[12:03] <Tom3991> brb
[12:04] <Sonofhades101> So...
[12:05] <Sonofhades101> I was all like that and stuff.
[12:05] <Sonofhades101> ...
[12:05] <Sonofhades101> And Bug, weren't you like rocking out last night?
[12:07] <Sonofhades101> And then we were like... Der... and =P
[12:22] <1999bug> Backk
[12:22] <1999bug> *Back
[12:31] <Finnfan99> hey
[12:45] <1999bug> Hrmm
[12:50] <Jeyo> Anyone got a blog I can post a comment on?
[12:53] <Sonofhades101> Hello
[12:54] <Sonofhades101> Finfan...
[12:54] <Sonofhades101> He angry at me
[12:54] <1999bug> You can comment here. =P [[User blog:1999bug/Bug%27s Sketch Blog|User_blog:1999bug/Bug's_Sketch_Blog]]
[12:54] <1999bug> ?
[12:54] <Sonofhades101> Nice sketchs Bug
[12:54] <Sonofhades101> I wish I was gifted with sketching...
[12:55] <Prototron> :O 
[12:55] <Prototron> 
[12:55] <Prototron> Nice! I like your sketches!
[12:55] <1999bug> No you don't. Once you do it they never stop. o.e
[12:55] <1999bug> Lol
[12:55] <1999bug> Thanks though. xD
[12:55] <Prototron> (y) 
[12:56] <1999bug> I'm working on a video right now...
[12:57] <Sonofhades101> Sweet
[12:57] <1999bug> Have you been to my YouTube channel, SoH?
[12:57] <1999bug>
[12:59] <Sonofhades101> This computer dosn't play you tube... -_-
[12:59] <Sonofhades101> Sigh
[12:59] <Sonofhades101> Oh no!
[12:59] <Sonofhades101> I gtg
[12:59] <Sonofhades101> bye guys
[12:59] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[12:59] <1999bug> Bye
[01:22] <Awesomeknight1234> Back.
[01:35] <Awesomeknight1234> Hi.
[01:35] <Awesomeknight1234> o/ 
[01:43] <Awesomeknight1234> I'm gonna go.
[01:43] <Awesomeknight1234> Bye, everyone who isn't really here.
[02:19] <Mito02> hello
[02:20] <THEGREENNINJA1> Hello
[02:22] <Mito02> o/ 
[02:22] <Mito02> do you want to see the avengers
[02:59] <Sonofhades101> Hey Bug
[02:59] <Sonofhades101> o/ 
[03:25] <Darth henry> Heya.
[03:25] <CzechMate> hi
[03:26] <CzechMate> SSX got kicked from chat today by Ajr
[03:26] <Darth henry> Wow
[03:26] <Darth henry> Why?
[03:26] <CzechMate> He was being racist
[03:26] <CzechMate> About canadians
[03:26] <Katenvaughn> Hi.
[03:27] <Darth henry> Hi.
[03:27] <Katenvaughn> who got kicked?
[03:27] <CzechMate> SSX
[03:27] <CzechMate> (SuperSpyX)
[03:27] <Katenvaughn> what?!
[03:27] <Katenvaughn> why?
[03:28] <CzechMate> Racism 
[03:29] <Katenvaughn> hm.
[03:29] <Katenvaughn> that's too bad.
[03:29] <CzechMate> Not really...
[03:29] <CzechMate> SSX used to be a chat mod
[03:29] <CzechMate> but he was caight being rude
[03:29] <CzechMate> *caught
[03:30] <Katenvaughn> so is he not a chat mod anymore?
[03:30] <Darth henry> Nope.
[03:34] <Katenvaughn> who was he racism-ing?
[03:35] <Darth henry> Canadians.
[03:35] <Darth henry> Btw-Thanks for making me part of your Eaglecaft squad!
[03:35] <Katenvaughn> You're welcome
[03:38] <CzechMate> Sioo
[03:40] <CzechMate> Hi Bug
[03:40] <1999bug> Hello
[03:40] <1999bug> I am making an epic War Machine MOC in LDD
[03:40] <Katenvaughn> Is there really a badge for making edits on Ninjago articles?
[03:41] <1999bug> I'm not sure if they've added one
[03:41] <Darth henry> I think there used to be one.
[03:41] <Katenvaughn> SSX has one like that. 2 like that, actually.
[03:42] <CzechMate> Hi Jeyo
[03:42] <Jeyo> Hi
[03:42] <Katenvaughn> Hi
[03:43] <Darth henry> Hi.
[03:45] <1999bug> Man... this War Machine MOC is looking epic. o.o
[03:45] <Katenvaughn> I need to go now.
[03:45] <Darth henry> Seeya.
[03:45] <Katenvaughn> bye.
[03:45] <1999bug> Cya
[03:46] <Jeyo> Hey, bug
[03:46] <Jeyo> Were you born in 1999?
[03:46] <CzechMate> Of course not
[03:46] <CzechMate> Or else he'd be underaged
[03:47] <1999bug> No
[03:47] <Jeyo> Oh
[03:47] <1999bug> And even if I was, CP is wrong.
[03:47] <Jeyo> Who is CP?
[03:47] <1999bug> CzechMate
[03:47] <1999bug> His old name was Crazed Penguin
[03:48] <1999bug> People keep forgetting it's 2012
[03:48] <Jeyo> Was it really?
[03:48] <1999bug> Yep
[03:48] <1999bug> [[User:Crazed Penguin]]
[03:48] <Jeyo> Czech, did you change your name in 2012?
[03:48] <CzechMate> Ya
[03:49] <Jeyo> I did not know that
[03:50] <Jeyo> obviously
[03:50] <Jeyo> lol
[03:50] <1999bug> Anyway, the 1999 in my name is unrelated to my age.
[03:51] <Jeyo> oh, okay
[03:52] <Darth henry> Is 1999bug refering to a Voltswagon Beetle made in 1999?
