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This is Brickipedia's requests for bureaucrat page, on which any user may request bureaucrat rights. Bureaucrats have the technical ability to make other users administrators. All bureaucrats must already have passed a request for adminship, and be an administrator.

To file a request, place the following code under the "current requests" header, above any existing requests.

===replace this with your username===
{{Rfr/1|replace this with your username}}
Replace this with a brief blurb about why you are requesting bureaucratship here. ~~~~
*Request for closure. User can request rights after he has admin. ~~~~

Requests made on this page are a vote, meaning that if they achieve at least 80% support then they will be closed as successful. Opposers must provide reasons for opposing. All requests with unanimous support last for five days, but those with any opposing votes will last for a full two weeks.

If a user has been nominated for bureaucrat before, add 2 to the end of the topic header. For users with multiple requests, add the respective number of the request. It is also considered good practice to link to previous requests for rights when nominating a user.

There is an archive here for bureaucrat requests.

Current requests


Lavertus (Talk - Contribs - Block/rights logs - Logs) - (1,209 edits, 399 mainspace) - (Back to user rights requests)

Hello Brickipedia. Asn many of you know, i' m currently an Administrator here and have decided that I feel ready to climb up the ladder once again. I on chat most nights, and constantly working to ensure the quality of the Wiki, whether that's giving new users tips or reverting spam. I hope you will agree that I am the right guy for the job, and that you will trust me with the role of Bcrat. Thank you. Lavertus,Administrator of Brickipedia (talk) 20:23, April 24, 2017 (UTC)


  1. --Dadaw (talk) 20:27, April 24, 2017 (UTC)
  2. --Shiva The Emperor Shiva I (contact) 20:53, April 24, 2017 (UTC)





LEGOBennyBrick3 (Talk - Contribs - Block/rights logs - Logs) - (1,753 edits, 622 mainspace) - (Back to user rights requests)

Toa is now inactive so it's time for another bureaucrat. Of course I've been a very active user who has made almost 7,000 edits (including edits from my previous account). I have been an administrator for quite some time now and I am ready to become a bureaucrat, thank you.


  1. Great user good friend has worked very hard -TheTruePokemonMaster
  2. He isn't just the bureaucrat LEGO Wiki needs; he is the bureaucrat LEGO Wiki deserves! --MLG NEO-FUTURIST , (Talk) 20:17, August 2, 2016 (UTC)
  3. He has worked very hard to improve this wiki, and I think it's time that he becomes a bureaucrat. - VesperalLight
  4. Good user. Nuff said! - Thatstinkyguy
  5. Very great person who deserves this -Marty mcoy




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