[11:33] <Berrybrick> I hope there isn't conversation because people are watching that video. :/ 
[11:34] <Sonofhades101> Lol
[11:34] <Sonofhades101> So, I gtg in about 5 minutes
[11:35] <Cligra> K
[11:36] <Cligra> Soooo....
[11:36] <Sonofhades101> What Cligra said... "Soooo...."
[11:36] <Awesomeknight1234> [[Custom:%C2%A2ent %C2%A2rown Knights|Custom:¢ent_¢rown_Knights]]
[11:36] <Awesomeknight1234> :D 
[11:37] <Sonofhades101> Lol sweet
[11:37] <Sonofhades101> Nvm!
[11:37] <Cligra> As long as they serve Wikia, I'm happy. :P 
[11:37] <Sonofhades101> They do not support Wonga!
[11:37] <Sonofhades101> Go Wonga!
[11:38] <Awesomeknight1234> ¢an you rename da Ca$h Cow da ¢a$h Cow?
[11:38] <Cligra> ....No.
[11:39] <Cligra> Don't mess with the classic$.
[11:39] <Awesomeknight1234> XD
[11:39] <Awesomeknight1234> ¢ is cool, too. :P 
[11:39] <Sonofhades101> Have I met Grovyl for Life?
[11:39] <Awesomeknight1234> What should I use € for? :/ 
[11:39] <Sonofhades101> Nvm
[11:39] <Sonofhades101> I gtg
[11:39] <Sonofhades101> bye everyone
[11:39] <Cligra> Bye!
[11:39] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[11:40] <Awesomeknight1234> Bye.
[11:40] <Cligra> €mperor? 
[11:40] <Awesomeknight1234> €mpire Soldiers. :P 
[11:40] <Sonofhades101> Wait is that ! for me to leave, and you are happy, or just with lot's of enthusiasm...
[11:40] <Sonofhades101> Nvm, bye everyone
[11:40] <Cligra> :P 
[11:40] <Cligra> Hey, Ajr!
[11:41] <Ajraddatz> heeeey
[11:42] <Cligra> Gweetinks! 
[11:42] <THEGREENNINJA1> Hello o/ 
[11:43] <Berrybrick> This is so sexist. :/ 
[11:43] <Cligra> Which this?
[11:43] <THEGREENNINJA1> Stop talking about this
[11:43] <Cligra> :/ 
[11:44] <Berrybrick> I'm eight minutes into that episode, and for the last two it's all been stereotypes about women.
[11:44] <Cligra> Well, what can you expect? 
[11:45] <Berrybrick> I don't know, but it's funny. :P 
[11:45] <Cligra> :P 
[11:45] <Berrybrick> And the YouTube captions are political. Right now they're talking about Government Bartenders. :S 
[11:46] <Awesomeknight1234> Berrybrick, PM.
[11:46] <Awesomeknight1234> YouTube captions? I've got a video for you...
[11:46] <Cligra> Government.... Bartenders...... 
[11:46] <Awesomeknight1234>
[11:47] <Sonofhades101> Meesa backa!
[11:47] <THEGREENNINJA1> Yea youssa back
[11:47] <Cligra> Coolsa!
[11:48] <Berrybrick> That caption is not appropriate. :D 
[11:48] <Berrybrick> * :S 
[11:48] <Sonofhades101> Nvmsa, I gtgsa
[11:49] <Sonofhades101> Bye everyone
[11:49] <Cligra> :P Bye!
[11:50] <Berrybrick> "This is torture and small schools aren't terrible!" :S 
[11:50] <Cligra> :/ 
[11:50] <Awesomeknight1234> XD
[11:52] <Berrybrick> That's even worse! :D 
[11:53] <Berrybrick> "Breast might prove baseball" :S :D 
[11:54] <Cligra> :/ 
[11:55] <Awesomeknight1234> Holy...
[11:56] <Berrybrick> I can't take it anymore. :S 
[11:56] <Berrybrick> 
[11:56] <Cligra> :P 
[11:57] <Awesomeknight1234> Berry, PM! :O 
[11:58] <Berrybrick>
[11:58] <Cligra> Huh.