[03:52] <1999bug> Bug refers to the Bugs and they used to be priced at $1999 xD
[03:53] <1999bug> VW Bugs
[03:53] <1999bug> My YT username kind of hints that
[03:54] <NuffSaid1995> My Loki's Cosmic Cube Set Is Cool
[03:54] <CzechMate> Young Talent Time
[03:54] <CzechMate> :p 
[03:54] <Darth henry> Gtg
[03:54] <NuffSaid1995> gtg
[03:54] <NuffSaid1995> o/ 
[03:54] <1999bug> Skip to the end, they used to sell for $1999. xD
[03:55] <1999bug> 0:50
[04:07] <1999bug> =l
[04:08] <1999bug> =\
[04:10] <CzechMate> ...
[04:10] <CzechMate> Meesa on base wars
[04:10] <Dog4591> Hi.
[04:11] <Dog4591> I finally finished repairs on minecraft.jar
[04:12] <CzechMate> Anyone free for Base Wars?
[04:12] <Dog4591> And every part of Firefox Nightly is working again now.
[04:12] <Dog4591> Sorry but I am busy right now.
[04:12] <Dog4591> I have to install this creepers mod.
[04:13] <Dog4591> Or else I will have to uninstall one of my "Hi-Tech" mods.
[04:13] <Dog4591> Hopefully I don't run into any Block ID problems.
[04:15] <Dog4591> Well I have trouble finding it!
[04:15] <Dog4591> Found it.
[04:18] <Dog4591> COOKIE CREEPER!
[04:18] <Dog4591> brb
[04:20] <Dog4591> Back
[04:20] <1999bug> Almost done with War Machine. o_o
[04:20] <Dog4591> I hope Minecraft does not crash.
[04:20] <Dog4591> Minecraft didn't crash.
[04:20] <Dog4591> Java crashed.
[04:21] <Dog4591> Test run #2
[04:21] <Dog4591> Everything loaded this time.
[04:21] <Dog4591> Lets try opening a world.
[04:22] <Dog4591> YAYZ! IT WORKS!!
[04:22] <1999bug> Wow
[04:22] <1999bug> o_o
[04:22] <Dog4591> What?
[04:22] <1999bug> So... epic...
[04:22] <1999bug> My LDD MOC
[04:22] <Dog4591> IKR
[04:22] <Dog4591> Oh.
[04:22] <Dog4591> Have you uploaded it?
[04:23] <1999bug> No
[04:23] <1999bug> It's War Machine
[04:23] <Dog4591> ???
[04:24] <1999bug> Iron Man's sidekick. =P
[04:24] <Dog4591> How should I make Minecraft harder for my brother.
[04:24] <1999bug> What do you mean by that?
[04:25] <Dog4591> I am going to make creepers spawn a lot. And these creepers are worse than normal ones.
[04:26] <Dog4591> On second thought I will just cause my brother to blow up his own worlds.
[04:26] <Dog4591> Well I am going to install more of my "Hi-Tech" mods now.
[04:27] <1999bug> Hmm
[04:29] <Dog4591> I like Buildcraft 3.1.5, it is better than Buildcraft 2.2.14
[04:32] <Dog4591> I have to install .Net 2.0 for this one tool thing to edit some Buildcraft thingys.
[04:35] <Dog4591> Already installed.
[04:35] <Dog4591> WOrking.
[04:37] <Dog4591> Not working.
[04:41] <Dog4591> I am running out of Block IDS
[04:41] <Dog4591> IDs
[04:41] <Dog4591> Minecraft crashed.
[04:41] <Dog4591> Block 212
[04:42] <Dog4591> I will be in Block ID land if you need me.
[04:43] <1999bug> (I don't play Minecraft =P)
[04:44] <Dog4591> There I found it.
[04:44] <Dog4591> Now to change it to 199
[04:45] <Dog4591> Saved
[04:45] <Dog4591> Crash
[04:45] <Dog4591> 211
[04:46] <Dog4591> Time to change that to 201
[04:46] <Dog4591> Saved.
[04:47] <Dog4591> Crash
[04:47] <Dog4591> 210
[04:47] <Dog4591> Time to change that to 200
[04:47] <Dog4591> And then it should work.
[04:47] <Dog4591> Saved.
[04:48] <Dog4591> Please don't crash this time.
[04:48] <Dog4591> Not responding.
[04:48] <Dog4591> Crash
[04:48] <Dog4591> 201
[04:48] <Dog4591> Time to change that to 198
[04:49] <Dog4591> Saved.
[04:49] <Dog4591> IT WORKS!
[04:49] <Dog4591> YAYZ!
[04:50] <CzechMate> brb
[04:50] <Dog4591> Should I try to puch my luck and install another mod?
[04:50] <Dog4591> push
[04:50] <Dog4591> not puch
[04:51] <Dog4591> I have the choice of mods here:
[04:51] <Dog4591>
[04:51] <Dog4591> So which one should I install next?
[04:52] <Dog4591> Hello?
[04:55] <Dog4591> Logistics Pipes
[04:55] <Dog4591> Another way to connect the Redernet
[04:55] <Dog4591> Lets hope this will work.
[05:07] <Dog4591> I think I put it in minecraft.jar
[05:09] <Dog4591> Lets test it.
[05:10] <Dog4591> IT WORKED PERFECTLY!
[05:10] <Dog4591> No Block IDs, no headaches.
[05:11] <Dog4591> Now for more mods.
[05:13] <CzechMate> I'm making King Czech (My sig-fig)!
[05:13] <Dog4591> And this one cool mod was abandoned.
[05:13] <Dog4591> Coolz.
[05:17] <Dog4591> Block 198
[05:19] <Dog4591> Hi.
[05:19] <Cligra> Hey.
[05:19] <Dog4591> Block 199
[05:20] <Dog4591> Do not mind my rambling. 
[05:20] <Cligra> Hm.'
[05:20] <Dog4591> Block 200
[05:21] <Dog4591> I think I crashed java
[05:21] <Dog4591> NVM Just Minecraft
[05:22] <Dog4591> Block 204
[05:22] <CzechMate> Hi Clig
[05:22] <Cligra> Hey.
