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This page is for any requests to become a member of the Quality Check Group.

To prevent excessive nominations, there is an edit and time requirement for the user to be eligible to make a request. The user must have made at least 100 mainspace edits, and have been on the wiki for at least one week. They should also have shown some experience in voting/successfully nominating articles for featured articles, Class 1 articles, and/or Class 2 articles. If the request is unsuccessful, the user will be unable to lodge a request until two months after the date the request concluded. For a request to pass, there must be at least a +3 vote count and a 60 percent positive vote percentage.

A requester may withdraw their request at any time throughout the process, but will be unable to lodge a request until two months after the date of withdrawl if the overall vote score is less than zero.

How to make a request

To make a request, use the following syntax:

=={{u|(your username)}}, Requested ~~~~~==
'''Request comments:''' (any comments here)

After one week, an admin who is also a QCG member will close the request and notify you of the result. An archive of past requests can be seen here.

Please note, only members of the Quality Check Group are permitted to vote, and should use {{RG}} before signing.


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