[11:59] <Cligra> Well, g2g
[11:59] <Awesomeknight1234> By
[11:59] <Awesomeknight1234> *Bye.
[11:59] <Berrybrick> I just looked up Clavicle, that episode is even more sexist than I thought. And it was really sexist. :S 
[12:00] <Awesomeknight1234> [[User blog:Awesomeknight1234/Awesomeknight Building Contest!|Epicness]]...
[12:00] <1999bug> This looks weird as an avatar. xD
[12:04] <Bob Bricks> ¿
[12:04] <Bob Bricks> upside down ?
[12:04] <Bob Bricks> ¿?
[12:04] <Awesomeknight1234> ¿_¿
[12:06] <THEGREENNINJA1> Hello
[12:08] <Awesomeknight1234> Zero Factory! XD
[12:10] <THEGREENNINJA1> Yea do you like bionicle
[12:10] <Awesomeknight1234> No.
[12:10] <Bob Bricks> is anyone else a conciler?
[12:10] <Awesomeknight1234> But Zero Factory is still funny! XD
[12:10] <THEGREENNINJA1> So what do like
[12:11] <Bob Bricks> g2g bye o/ 
[12:13] <Awesomeknight1234> Castle (2007), Space Police 3, Alien Conquest, Knights' Kingdom II, Lord of the Rings, etc.
[12:13] <THEGREENNINJA1> Lets talk about it in our private chat
[12:15] <THEGREENNINJA1> Lets talk about Space Police 3
[12:17] <Awesomeknight1234> Yo, dog. Can I eat yo brain, yo plox?
[12:17] <THEGREENNINJA1> Do you want to talk about anything
[12:19] <717dif> let talk
[12:27] <THEGREENNINJA1> Hello
[12:27] <717dif> hola
[12:39] <MASTER SPECTRA> eheh
[12:39] <MASTER SPECTRA> hi
[12:41] <THEGREENNINJA1> Helo
[12:42] <MASTER SPECTRA> hi
[12:42] <THEGREENNINJA1> Lets PM
[12:42] <THEGREENNINJA1> (Private Chat)
[12:43] <Blaine Earhart> Hello.
[12:43] <THEGREENNINJA1> At the middle right side of your picture
[12:43] <THEGREENNINJA1> Hello
[12:43] <THEGREENNINJA1> o/ 
[12:43] <Blaine Earhart> :D 
[12:44] <MASTER SPECTRA> the chat has gone blank im going to C.C
[12:45] <THEGREENNINJA1> Thats wierd
[12:45] <Blaine Earhart> Why did you block me?
[12:46] <Blaine Earhart> That was very offensive what you said, Greenninja.
[12:46] <Blaine Earhart> I hope you know that.
[12:47] <ToaMatau2004> hi
[12:47] <Blaine Earhart> Hello.
[12:47] <THEGREENNINJA1> Hello
[12:47] <THEGREENNINJA1> o/ 
[12:47] <ToaMatau2004> hi
[12:47] <Blaine Earhart> Greenninja.
[12:48] <Blaine Earhart> You know what? Nvm. 
[12:48] <Blaine Earhart> Hey, Matau.
[12:49] <ToaMatau2004> Do you like [[bionicle]]s?
[12:49] <Blaine Earhart> I do.
[12:49] <Blaine Earhart> I love BIONICLE.
[12:52] <Blaine Earhart> I absolutely cannot wait for Lego Minecraft.
[12:52] <Blaine Earhart> :o oo:
[12:56] <Von ness ness> Alright it's "later" so that means IM BACK again
[12:56] <Topher Anderson> hello
[12:56] <Von ness ness> hi :) 
[12:57] <Topher Anderson> wat up?
[12:57] <Dataman1> Helllllllllo
[12:57] <Topher Anderson> hey wat up?
[12:58] <Von ness ness> ..
[12:59] <XxxOUTBURSTxxx> hey
[12:59] <Topher Anderson> so hey
[12:59] <XxxOUTBURSTxxx> What are your favorite Lego themes?