[05:23] <CzechMate> Did you hear what SSX did?
[05:23] <Dog4591> ???
[05:23] <Cligra> Sorta. 
[05:23] <Dog4591> What happened?
[05:23] <CzechMate> I'll tell yo in PM Clig
[05:23] <Cligra> Dog want to know as well, seemingly... 
[05:23] <Dog4591> Block 205
[05:23] <Cligra> *wants
[05:24] <Korppufin> hi o/ 
[05:24] <Dog4591> I can't find block 205...
[05:24] <Cligra> Hey, Kor. 
[05:24] <Korppufin> how are you
[05:24] <Dog4591> Java crashed
[05:25] <Korppufin> i just waked up
[05:25] <Dog4591> I should be falling asleep.
[05:25] <Dog4591> CRASH
[05:25] <Dog4591> 
[05:25] <Korppufin> the Clock is 8:26 AM
[05:26] <Korppufin> but i shud say just 8:26
[05:26] <Korppufin> becouse we dont use AM and PM in Finland
[05:27] <Dog4591> It is 10:27 PM PST
[05:27] <CzechMate> I just found out some guy on my street made an actual piecaek 
[05:27] <CzechMate> It looks nasty, but tastes OK.
[05:27] <Dog4591> O_O
[05:27] <Dog4591> O_o
[05:28] <Dog4591> o_o
[05:28] <Dog4591> o_O
[05:28] <Korppufin> nah
[05:28] <Korppufin> seen allredy
[05:28] <Cligra> We loves da Piecaek . 
[05:28] <Korppufin> go to Helsinki
[05:28] <Dog4591> CRASH!
[05:28] <Dog4591> Block 252
[05:29] <CzechMate> PIECAEK POW
[05:29] <Dog4591> I need this mod!
[05:30] <Dog4591> Java crashed
[05:30] <Korppufin> WOW
[05:30] <Korppufin> this is amazing
[05:30] <Dog4591> What?
[05:30] <Korppufin> they show ninjago in Finland AGAIN
[05:30] <Dog4591> CRASH!
[05:30] <Korppufin> and finaly 2th season
[05:30] <Dog4591> Block 202
[05:31] <Korppufin> but really i like to watc them in english
[05:31] <Cligra> Hm.
[05:31] <Korppufin> the charecters are more personal in original language
[05:31] <Power Jim> Hi
[05:31] <Dog4591> Crash
[05:31] <Dog4591> Hi.
[05:31] <Cligra> That is frequently the case. 
[05:32] <Cligra> Hi!
[05:32] <CzechMate> Hi jim!
[05:32] <Cligra> Chat running slooow.... 
[05:32] <Power Jim> I just came back from the Castlemaine Lego expo! :D 
[05:32] <CzechMate> zame
[05:32] <Korppufin> ewww this dupping is so non in charecter
[05:32] <Dog4591> Block 203
[05:32] <Power Jim> It was pretty good. :) 
[05:32] <Korppufin> i speak about finnish dub
[05:33] <CzechMate> ?
[05:33] <Korppufin> coles actor is chanced
[05:33] <Cligra> :/ 
[05:34] <Dog4591> Parse error.
[05:34] <Dog4591> I can't install Forestry.
[05:35] <Cligra> :O 
[05:35] <Korppufin> Lloyds sound is like 50 years guys voice
[05:36] <CzechMate> :/ 
[05:36] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hello o/ 
[05:37] <Power Jim> Hi clone o/ 
[05:37] <Cligra> Hey.
[05:37] <CzechMate> Hi CGCJ o/ 
[05:37] <Dog4591> Now I ruined redpower.
[05:37] <Korppufin> clone
[05:37] <Dog4591> *Sigh*
[05:37] <CzechMate> Jimmy Wales freaks me out
[05:37] <Power Jim> So clone, me and you fighting for BOTM?
[05:37] <Korppufin> i dont know do i do the comick
[05:38] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Not fighting, competing
[05:38] <Dog4591> This should fix redpower.
[05:38] <Korppufin> LOL
[05:38] <Dog4591> It did.
[05:38] <Power Jim> Yes, probably a better, less-agresive word... :P 
[05:38] <CzechMate> Piecaek 
[05:39] <CzechMate> Who wants a piecaek ?
[05:39] <Dog4591> ICE CREAM
[05:39] <Korppufin> the samurai X voice is like a ginger powders
[05:39] <Cligra> Enough already, Czech.... (lol) 
[05:39] <Power Jim> Is that you hitting CM with a hammer?
[05:39] <Dog4591> LOLZ
[05:39] <CzechMate> @Cligra u r jelly u dont hav piecaek 
[05:39] <Korppufin> the English dubs whas so mutc better
[05:40] <Dog4591> (lol) 
[05:40] <Dog4591> (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) 
[05:40] <CzechMate> Don't spam
[05:40] <CzechMate> Warn 1
[05:41] <Dog4591> Can someone help me decide on something?
[05:41] <Cligra> Hm?
[05:41] <Dog4591> Which mod do I install next?
[05:41] <Dog4591>
[05:42] <Cligra> I know nothing about the subject. 
[05:42] <CzechMate> I found Cligra on Eurobricks!
[05:42] <CzechMate> Darth Hagrid!
[05:42] <Cligra> Thatsa meesa, Czech. :) 
[05:43] <Cligra> Yousa on their as wellsa?
[05:43] <CzechMate> I thinksa Isa calledsa CzechMate
[05:43] <Cligra> *there
[05:43] <CzechMate> It doesn't work thp
[05:43] <CzechMate> *tho
[05:43] <CzechMate> **though
[05:43] <Cligra> Huh. 
[05:43] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Im on there as Clone gunner comander jedi
[05:43] <CzechMate> It seems to not work when I attempt to post
[05:45] <Cligra> Weirdsa. 
