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Welcome to the Community Messages Area! Here you can find out all the latest information regarding Brickipedia including new features, the latest discussions and more!

If you plan on editing here we suggest that you change to the source editor. Also, if you haven't already, may we ask that you take a moment to view our Policies. It may be a good idea to review the policies every now and again because they do occasionally change.

Even if you have read our policy, please make note of some policy reminders that are constantly having to be issued:

  • All images uploaded must be posted to an article within an hour.
  • All Customs articles must contain an image of the actual custom.
  • Even though they are the creation of a user, customs articles must still meet the standards set for customs.

The Wiki has seen an increase in vandalism recently, so if you see any vandalism then please report it to an Administrator. Please also note that the Live Chat is now logged but Private Messages are of course not logged. All logs are freely viewable and available here.

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