors were distorted. I had entered that into the Ninjago Contest for LEGO.
[09:28] <Makuta Tarkairadan> It's supposed to be Cole's vehicle
[09:28] <Clone gunner commander jedi> what is it supposed to be?
[09:28] <Clone gunner commander jedi> oh ninjago :/
[09:35] <Keo5> Hello.
[09:35] <Keo5> Glitch again?
[09:35] <Keo5> -Sigh-
[09:41] <Drew1200> Everyone's away...
[10:10] <CzechMate> APART FROM ME
[10:11] <Awesomeknight1234> XD
[10:11] <CzechMate> lolz
[10:12] <CzechMate> Do you like your signature?
[10:13] <Awesomeknight1234> Yes.
[10:13] <CzechMate> cool
[10:20] <CzechMate> ...
[10:23] <CzechMate> ...
[10:27] <Awesomeknight1234> ...
[10:27] <Awesomeknight1234> :P 
[10:27] <CzechMate> ...
[10:27] <CzechMate> trying to make Plo Koon a C1 article
[10:27] <CM4S> Good luck with that.
[10:27] <CzechMate> Hey CM4S
[10:28] <CzechMate> Unbanned?
[10:28] <SuperSpyX> hi
[10:29] <CM4S> Yep.
[10:29] <CM4S> Hi.
[10:29] <CM4S> Spy, I'm REALLY sorry about the legs.
[10:29] <SuperSpyX> it's ok
[10:29] <SuperSpyX> I'm looking for another bandit
[10:29] <CM4S> I got one on Sunday >.<
[10:29] <SuperSpyX> more fedora!
[10:29] <SuperSpyX> : D
[10:30] <SuperSpyX> I wanna get clockwork robot, sleepyhead and another bandit
[10:30] <SuperSpyX> got the highland battler
[10:30] <CM4S> I wanna get all of then.
[10:30] <CM4S> .___>
[10:30] <CM4S> I want the Sleepyhead so bad.
[10:30] <CM4S> I'd do anything for it.
[10:30] <CM4S> ._.
[10:30] <SuperSpyX> I pick my favorites
[10:30] <CzechMate> I have all of them
[10:30] <SuperSpyX> well
[10:30] <SuperSpyX> you had one
[10:31] <Awesomeknight1234> Tick Tock.
[10:31] <CzechMate> Only if you'll trade
[10:31] <SuperSpyX> -_-
[10:31] <Awesomeknight1234> The episode that tells that Zane is a robot.
[10:31] <SuperSpyX> yeah
[10:31] <SuperSpyX> cm4s jodge the MF contest!
[10:31] <CzechMate> Do you have the Vampire?
[10:31] <CM4S> No, :/ 
[10:31] <SuperSpyX> *judge
[10:32] <CM4S> You're in freakin' Australia though..
[10:32] <SuperSpyX> WHO WON???
[10:32] <CzechMate> True
[10:32] <SuperSpyX> $13 postage is not worth a minifigure
[10:32] <CzechMate> But I have friends in England...
[10:32] <SuperSpyX> I could buy 4 minifigs with $13
[10:32] <CzechMate> lol
[10:33] <CzechMate> I NEED the vampire
[10:33] <SuperSpyX> NEED?
[10:33] <CzechMate> do you any of you guys have it?
[10:33] <SuperSpyX> or WANT?
[10:33] <SuperSpyX> no
[10:33] <CzechMate> Need. Totally
[10:33] <Awesomeknight1234> No... : /
[10:33] <SuperSpyX> I hardly have any minifig theme
[10:33] <CM4S> You know what?
[10:33] <SuperSpyX> I want the space cyborg
[10:33] <Awesomeknight1234> What?
[10:33] <CM4S> You know how I sent Brick a Sleepyhead and Spy the half-bandit?
[10:34] <CM4S> Want to know the total cost of them>
[10:34] <SuperSpyX> : P
[10:34] <CM4S> Two dollars. 
[10:34] <SuperSpyX> for both???
[10:34] <CM4S> Together, yep.
[10:34] <SuperSpyX> wow!!
[10:34] <CzechMate> lol
[10:34] <SuperSpyX> they're $3 on lego shop
[10:34] <SuperSpyX> each
[10:34] <CzechMate> Have you sent Jim his?