[05:45] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Is that a Cyberman image for the Darth Hagrid thing?
[05:45] <Cligra> Yeah. 
[05:45] <Cligra> It's from an old comic strip in DWM. 
[05:46] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Thought so
[05:47] <CzechMate> G4L hasn't bee on for ages
[05:47] <CzechMate> *been
[05:47] <Cligra> Hm.
[05:48] <CzechMate> Yet he has chat mod
[05:48] <Dog4591> 5 Options.
[05:48] <Clone gunner commander jedi> He does!?!?!?
[05:48] <Dog4591> Lag
[05:48] <Power Jim> :S 
[05:49] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Oh G4L
[05:49] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I thought you had typed GL4
[05:50] <Power Jim> I'd like to know who makes the theme-table templates on Brickipedia?
[05:51] <Clone gunner commander jedi> NXT?
[05:52] <Power Jim> He does a pretty lousy job if he made the city one.... -_-
[05:52] <Cligra> Link?
[05:52] <Power Jim> [[City]]
[05:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I think it goes for every set in the city category
[05:53] <Cligra> Oh, that's a rather nasty glitch. 
[05:53] <Cligra> I think I can fix it...
[05:54] <Dog4591> I got it down to three mods.
[05:54] <Power Jim> Thanks Cligra :) 
[05:54] <Dog4591> One was included in Buildcraft.
[05:54] <Power Jim> I'm surprised no one besides me has noticed it though.... :S 
[05:55] <Dog4591> And another became part of another one of the three mods.
[05:55] <Cligra> I'll see what I can do. I'm not 100% sure, though. 
[05:56] <CzechMate> Dog, I have no idea about what you're talking about
[05:56] <Cligra> Didn't work. 
[05:56] <Cligra> I'll see if it's a problem with the template. 
[05:57] <Power Jim> Perhaps you're better off making the template from scratch again Cligra.
[05:57] <Power Jim> br
[05:57] <Power Jim> *brb
[05:58] <Cligra> I think you're right.
[05:59] <Cligra> I've found nothing wring with the template, or the page. 
[05:59] <Cligra> *wrong
[05:59] <Cligra> Of course, the template's coding is a bit beyond me in bits. 
[06:00] <Dog4591> Java crashed
[06:01] <Cligra> It seems to be listing every set ever, from the very lowest number. :/ 
[06:01] <Cligra> It can only show 500 results, though. 
[06:01] <CzechMate> o_o
[06:01] <Dog4591> If Java crashed one more time...
[06:02] <Dog4591> Ok good only minecraft crashed
[06:02] <Power Jim> back
[06:03] <Power Jim> Wow, really Cligra O_O
[06:03] <Cligra> It's a bit odd. :P 
[06:03] <Power Jim> Same issue happened with the Bob the Builder theme-table, that's fixed now however.
[06:04] <Cligra> Huh. The same thing happened with the MF one, but the template was different, so I was able to fix it...
[06:04] <Power Jim> Ask NXT to fix it if necessary, he fixed the Bob the Builder one.
[06:04] <Dog4591> Thats it I don't really need redpower, I can just build huge redstone machines.
[06:05] <CzechMate> I didn't know the Big C-word until I saw Gladiatoring's talk page o_9
[06:05] <Dog4591> Maybe I can just delete redpower machine
[06:05] <Cligra> Glad's scary. :/ 
[06:06] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Was he scary?
[06:06] <Cligra> Look at his talkpage if you really wanna know. 
[06:06] <CzechMate> Gladiatoing taught me the c-word
[06:06] <Cligra> Be warned, Clone...
[06:06] <Cligra> It's not nice. 
[06:07] <CzechMate> Be afraid, be very afraid
[06:07] <Dog4591> That worked.
[06:08] <Cligra> g2g
[06:08] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Already seen his talkpage, its funny
[06:08] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Bye
[06:08] <CzechMate> cya
[06:08] <Power Jim> bye CM
[06:08] <Dog4591> I get hyper whenever I do math.
[06:08] <Power Jim> oh 
[06:09] <Dog4591> Mainly two-step and muti-step equations.
[06:10] <Power Jim> I meant bye Cligra :] 
[06:10] <Dog4591> The bot is back.
[06:10] <CzechMate> First time I've ever seen that emoticon used
[06:10] <Power Jim> :P (CM)
[06:11] <Power Jim> I'd like to see this emoticon used more often: (mario) 
[06:11] <CzechMate> :] looks like a piecaek 
[06:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> CM stop using that word
[06:12] <Dog4591> piecaek 
[06:13] <Dog4591> One last mod.
[06:13] <CzechMate> How is it rude though?
[06:13] <Power Jim> CM (stop) 
[06:13] <Power Jim> :P 
[06:13] <CzechMate> Ajr said it 7 times in a row this morning
[06:14] <Power Jim> (stop) the (universally unaccepted) 
[06:14] <Power Jim> They control the (*)
[06:14] <Power Jim> (* ) 
[06:15] <CzechMate> :/ 
[06:15] <Power Jim> (universally unaccepted) have a (* ) too!
[06:16] <CzechMate> :/ 
[06:17] <Power Jim> (universally unaccepted) also play (mario) on (nintendo) .
[06:17] <Power Jim> :P 
[06:17] <Dog4591> piecaek 
[06:17] <CzechMate> Dog.
[06:18] <Dog4591> What?
[06:18] <CzechMate> We said that we'd all stop
[06:18] <Power Jim> I'm talking half emoticon, half words.
[06:18] <Dog4591> Ok.
[06:19] <Power Jim> (universally unaccepted) actually come from the (moon) !
[06:19] <CzechMate> Jim, stop
[06:20] <Power Jim> don't you mean (stop) Penguin? :P 
[06:21] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No Jim it came from from my bricks
[06:22] <Power Jim> No, clone (universally unaccepted) came from the (moon) so they could play (mario) .
[06:24] <Dog4591> Time for a mega empire in Minecraft. Water, power, redstone, blocks, fuel, lava, and information will be all over the place.