[12:59] <Blaine Earhart> I'm back.
[01:00] <Blaine Earhart> Have any of ya'll played Minecraft?
[01:00] <Topher Anderson> my fav lego themes r Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman and the DC things, the Avengers, Spiderman, and Harry Potter
[01:01] <XxxOUTBURSTxxx> Mine is Star Wars and Super Heroes.
[01:01] <Blaine Earhart> Mine is BIONICLE, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Minecraft.
[01:01] <XxxOUTBURSTxxx> What's your favorite Lego videogame?
[01:02] <Blaine Earhart> Mine is Lego Star Wars.
[01:02] <Topher Anderson> Probably Harry Potter years 1-4.
[01:02] <XxxOUTBURSTxxx> Mine is Lego Batman
[01:03] <Nickelodeonlyric1> Love the new Brickipedia logo. Anybody seeing the avengers?
[01:03] <XxxOUTBURSTxxx> Yeah, I am.
[01:03] <Blaine Earhart> I am tomorrow night.
[01:03] <Topher Anderson> cool]
[01:03] <Nickelodeonlyric1> are you seeing it this Friday?
[01:03] <Topher Anderson> i am sunday
[01:03] <Blaine Earhart> I am.
[01:03] <XxxOUTBURSTxxx> I'm seeing it on Sunday, too.
[01:03] <Nickelodeonlyric1> @Blaine it doesn't come out till Friday.
[01:04] <Blaine Earhart> I'm seeing the midnight premiere.
[01:04] <Topher Anderson> gotta go
[01:04] <Nickelodeonlyric1> Cool. I'm seeing it the night it comes out
[01:04] <Nickelodeonlyric1> Bye
[01:04] <XxxOUTBURSTxxx> Lucky. Tickets were sold out in my area for the premeire.
[01:05] <Nickelodeonlyric1> Usually whenever I see a movie I get the tickets when I get to the theater. But I pre-ordered my avengers tickets. I've been waiting for this since 3 years ago
[01:05] <XxxOUTBURSTxxx> I've been waiting since 3 minutes ago. JK
[01:06] <Nickelodeonlyric1> have you guys seen the other MCU movies?
[01:06] <Blaine Earhart> I have.
[01:06] <Nickelodeonlyric1> Marvel Cinematic Universe is what MCU stands for.
[01:06] <Von ness ness> EVERYONE MAD OLOLOLOL
[01:06] <Nickelodeonlyric1> Cool
[01:06] <Blaine Earhart> The recent Incredible Hulk is great.
[01:06] <Nickelodeonlyric1> I know. Thor was also one of my favorites.
[01:07] <Von ness ness> U JELLYYYYYY
[01:07] <Nickelodeonlyric1> O_O
[01:08] <ToaMatau2004> I just nominated myself for mod yay!
[01:08] <Nickelodeonlyric1> <3
[01:08] <Nickelodeonlyric1> Testing emits.
[01:08] <Nickelodeonlyric1> *emots
[01:08] <ToaMatau2004> can people vote
[01:08] <Nickelodeonlyric1> R u seeing the avengers?
[01:08] <Blaine Earhart> I used to be an admin on an old wiki.
[01:08] <Blaine Earhart> But I quit.
[01:09] <ToaMatau2004> [[[Brickipedia:Request for Chat Moderator/ToaMatau2004|Brickipedia:Request_for_Chat_Moderator/ToaMatau2004]]]
[01:10] <Von ness ness> why dont you go nominate yourself x20
[01:11] <ToaMatau2004> I did
[01:12] <Blaine Earhart> How many mods are on here/
[01:12] <Blaine Earhart> *here?
[01:12] <ToaMatau2004> 18 maybe
[01:12] <Blaine Earhart> Interesting.
[01:14] <ToaMatau2004> bye
[01:14] <Blaine Earhart> Goodbye.
[01:19] <Von ness ness> forever alone
[01:22] <MASTER SPECTRA> anyone an expert in this?