[10:34] <CM4S> No, >_>
[10:35] <SuperSpyX> CP, do you know PJ personally?
[10:35] <CzechMate> Errm
[10:35] <SuperSpyX> you are both aussies
[10:35] <CzechMate> He lives in Melbourne
[10:35] <SuperSpyX> small island
[10:35] <CzechMate> I live in Sydney
[10:35] <CzechMate> -facepalm-
[10:35] <SuperSpyX> how about legosoldier10?
[10:35] <CM4S> I once had the chance to go to Sydney...
[10:35] <CM4S> For a buisness trip...
[10:35] <SuperSpyX> and?
[10:36] <CM4S> I got fired.
[10:36] <CM4S> :D 
[10:36] <SuperSpyX> cm4s see PM
[10:36] <SuperSpyX> lol
[10:36] <CzechMate> -_-
[10:36] <SuperSpyX> I have a summer job at an ice cream stand
[10:36] <CM4S> Cool.
[10:36] <CzechMate> Australia is the largest island in the world
[10:36] <CM4S> :D 
[10:36] <SuperSpyX> $6 an hour and free ice cream!
[10:36] <CM4S> No, your FAIC ish the largest island in the world!
[10:37] <CM4S> Kiddin' xD
[10:37] <CzechMate> lolz
[10:37] <SuperSpyX> europe is the largest island!
[10:37] <CzechMate> -Facepalm-
[10:37] <SuperSpyX> CM4S PLEASE SEE PM!!!
[10:38] <CzechMate> LOLZ
[10:38] <Awesomeknight1234> Ashlar is the largest island. : P
[10:38] <SuperSpyX> MUCHAS LOLZ
[10:38] <CzechMate> NOO!
[10:38] <CzechMate> Mata-Nui is
[10:39] <Awesomeknight1234> Equestria is this little deserted island filled with evil ponies.
[10:39] <CzechMate> _-_
[10:39] <Awesomeknight1234> Mata-Nui?
[10:39] <SuperSpyX> haha!
[10:39] <Awesomeknight1234> Is that Bionicle?
[10:39] <CzechMate> Dur.
[10:39] <SuperSpyX> KIL ZE EVEL PONEEZ!!!
[10:40] <SuperSpyX> HEEHEEHEE!
[10:41] <Awesomeknight1234>
[10:42] <CzechMate> 49/96 (51%)MINIFIGURES COLLECTE
[10:43] <Awesomeknight1234> Fantastic!
[10:43] <CzechMate> lolz
[10:43] <SuperSpyX> just 47 to go....
[10:44] <CzechMate> Yep
[10:44] <SuperSpyX> hi berry
[10:45] <Awesomeknight1234>
[10:45] <CzechMate> Hey BB
[10:45] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[10:45] <Berrybrick> Hello
[10:45] <SuperSpyX> I have exactly 100 lego sets
[10:45] <CzechMate> Vampire or Cyborg?
[10:45] <SuperSpyX> not couting lego bags from thrift stores/garage sales
[10:45] <CzechMate> I have at least 350
[10:46] <Berrybrick> According to Brickset, I have exactly 500 minifigures :P 
[10:46] <SuperSpyX> : O
[10:46] <SuperSpyX> I have about 175
[10:46] <Berrybrick> That isn't true though, I need to clean out
[10:46] <SuperSpyX> give em' to me!!!
[10:46] <CzechMate> I have about...500
[10:46] <Berrybrick> And they don't let you remove lost ones.
[10:46] <Berrybrick> I'm poor.
[10:46] <CzechMate> Do you have the Vampire?
[10:46] <Awesomeknight1234>
[10:47] <Berrybrick> No
[10:47] <CzechMate> STOP LIKING STUFF KNIGHT!!!
[10:47] <CzechMate> 
[10:47] <CzechMate> oopps
[10:47] <CzechMate> sozzy
[10:48] <CzechMate> DOES anyone have the Vampire?
[10:48] <SuperSpyX> NO
[10:49] <CzechMate> WHTY
[10:50] <SuperSpyX>
[10:50] <SuperSpyX> WOW
[10:50] <Berrybrick> Because I'm poor
[10:50] <Awesomeknight1234> Cause we don't.