[06:24] <Korppufin> hiiii
[06:24] <CzechMate> :/ 
[06:24] <Korppufin> minecraft XBLA Multiplayer trailer just camed out
[06:25] <Brick bobby> Hello o/ 
[06:25] <Power Jim> (squirrel) 's eat (universally unaccepted) did you know?
[06:25] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hello Bobby o/ 
[06:25] <CzechMate> Jim, stop
[06:25] <CzechMate> Warn 2
[06:25] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No it doesn't Jim 
[06:26] <Korppufin> Thor cube dude or Thor custom style idol
[06:27] <Korppufin> CB or CSIdol
[06:28] <CzechMate> :| 
[06:28] <Korppufin> whatever
[06:28] <Korppufin> : -I
[06:29] <Power Jim> Brb, for 10 min.
[06:32] <Brick bobby> If Jim comes back he should keep his warnings
[06:32] <Brick bobby> For the next 15 minutes
[06:32] <Clone gunner commander jedi> He will keep his warnings
[06:33] <Brick bobby> How do we ban a chat mod
[06:33] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Special:User Rights
[06:35] <Korppufin> CB or Csidol
[06:35] <Korppufin> CD*
[06:36] <Korppufin> Cube dude or Custom style idol
[06:36] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Cube Dude
[06:36] <Korppufin> ok
[06:36] <Brick bobby> Cubedude
[06:37] <Brick bobby> Cubedude all the way
[06:37] <Power Jim> back
[06:37] <Brick bobby> Ok
[06:38] <Korppufin> i make now cube dude thor
[06:38] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Cool
[06:38] <Dog4591> I will automate EVERYTHING in Minecraft.
[06:38] <Brick bobby> How
[06:38] <Korppufin> and the Custom Style Idol is coming after
[06:38] <Brick bobby> Do you have the technic pack
[06:38] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Does take notice of what Dog is typing? 
[06:39] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Does anyone*
[06:39] <Brick bobby> I do
[06:39] <Brick bobby> Occasionly
[06:40] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I do, but it has nothing to with what we are talking about
[06:40] <Clone gunner commander jedi> And annoys me 
[06:40] <Dog4591> Brick, I will automate it with serveral mods.
[06:40] <Dog4591> This robot will not be happy when it reaches that lava.
[06:41] <Korppufin> avengers or thor THor
[06:43] <Clone gunner commander jedi> They are the same? Are they not
[06:43] <Dog4591> I see a flying robot.
[06:43] <Korppufin> NO
[06:44] <Korppufin> the avengers thor got difrent shirt
[06:45] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Oh
[06:45] <Korppufin> and trousers
[06:45] <Korppufin> avengers thor got kind of tan trousers
[06:45] <Korppufin> and Thor Thor got brown trousers
[06:46] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Oh i say do the Thor one
[06:46] <Korppufin> ok
[06:51] <Korppufin> now is only the head
[06:51] <Korppufin> the body is done
[06:52] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Wow that is quick
[06:55] <Dog4591> I have a whole army of turtles 
[06:56] <Korppufin> now its done
[06:57] <CzechMate> back
[06:59] <Korppufin> bye
[07:00] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Yay CM is back :D 
[07:00] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hello o/ 
[07:00] <LEGOSpinjitzu> Hi
[07:05] <Clone gunner commander jedi> So what to talk aboout?
[07:05] <Clone gunner commander jedi> about*
[07:08] <CzechMate> ummm
[07:10] <Korppufin> hi again
[07:10] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hi o/ 
[07:11] <Korppufin> did you saw the thor
[07:11] <Korppufin> it whas crappy
[07:12] <Korppufin> i dont know is it reconisabel
[07:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I like it
[07:16] <Irnakk> Hi o/ 
[07:17] <Dog4591> Bye.
[07:17] <Dog4591> Nyan out.
[07:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hello Irnakk o/ 
[07:17] <Brick bobby> Hello
[07:18] <Brick bobby> O/ 
[07:18] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hi Bobby o/ 
[07:18] <Irnakk> Hi bobby o/ 
[07:21] <Irnakk> You guys have a page i need to edit?
[07:23] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Yes thers loads you could edit
[07:23] <Clone gunner commander jedi> there is*
[07:23] <Irnakk> :D 
[07:24] <Irnakk> Hi Gresh :D 
[07:24] <Irnakk> o/ 
[07:24] <Gresh250> o/ 
[07:25] <Irnakk> Hi Soldier o/ 
[07:25] <Legosoldier10> hey
[07:27] <Irnakk> Removing the false Snake Train information
[07:28] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Good
[07:28] <Irnakk> :D 
[07:29] <Irnakk> I have 25 days in the Devoted badge :D 
[07:30] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I'm 38 days in to the 365 day badge
[07:31] <Irnakk> All kind of edits(Comments,and stuff) count in the Devoted badge,right?
[07:31] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Yes
[07:31] <Irnakk> :D 
[07:32] <Irnakk> Well, 365 days... pretty long
[07:32] <Irnakk> Should they not make it shorter?
[07:32] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I was 300 and somethings days in to it
[07:32] <Clone gunner commander jedi> The i forgot to edit one day
[07:32] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Than*
[07:33] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Then*
[07:33] <Irnakk> Let's hope You won't forget it again ;) 
[07:36] <Korppufin> im going to watc Avengers today'
[07:36] <Korppufin> at 21:00
[07:36] <Korppufin> PM
[07:37] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Cool
[07:38] <Korppufin> i need to watc it 2D
[07:38] <Irnakk> I can't watch the Avengers :( 
[07:38] <Korppufin> why
[07:38] <LEGOSpinjitzu> Hello
[07:38] <Korppufin> hell´o
[07:38] <Irnakk> Because my dad is saving money for vacation -.-
[07:38] <Korppufin> ok
[07:38] <Korppufin> i dont need to
[07:39] <LEGOSpinjitzu> Don't worry
[07:39] <Korppufin> mah uncle is paying the ticets
[07:39] <LEGOSpinjitzu> you can buy the DVD version of it when it comes out.