[01:23] <MASTER SPECTRA> (ba) 
[01:27] <Von ness ness> hi
[01:27] <Von ness ness> buahahaha
[01:27] <Von ness ness> hey bor
[01:27] <Von ness ness> bot
[01:30] <717dif> hola
[02:58] <Cligra> Hey, Ajr and Ness. 
[02:58] <Von ness ness> HI
[02:59] <Von ness ness> oops caps
[02:59] <Ajraddatz> hey
[03:01] <Cligra> So.....
[03:03] <Von ness ness> im "vandalism in progress"
[03:04] <Cligra> Fancy. 
[03:13] <Von ness ness> OK NOWS THE TIME
[03:14] <Von ness ness> Hdfghd oops.
[03:35] <Cligra> Warn one, spam. :P 
[04:33] <Von ness ness> (batman) 
[04:33] <Von ness ness> (batman) 
[05:38] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hello Cligra o/ 
[05:40] <Cligra> Hey!
[05:50] <Cligra> I supported that DW CUUSOO project you recommended. 
[05:51] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I did aswell
[05:52] <Cligra> :P 
[05:52] <Cligra> I really like the Silence minifigure. 
[05:52] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Delete this please? [[Brickipedia Statistic|Brickipedia_Statistic]]
[05:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I don't really like the it but i supported it as its the best lego doctor who thing i have seen
[05:55] <Cligra> I personally prefer Mark Staford's one, but that's just opinion... 
[05:55] <Cligra> Or is it Stafford? :/ 
[05:55] <Cligra> I can never remember... 
[05:56] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Link to that?
[05:56] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Also more pics of that cuusoo thing
[05:56] <Cligra> K
[05:56] <Cligra>
[05:57] <Cligra> It's made by an actual LEGO set designer. 
[05:57] <Cligra> Although, he is one of the prime designers of Ninjago, so he has much to answer for. :/ 
[05:57] <Ive seen the end...and it will not be well> hi
[05:57] <Cligra> Hey.
[05:57] <Ive seen the end...and it will not be well> o/ 
[05:58] <Cligra> :) 
[05:58] <Ive seen the end...and it will not be well> so u like lego star wars
[05:58] <Cligra> Eh, it'
[05:58] <Cligra> s not a favorite. 
[05:58] <Ive seen the end...and it will not be well> what is then
[05:59] <Cligra> Hm... [[Friends]], [[Galidor]], [[Scala]]..... :P 
[06:00] <Ive seen the end...and it will not be well> never heard of galidor and scala
[06:01] <Clone gunner commander jedi> You have never heard of them?
[06:01] <Ive seen the end...and it will not be well> no
[06:01] <Cligra> :O :O :O :O 
[06:01] <Ive seen the end...and it will not be well> bye
[06:01] <Cligra> ....Bye!
[06:04] <Clone gunner commander jedi> How could they have never heard of them?
[06:04] <Cligra> They must have lead a deprived childhood. 
[06:05] <Cligra> I bet they've never heard of [[RSQ911]] either! :O 
[06:05] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I bet that too
[06:06] <Cligra> Shocking, really.... 
[06:08] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Ikr?
[06:12] <Cligra> Yup.
[06:16] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Back from supporting all the good Doctor Who cuusoo projects
[06:16] <Cligra> :P 
[06:16] <Cligra> Links?
[06:16] <Cligra> I'll support those I haven't yet. 
[06:21] <Clone gunner commander jedi>
[06:22] <Clone gunner commander jedi>
[06:22] <Cligra> Yowch, that's be a lot of $$
[06:22] <Cligra> *That'd
[06:24] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Yes but it would be worth it
[06:25] <Cligra> True. 
[06:26] <Shaddowwarrior016> Hello everyone.
[06:26] <Cligra> Hey.
[06:52] <CzechMate> Hey
[06:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hello CM O/ 
[06:53] <CzechMate> Soo
[06:59] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Sorry i was searching Cuusoo for projects
[07:01] <Shaddowwarrior016> Hello
[07:02] <CzechMate> Hiya
[07:03] <Shaddowwarrior016> For some reason my chat keeps stuffing up.
[07:04] <CzechMate> What browser?