[10:50] <Berrybrick> And I hate vampires
[10:50] <SuperSpyX> eat garlic
[10:50] <CzechMate> D=
[10:50] <CzechMate> Meh
[10:50] <CzechMate> I could do better
[10:50] <CzechMate> =D
[10:51] <SuperSpyX> oh really
[10:51] <SuperSpyX> 0_.
[10:51] <Awesomeknight1234> Do vampires eat Italian food? Wait, Italian food has garlic.
[10:51] <CzechMate> -_-
[10:52] <CzechMate> I got kicked off Mocpages for being awesome
[10:52] <SuperSpyX> : O
[10:52] <SuperSpyX> really???
[10:53] <SuperSpyX> or for being innapropriate
[10:53] <CzechMate> and for using my real name...
[10:53] <Drew1200> Hey
[10:53] <CzechMate> Hey
[10:53] <Drew1200> If anyone sees Bug
[10:53] <SuperSpyX> hi AGAIN
[10:53] <Drew1200> Then please send him over to the LMB Wiki
[10:53] <Drew1200> He's missing an important meeting :P 
[10:53] <SuperSpyX> ooh
[10:53] <SuperSpyX> can I come instead?
[10:53] <SuperSpyX> :P 
[10:53] <SuperSpyX> YAY! emotes work again!
[10:53] <SuperSpyX> :O 
[10:53] <SuperSpyX> :D 
[10:54] <Mr. Minifigure> :D 
[10:54] <CzechMate> -_-
[10:54] <CzechMate> They always have
[10:54] <SuperSpyX> not this morning
[10:54] <Berrybrick> (friends) 
[10:54] <CzechMate> (batman) ate (social) (cake) 
[10:54] <SuperSpyX> something was funky
[10:54] <Berrybrick> Still not for me :/ 
[10:54] <Awesomeknight1234> Stop spamming!
[10:54] <Drew1200> Sure, SSX
[10:55] <SuperSpyX> where?
[10:55] <SuperSpyX> chat?
[10:55] <Drew1200> Yeah :P 
[10:55] <SuperSpyX> what about?
[10:55] <Drew1200> A party :D 
[10:55] <SuperSpyX> ?
[10:55] <Berrybrick> (social) 
[10:55] <SuperSpyX> you and your...1
[10:56] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm going to leave now...
[10:56] <Mr. Minifigure> Goodbye
[10:56] <CzechMate> lol
[10:56] <Awesomeknight1234> Too much spam.
[10:57] <SuperSpyX> ok drew, I'm on LMB chat
[10:57] <SuperSpyX> :D 
[10:58] <CzechMate> My first year on bricki is comin' up 4 months
[10:58] <SuperSpyX> mine in 3
[10:59] <Awesomeknight1234> Mine is in 4 months too! : O
[10:59] <Berrybrick> My second in five days
[10:59] <CzechMate> Actually I've been on wikia since 2010
[10:59] <CzechMate> On Club Penguin Wikia
[10:59] <CzechMate> but lost that account
[11:00] <CzechMate> it was called Lewa66
[11:00] <CzechMate>
[11:01] <CzechMate> So I passed 2 years
[11:01] <Awesomeknight1234> An hour until a new Ninjago episode! : O
[11:01] <Berrybrick> I have too
[11:01] <Awesomeknight1234> Bye.
[11:01] <Berrybrick> Just not here
[11:01] <CzechMate> link?
[11:02] <Berrybrick> I left that wiki over a year ago
[11:02] <CzechMate> What?
[11:02] <Berrybrick> The Bionicle wiki
[11:02] <CzechMate> oh
[11:02] <CzechMate> link?
[11:02] <Berrybrick> I joined there over two years ago
[11:03] <Berrybrick> BUt I haven't been here two years yet
[11:03] <CzechMate> either way I've been on wikia longer than heaps of users
[11:03] <Berrybrick> Meh
[11:03] <CzechMate> older than FB!
[11:03] <Berrybrick> Facebook?
[11:04] <CzechMate> -_-
[11:04] <CzechMate> Fb100z
[11:04] <CzechMate> and you
[11:04] <SuperSpyX> what about NHL?
[11:04] <SuperSpyX> :P 
[11:05] <CzechMate> He is the god/lord of Brickipedia
[11:06] <CzechMate> =D
[11:11] <Drew1200> Hey
[11:11] <Drew1200> You don't have PM, do you?