[07:39] <Irnakk> Ok
[07:39] <Korppufin> yeah i loved the iron man dvd
[07:39] <Korppufin> becouse there whas the extended version
[07:40] <LEGOSpinjitzu> I prefer DC
[07:40] <Korppufin> last year i whatced green lantern whit my uncle
[07:40] <Irnakk> I honestly only like DC because of Batman
[07:40] <LEGOSpinjitzu> So do I.
[07:41] <Korppufin> but all the movies need to be 2D versions becouse my uncle have really bad head ache when he whatces 3D
[07:41] <LEGOSpinjitzu> I'm getting some DC sets this week.
[07:41] <Korppufin> i want some super hero sets to my collection :( 
[07:42] <LEGOSpinjitzu> Some are a bit overpriced.
[07:42] <Korppufin> but now i know why they didnt come to Finland
[07:42] <LEGOSpinjitzu> Why?
[07:42] <Korppufin> they hadded some problems whit production
[07:43] <Korppufin> i heard the same thing hapended in new Mexico
[07:44] <LEGOSpinjitzu> Does LEGO shop at Home have a site for Finnland?
[07:44] <Korppufin> nope
[07:44] <Korppufin> problems there too
[07:44] <LEGOSpinjitzu> Aww..
[07:44] <Korppufin> but one day they hadded
[07:44] <Korppufin> some DC sets
[07:44] <Korppufin> but not today
[07:45] <Korppufin> or let me check
[07:45] <Clone gunner commander jedi> What about the finland version of amazon?
[07:45] <Korppufin> Amazon
[07:45] <Korppufin> LOL
[07:45] <Korppufin> YES
[07:45] <Korppufin> they got all the sets
[07:46] <Korppufin> in lego shop
[07:47] <Korppufin> this is a good dream
[07:48] <Clone gunner commander jedi> What dream?
[07:48] <Korppufin> they got all the sets
[07:48] <Korppufin> comicng to finland
[07:48] <Korppufin> i cant whait
[07:48] <LEGOSpinjitzu> 6857 won't.
[07:49] <LEGOSpinjitzu> It's a Toys R Us exclusive, I think.
[07:49] <Korppufin> they got it in Finlands super hero site
[07:49] <Korppufin> its buyable
[07:51] <Korppufin> and i can always go to Haaparanta
[07:51] <Korppufin> its in Sweeden
[07:51] <Korppufin> and they got all the xeclusives
[07:52] <LEGOSpinjitzu> Even the ones that are only released in the UK?
[07:52] <LEGOSpinjitzu> Impossible.
[07:52] <Korppufin> they got the powerminer exclusives
[07:52] <LEGOSpinjitzu> They're very old.
[07:52] <Korppufin> yeah
[07:53] <Korppufin> but they got some barrak bionicles
[07:53] <Power Jim> bye
[07:53] <LEGOSpinjitzu> And Power Miners' exclusives were sold everywhere.
[07:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Bye
[07:53] <LEGOSpinjitzu> Bye
[07:53] <LEGOSpinjitzu> When they came out.
[07:53] <Korppufin> 2008
[07:53] <Korppufin> no
[07:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> None of the exclusive sets are just sold in the UK
[07:53] <Korppufin> 2009
[07:54] <Korppufin> but im not talking about UK shops
[07:54] <Korppufin> im talking about Sweedens shops
[07:55] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I know
[07:55] <Korppufin> i live near Tornio
[07:55] <Clone gunner commander jedi> But LEGOSpinjitzu was
[07:55] <Korppufin> Tornio river is the line river
[07:57] <LEGOSpinjitzu> Hello.
[07:57] <Korppufin> hib o/ 
[07:58] <Korppufin> hii Br1ck
[07:58] <Korppufin> o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ 
[07:59] <Korppufin> G2G
[07:59] <CzechMate> Hey Br1ck
[07:59] <Clone gunner commander jedi> BR1CK!
[07:59] <Clone gunner commander jedi> O/ 
[07:59] <Clone gunner commander jedi> How are you?
[08:00] <Clone gunner commander jedi> NOOOOOOOOO!
[08:00] <Clone gunner commander jedi> :( 
[08:01] <CzechMate> :p 
[08:02] <Br1ck animat0r> Sorry bricki tablet app glitch
[08:02] <Br1ck animat0r> Back now :-) 
[08:03] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Br1ck o/ 
[08:03] <Br1ck animat0r> Hey
[08:04] <Clone gunner commander jedi> How are you?
[08:05] <Br1ck animat0r> Sleepy, you?
[08:06] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Great, I'm watching the Two Doctors :P 
[08:07] <Br1ck animat0r> You need to watch the 1968 the time machine movie
[08:08] <Clone gunner commander jedi> What is it?
[08:09] <Br1ck animat0r> Its what doctor who was based on, it was a book from 1895 written by the man who made war of the worlds
[08:10] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Orson Wells? or something like that?
[08:10] <Br1ck animat0r> Close, H.G.Wells
[08:10] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I don't Doctor Who was based on film that came out 5 years Doctor Who had allready started
[08:11] <Clone gunner commander jedi> don't think*
[08:11] <Br1ck animat0r> It was based on the book from 1895 the film was made after the doctor who show begun
[08:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Doctor Who started on 23 November 1963
[08:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Oh
[08:13] <Br1ck animat0r> Its a good book and a great movie, I read the book in 9 days and watched the film yesterday
[08:13] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Anywhere online to see that film?
[08:14] <Br1ck animat0r> Netflix maybe
[08:14] <Br1ck animat0r> Pirate bay has been closed by cispa!
[08:15] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Natflix?
[08:15] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Netflix?*
[08:15] <Br1ck animat0r> Netflix you can watch mov
[08:16] <Clone gunner commander jedi> mov?
[08:16] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Do you have to pay for Netflix?