[07:04] <Clone gunner commander jedi> CM are you on Cuusoo?
[07:04] <Shaddowwarrior016> internet explorer
[07:04] <Shaddowwarrior016> internet explorer
[07:05] <Shaddowwarrior016> internet explorer
[07:05] <Shaddowwarrior016> Internet explorer.
[07:05] <Shaddowwarrior016> internet explorer
[07:05] <Shaddowwarrior016> what is happening
[07:06] <Shaddowwarrior016> I can't type anything
[07:06] <Shaddowwarrior016> come on
[07:06] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Internet Explorer is very bad for chat
[07:06] <Shaddowwarrior016> internet explorer
[07:06] <Shaddowwarrior016> hello
[07:06] <CzechMate> Use Google Chrome or Firefo
[07:06] <CzechMate> *firefox
[07:06] <Shaddowwarrior016> brb
[07:07] <CzechMate> @CGCJ, I'm called CzechMate over on Cusoo
[07:08] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Ok and im called Cgcj on there
[07:08] <Shaddowwarrior016> ok
[07:09] <Shaddowwarrior016> yeah when I typed and press enter it doesn't tell me I wrote it down on the chat wall.
[07:09] <Shaddowwarrior016> It's alright now.
[07:10] <CzechMate> Actually, my name on CuuSoo is cp_sonic
[07:10] <Shaddowwarrior016> btw I have google chrome but rarely use it.
[07:11] <CzechMate> Google Chrome = Beast
[07:11] <Shaddowwarrior016> Yeah I should use it more often.
[07:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No Firefox Nightly = Best
[07:12] <CzechMate> :P 
[07:12] <CzechMate> I <3 Penguins :p 
[07:13] <Shaddowwarrior016> ok
[07:14] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Do you like my [[Custom:Mini Penguin|My Penguin]]?
[07:15] <CzechMate> I can't see links
[07:16] <Shaddowwarrior016> same thing's happening on google chrome
[07:16] <Shaddowwarrior016> I can't see a thing
[07:16] <Shaddowwarrior016> brb
[07:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Why can't you see link?
[07:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> links*
[07:17] <CzechMate> Dunno
[07:17] <Shaddowwarrior016> neither can I
[07:18] <Shaddowwarrior016> btw cool penguin
[07:19] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Thanks
[07:20] <CzechMate> [[Custom:Ca%24h Penguin|Waddle J. Flippers anyone?]]
[07:21] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Nah mines better
[07:22] <Shaddowwarrior016> yeah but it's still cool
[07:22] <CzechMate> Ca$h!!!
[07:22] <Clone gunner commander jedi> CM that would be good if you made a none Ca$h one
[07:22] <CzechMate> I might order pieces online
[07:24] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Cool
[07:25] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I have just realized i could build that
[07:28] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Who unblocked CM4S!?!?
[07:29] <CzechMate> WAAA?
[07:31] <CzechMate> Zero is blocked too
[07:31] <CzechMate> ?!?!
[07:31] <Shaddowwarrior016> Yeah I just saw him edit something
[07:31] <Clone gunner commander jedi> He asked to be blocked so he could revise
[07:31] <CzechMate> Revise schoolwork?
[07:31] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Yes
[07:32] <Clone gunner commander jedi> And is a big distraction to him
[07:32] <Clone gunner commander jedi> And here*
[07:32] <CzechMate> Ah.
[07:32] <Shaddowwarrior016> I see.
[07:33] <Clone gunner commander jedi> But i don't see why CM4S has been unblocked
[07:34] <Shaddowwarrior016> neither do i
[07:35] <CzechMate> He's OK.
[07:36] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I know but he has had too many chances
[07:36] <CzechMate> Hey CGCJ, I saw you made SSX an avatar?
[07:36] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I just edited an image he uploaded
[07:37] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Removing the background and resizing it
[07:37] <CzechMate> Ah
[07:38] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Well i have to go now
[07:38] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Bye CM o/ 
[07:38] <CzechMate> Cya
[07:39] <Shaddowwarrior016> bye
[07:43] <Shaddowwarrior016> ...