[11:11] <Drew1200> Fine :P 
[11:11] <Drew1200> I'll just do it in public
[11:11] <Berrybrick> Not unless everyone else would mind getting off and then back on :P 
[11:11] <Drew1200> OK
[11:11] <Drew1200> Bring out the ban hammer :D 
[11:11] <Drew1200> JK
[11:12] <Berrybrick> I can't ban unless everyone else would mind getting off and then back on :P 
[11:12] <Drew1200> Would everyone mind not clicking link :P 
[11:12] <SuperSpyX> why?
[11:12] <Drew1200> Except Berrybrick
[11:12] <SuperSpyX> um
[11:12] <Drew1200> And Mr.Minifigure if he would like to
[11:12] <SuperSpyX> that depends how interesting it is
[11:12] <Drew1200> It's a Wiki all about me! :D 
[11:12] <Mr. Minifigure> What?
[11:12] <Drew1200>
[11:13] <SuperSpyX> HEY!!
[11:13] <Drew1200> :P 
[11:13] <Drew1200> I said no
[11:13] <Drew1200> :P 
[11:13] <SuperSpyX> I don't care
[11:13] <SuperSpyX> I WANNA SEE!!!
[11:13] <CzechMate> ...
[11:14] <Berrybrick> [[Forum:Official Friends]]
[11:14] <SuperSpyX> my face will haunt you drew
[11:15] <Berrybrick> [[Forum%253AOfficial Friends|Forum:Official Friends]]
[11:15] <Drew1200> :P 
[11:15] <Drew1200> OK
[11:15] <Drew1200> Wrong chat, BB :P 
[11:15] <Berrybrick> I posted it there too
[11:15] <Drew1200> OK
[11:15] <Drew1200> That's all I wanted :P 
[11:15] <Drew1200> JSYK, I like PM
[11:16] <SuperSpyX> g2g
[11:16] <CM4S> You guys know I play the trumpet, right?
[11:16] <SuperSpyX> SSX out
[11:16] <CM4S> Our band teacher assigned us to learn how to play a 3 min song by the end of the year.
[11:16] <CM4S> Wanna know what song I chose?
[11:16] <Berrybrick> The MLP theme song?
[11:16] <Berrybrick> Weekend Whip?
[11:17] <Berrybrick> The Batgirl song? :P 
[11:17] <CM4S> ..
[11:17] <CM4S> You're close..
[11:17] <Berrybrick> The Batman song?
[11:17] <Berrybrick> :P 
[11:17] <CM4S> NO!
[11:17] <CM4S>
[11:18] <CzechMate> LOL
[11:18] <CM4S> I was bored, and I'm halfway done with the song.
[11:18] <CM4S> It sounds pretty good..
[11:18] <Berrybrick>
[11:18] <CM4S> And you got to admit, the songs in this show are bricking catchy.
[11:19] <Berrybrick> Sure....
[11:19] <CM4S> o_o
[11:19] <CM4S> That Batgirl song hurts my ears..
[11:19] <CM4S> e_e
[11:19] <Berrybrick> I know, it's pretty bad :D 
[11:20] <CM4S> xD
[11:20] <Berrybrick> Batgirl, whose baby are you?
[11:20] <Berrybrick> Should I put it on my user page?
[11:20] <CM4S> GOD NO..
[11:21] <Berrybrick> Is it really worse than Friday?
[11:21] <CM4S> Idk about that
[11:21] <CM4S> It sounds terrible, but Friday has autotuning and bad lyrics.
[11:21] <Berrybrick> What about this one?
[11:22] <CM4S> This one? It's 8- Bit!
[11:23] <Adrimal> Hi.
[11:23] <CM4S> ..Hi.
[11:23] <Adrimal> How is Everyone?
[11:23] <CM4S> Um..good.
[11:24] <Adrimal> €h?
[11:24] <CM4S> Maybe this song?
[11:25] <Adrimal> I puta Sexy and I know it on my LU Wiki page.... Why did I get banned, <span style="color:red;">Mythrun</span>? I deleted it.
[11:25] <CzechMate> ?
[11:25] <CM4S> ..
[11:25] <CM4S> Well.