[08:16] <Br1ck animat0r> * youcanwatch 24x30 hours of videos before you need to sign up
[08:18] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I just realized how great the highlander minifigure is for a Jammie Mcrimmon minifigure
[08:18] <Clone gunner commander jedi>
[08:20] <Br1ck animat0r> The bagpiper?
[08:21] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No [[Highland Battler]]
[08:22] <Clone gunner commander jedi>
[08:24] <Br1ck animat0r> Cool but I'm pretty sure the highland battle was based of of braveheart
[08:24] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I know
[08:24] <Clone gunner commander jedi> But it would makem a good minifigure of Jamie
[08:24] <Clone gunner commander jedi> make*
[08:26] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Im trying to make one now
[08:26] <Br1ck animat0r> Yup
[08:26] <Br1ck animat0r> Hello skin :/ 
[08:27] <Clone gunner commander jedi> You mean yellow?
[08:30] <Br1ck animat0r> Autocrorect
[08:30] <Br1ck animat0r> Auto correct
[08:31] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Thought so
[08:33] <Legosoldier10> has Power JIm been on
[08:34] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Yes and he left aver an hour ago
[08:34] <Clone gunner commander jedi> over*
[08:34] <Legosoldier10> ok
[08:34] <Legosoldier10> thx
[08:34] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Br1ck! D:
[08:37] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Just me and you Mytrhun
[09:44] <CJC95> Blog comments annoy me. 
[09:44] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I see you have been deleteing blogs
[09:44] <Clone gunner commander jedi> deleting*
[09:45] <CJC95> Well, I don't see why comments like "lol he was gonna commit suicide" are really needed.
[09:45] <Clone gunner commander jedi> There not
[09:45] <Clone gunner commander jedi> And taht is not a laughing matter
[09:45] <Clone gunner commander jedi> that*
[09:45] <CJC95> And when half a blogs comments starts to turn to stuff like that, its easier to delete the whole blog.
[09:45] <Clone gunner commander jedi> True
[09:46] <CJC95> Looks like SSX has got in trouble again....
[09:46] <Clone gunner commander jedi> What has he done now?
[09:47] <CzechMate> Hi CJC
[09:47] <CJC95> IDK, but he left angry messages on CMs and Ajrs TPs
[09:47] <CzechMate> Oh SSX. :/ 
[09:47] <CJC95> Speak of the penguin, and he doth appear.
[09:47] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hello CM
[09:47] <CzechMate> I find it funny no-one reads logs
[09:47] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I read them
[09:48] <CzechMate> SSX said I kicked him, when, if you looked in "User rights logs" he'd know Ajr kicked him
[09:48] <CzechMate> [[BP:UCS]] needs to be advertised more. :/ 
[09:49] <Clone gunner commander jedi> UCS? Use common sense?
[09:49] <CzechMate> Ya.
[09:49] <CJC95> I sometimes Ctrl+F CJC in the logs :P 
[09:49] <CJC95> Because if people think I do that
[09:49] <CJC95> They don't say stuff about me 
[09:50] <Clone gunner commander jedi> We do talk about you
[09:50] <CzechMate> I Ctrl + F the logs when I'm in need of humor
[09:50] <CzechMate> *humour
[09:50] <Clone gunner commander jedi> But its normally just Zero saying your a smelly midlander
[09:50] <CzechMate> Oh Emm Gee, a west londoner :O 
[09:52] <CJC95> Yes, but that is because PZ0 does not know where the South East is.
[09:52] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Its near the sea
[09:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Not the midlands
[09:53] <CJC95> Exactly. :P 
[09:53] <CzechMate> It sounds like I'm going back to England at Christmas time.
[09:53] <CzechMate> Sick relatives, friends, etc
[09:53] <CzechMate> Hi SKP
[09:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> What part?
[09:53] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hello SKP
[09:54] <SKP4472> Hi guys o/ 
[09:54] <CzechMate> @CGCJ Everywhere :p 
[09:54] <Clone gunner commander jedi> All over England?
[09:54] <CzechMate> Yesh.
[09:54] <CzechMate> Even Scotland and Wales
[09:54] <CJC95> I live about 20 miles from Central London, which is not the Midlands :P 
[09:55] <CzechMate> :p 
[09:55] <CJC95> Just because he is Northern and lives closer to the Midlands.
[09:55] <CzechMate> Portaloo Station is one of the most disgusting things I've seen
[09:55] <CzechMate> Talk about ugly :S 
[09:55] <SKP4472> Woop, woop! I'm famous! XD
[09:55] <CJC95> Portaloo?
[09:56] <CJC95> I think you went into a portable toilet and not a train station..
[09:56] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Portaloo station?
[09:56] <CzechMate> *I'm getting names mixed up
[09:56] <CzechMate> I'm in a state of laziness
[09:56] <CJC95> Waterloo?
[09:56] <CzechMate> Hospital sucks out my memory
[09:56] <Clone gunner commander jedi> SKP thats old news
[09:56] <CzechMate> yes, Waterloo
[09:56] <CJC95> Waterloo isn't bad. 
[09:57] <CzechMate> Eh
[09:57] <CzechMate> (You should see how bad my local station is)
[09:58] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Yes but that is in Australia, Waterloo station is in England
[09:58] <CzechMate> I know that...
[09:58] <CzechMate> There's one station in Australia that is dreadful
[09:58] <CzechMate> Strathfield - a complete dump
[09:59] <SKP4472> @CGCJ, I know
[09:59] <CJC95> The few I've used are all relativly fine.
[09:59] <CzechMate> The problem here with transport is the fact you get creeps on 'em
[10:00] <CJC95> But I use 2 regularly (5 days a week), and 2 rarely.
[10:00] <CzechMate> I walk to a heck load of things anyway :p 
[10:01] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Same
[10:01] <CJC95> Same, but town is only 20-25 minutes away.