[07:45] <CzechMate> ...
[07:46] <Power Jim> Hi everyone
[07:46] <Shaddowwarrior016> Hello
[07:47] <CzechMate> Hi Jim!!!
[07:47] <Shaddowwarrior016> At least it isn't quiet anymore.
[07:48] <CzechMate> :o 
[07:48] <CzechMate> :P 
[07:49] <CzechMate> Jim, can you see my PM
[07:49] <CzechMate> ?
[07:49] <Irnakk> hi o/ 
[07:49] <Power Jim> hi
[07:50] <CzechMate> Jim ,roblox?
[07:51] <Power Jim> No, on wrong computer, my desktop computer lags a bit.
[07:51] <CzechMate> ah
[07:52] <Power Jim> My laptop is the one I use for game like roblox.
[07:52] <Power Jim> *games
[07:52] <CzechMate> k
[07:54] <Shaddowwarrior016> ...
[07:54] <Shaddowwarrior016> brb
[07:54] <Shaddowwarrior016> hello
[07:55] <Shaddowwarrior016> yeah my chat's still stuffed up
[07:57] <Irnakk> working on a Spaceship for Spy's contest ;) 
[07:57] <Shaddowwarrior016> cool
[08:01] <Shaddowwarrior016> ...
[08:02] <CzechMate> I'm having problems making villains for my custom theme
[08:02] <Shaddowwarrior016> I have to go now bye.
[08:04] <Power Jim> bye
[08:18] <Legosoldier10> hey
[08:19] <Power Jim> brb
[08:19] <Power Jim> dinner
[08:19] <Legosoldier10> kk
[08:19] <Power Jim> be back in 10 min.
[08:19] <Legosoldier10> i'll stay on
[08:19] <CzechMate> Hiya
[08:19] <CzechMate> BRB
[08:19] <CzechMate> Roblox
[08:20] <Legosoldier10> kk
[08:25] <CzechMate> ...
[08:28] <CzechMate> Hi Jah
[08:28] <CzechMate> *Jag
[08:31] <CzechMate> ...
[08:31] <Power Jim> back
[08:31] <Power Jim> Hi jag
[08:33] <CzechMate> Hi
[08:33] <CzechMate> :d 
[08:33] <CzechMate> brb
[08:33] <CzechMate> food
[08:34] <CzechMate> back
[08:35] <Power Jim> that was quick
[08:36] <Power Jim> I g2g
[08:36] <Power Jim> homework -_-
[08:37] <Power Jim> bye
[09:28] <TestiukkoProduction> Hi
[09:28] <Irnakk> Hi o/ 
[09:29] <TestiukkoProduction> I like lego
[09:29] <CzechMate> Hi
[09:29] <Irnakk> ....Me too
[09:29] <CzechMate> This wiki is about LEGO...
[09:29] <TestiukkoProduction> i see
[09:30] <Irnakk> So lots of people here like LEGO.
[09:31] <CzechMate> Exactly
[09:32] <TestiukkoProduction> but one guy dont like lego but he write about it
[09:33] <CzechMate> ?
[09:33] <TestiukkoProduction> what?
[09:33] <TestiukkoProduction> 
[09:33] <TestiukkoProduction> 
[09:34] <CzechMate> Who?
[09:34] <CzechMate> Who doesn't like LEGO on this wiki?
[09:34] <TestiukkoProduction> i dont remember
[10:08] <CzechMate> Hi
[10:08] <Mat96> Hi
[09:30] <Irnakk> So lots of people here like LEGO.
[09:31] <CzechMate> Exactly
[09:32] <TestiukkoProduction> but one guy dont like lego but he write about it
[09:33] <CzechMate> ?
[09:33] <TestiukkoProduction> what?
[09:33] <TestiukkoProduction> 
[09:33] <TestiukkoProduction> 
[09:34] <CzechMate> Who?
[09:34] <CzechMate> Who doesn't like LEGO on this wiki?
[09:34] <TestiukkoProduction> i dont remember
[10:08] <CzechMate> Hi
[10:08] <Mat96> Hi

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