[11:26] <CM4S> It's the kind of think <span style="color:red;">Mythrun</span> does. Might be the title.
[11:26] <CM4S> and the "Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle part"
[11:26] <CM4S> NO OFFENSE..
[11:26] <Adrimal> Offense taken. :P 
[11:26] <Drew1200> Mythrun is a good man :P 
[11:26] <Adrimal> Man?
[11:27] <CzechMate> he's a woman?
[11:27] <CM4S> Maybe this song, Brick?
[11:27] <CM4S> :D 
[11:27] <Adrimal> <span style="color:red;">Mythrun</span> are you a woman?
[11:28] <Adrimal> I don't think he is...............................
[11:28] <Adrimal> ».«
[11:28] <CM4S> That'd be awkward.
[11:28] <CM4S> VEERRRYY awkward..
[11:28] <Adrimal> _________________________________________________________________
[11:28] <Adrimal> True dat.
[11:28] <CM4S> Maybe this one, Berry?
[11:29] <Adrimal> I hate it. I only like horses :P .
[11:29] <Berrybrick> What are we looking for?
[11:29] <Berrybrick> Songs worst than the Batgirl one?
[11:29] <CM4S> 3 minute songs to fit ou
[11:30] <CM4S> ._____.
[11:30] <Berrybrick> I don't have sound, I woudn't know if they're bad or not....
[11:30] <CM4S> ..______________________________________..
[11:30] <CzechMate> __
[11:31] <Berrybrick> ...or good
[11:31] <CM4S> .__.
[11:31] <Berrybrick> Well what do you want me to say? :/ 
[11:31] <CM4S> Idk.
[11:31] <CM4S> Listen to them..if you had sound.
[11:31] <Berrybrick> Okay
[11:31] <Berrybrick> I would
[11:32] <Berrybrick> I just had an idea :D 
[11:32] <CM4S> ?
[11:33] <Berrybrick> Does anyone have music on their profile?
[11:33] <CzechMate> playing club penguin
[11:33] <CM4S> I will..
[11:33] <CzechMate> I used to
[11:33] <CM4S> Brb
[11:33] <CzechMate> I had Go do by Jonsi
[11:33] <Berrybrick> I need to borrow the code when you do
[11:33] <Berrybrick> ...
[11:34] <CzechMate> I might put Killer Queen 
[11:34] <CzechMate> k
[11:34] <CM4S> K.
[11:34] <CzechMate> just need to find it..
[11:35] <CM4S> Added.
[11:35] <CzechMate> Help me
[11:37] <CzechMate> Can someone help me add it to my page/
[11:37] <Adrimal> Who here is using an IPad?
[11:38] <Adrimal> Nobody?
[11:38] <CM4S> Nope.
[11:38] <CM4S> I will.
[11:38] <CM4S> Give me the link.
[11:38] <CM4S> To the song
[11:38] <CzechMate> Wait..
[11:39] <CM4S> ..?
[11:39] <CzechMate>
[11:39] <CzechMate> I think
[11:39] <CM4S> {{YTMusicPlayer|Autoplay=10000000000|VideoURL=embed/[INSERTVIDEOCODEHERE]}}
[11:40] <CzechMate> ok thanks
[11:40] <CM4S> :D 
[11:40] <CM4S> About the minifigs?
[11:41] <CzechMate> Yes?
[11:41] <Mythrun> Just read [[Template:YTMusicPlayer]].
[11:42] <CM4S> I already helped him.
[11:42] <CzechMate> How do you undisable
[11:42] <CM4S> What do you mean?
[11:42] <CzechMate> meh
[11:43] <Brickmack> Greetings
[11:43] <Mythrun> Hallo.
[11:44] <Brickmack> Got wikia to rename me :) 
[11:44] <Mythrun> Yeah, I noticed it last night.
[11:45] <CM4S> What's your old username?
[11:47] <CM4S> ..
[11:47] <CM4S> K..
[11:47] <Brickmack> Mackmoron11
[11:47] <Brickmack> Sorry, had to reload. Tablet doesmt like this page
[11:48] <CM4S> Oh.
[11:48] <CM4S> Lol.
[11:52] <Brickmack> I hate this browser... Mozzilla needs to make flash and stuff work in firefox mobile
[11:53] <Brickmack> Hold on...

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