[10:02] <CzechMate> My walk home from school is almost 40 minutes
[10:02] <Clone gunner commander jedi> My walk from school is only 15-18 minutes
[10:04] <CzechMate> Dinner, Bye
[10:04] <CzechMate> I shall be back if I'm bothered
[10:04] <Br1ck animat0r> Hi
[10:05] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hi Br1ck
[10:05] <Clone gunner commander jedi> o/ 
[10:05] <Br1ck animat0r> I just came on because I had an ace idea
[10:05] <Br1ck animat0r> You need to hear it
[10:05] <Br1ck animat0r> OK
[10:05] <Br1ck animat0r> Ready?
[10:06] <Clone gunner commander jedi> About?
[10:06] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Yes im ready!
[10:07] <Br1ck animat0r> OK
[10:07] <Br1ck animat0r> Are you sure you're ready because this is a brilliant idea!
[10:08] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Of course i'm ready
[10:10] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Waiting...
[10:11] <Br1ck animat0r> Well... My friend texted me last night with the proposition that if I had any old or damaged minifigures he'd pay big because he likes to collect lego minifigures for display. (I collect them to destroy and cutomise them >:) ) this got me thinking, on ebay there are thousands of people selling custom minifigures no better than mine for ten pounds a piece. On bricklink I have friends who could help me bulk buy so I can get them cheap. I worked out If I made ten figures with five pounds I could keep up that rate and before the lord of the rings sets are released I could have enough money to buy them all!
[10:11] <Br1ck animat0r> thoughts?
[10:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hmm
[10:12] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I get minifigures for the parts aswell
[10:14] <CzechMate> Hi
[10:14] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hello CM O/ 
[10:14] <Br1ck animat0r> but it would work If I spend £5 on parts for ten, sell the ten and have money for parts for 20 then sell the 20 and have money for parts for 40 then when I get a steady rate I could start to keep profit and level it out
[10:15] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Sounds good
[10:15] <CzechMate> I'm working as a paper boy to get Moola these days
[10:15] <Br1ck animat0r> Only problem is you need to be 18 to have an ebay account. You can be 13 to sell on bricklink but it's a much smaller market.
[10:15] <Br1ck animat0r> less customers would visit.
[10:17] <CzechMate> My mate sold a $20 set for $40 the other week
[10:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Sounds like a good idea Br1ck
[10:17] <CzechMate> But he's an expert scammer :p 
[10:17] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Expert scammer?
[10:17] <Br1ck animat0r> At the moment I'm making £1.50 a week.
[10:18] <Br1ck animat0r> By various means ...
[10:18] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I'm making £0 a week
[10:18] <Br1ck animat0r> :) 
[10:19] <CzechMate> @CGCJ He knows how to make peopel pay more :p 
[10:19] <Br1ck animat0r> Wait no, It'd be £1.90 when you add the interest in my bank :) 
[10:19] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Too bad no one pays to sit and watch Doctor Who allday :P 
[10:19] <Clone gunner commander jedi> all day*
[10:20] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hi Mat o/ 
[10:20] <Br1ck animat0r> you could get a job as a continuity editor for the BBC, it just consists of watching television shows before they are aired to make sure there's nothing wrong with them like a missing scene or section without audio.
[10:20] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Oh he left
[10:21] <Br1ck animat0r> It pays quite well
[10:21] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I don't think they would employ a 14 year to do that
[10:22] <Clone gunner commander jedi> And anyway the BBC is in London
[10:23] <CzechMate> It's in Wales, isn't it?
[10:23] <Clone gunner commander jedi> No the main BBC building is in London
[10:25] <Br1ck animat0r> The BBC has centers in England wales and scotland, there are two centres in England, one in London where live shows like the news and Saturday morning shows are filmed and one in Manchester where pre-recorded shows are sorted and aired.
[10:25] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Oh
[10:25] <Clone gunner commander jedi> You seem to know a bit about the BBC?
[10:25] <Br1ck animat0r> the job of continuity editor would be one for the manchester centre
[10:26] <Br1ck animat0r> I know a bit about everything
[10:26] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Everything? >:)
[10:26] <CzechMate> Ooos
[10:26] <CzechMate> gtg
[10:27] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Great alone with the bot again
[10:29] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Br1ck please come back soon :( 
[10:30] <Awesomeknight1234> Here ye, here ye!
[10:30] <Clone gunner commander jedi> KNIGHT! 
[10:31] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Hello
[10:31] <Awesomeknight1234> Hello.
[10:33] <Awesomeknight1234> Yesterday was May the Fourth!
[10:33] <Awesomeknight1234> :O 
[10:33] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I know
[10:33] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Star Wars day
[10:33] <Awesomeknight1234> *Checks LEGO Star Wars website.*
[10:33] <Clone gunner commander jedi> And i forgot to watch star wars
[10:33] <Clone gunner commander jedi> New stop motion?
[10:35] <Awesomeknight1234> No.
[10:35] <Awesomeknight1234> :/ 
[10:35] <Awesomeknight1234> It doesn't even show the old ones from last year.
[10:36] <Clone gunner commander jedi> WHAT!?
[10:36] <Awesomeknight1234>
[10:36] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I was hoping ofr a clone wars animation this year
[10:36] <Awesomeknight1234> Sweet!
[10:36] <Clone gunner commander jedi> for*
[10:36] <Awesomeknight1234> Use the arrow keys to move your character.
[10:37] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I know i have played that before
[10:38] <Awesomeknight1234> I haven't been on the Star Wars site for a while.
[10:38] <Awesomeknight1234> It was always boring.
[10:38] <Awesomeknight1234> Now it's fun!
[10:41] <Clone gunner commander jedi> I allways found it fun
[10:42] <Awesomeknight1234> Still.
[10:43] <Clone gunner commander jedi> Its a lot better now
[10:44] <Awesomeknight1234> Yes.
[10:45] <Awesomeknight1234> There's always a time when I see a great LEGO website, and I think if Castle had lasted longer, it would be even better than those sites.
[10:45] <Awesomeknight1234>
[10:45] <Awesomeknight1234> O_O
[10:46] <Clone gunner commander jedi>

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