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This is Brickipedia's requests for chat moderator page, on which any user may request chat moderator rights. Chat moderators have the ability to kick and ban users from chat who are being disruptive.

If you are considering nominating yourself for chat moderator, please read through the checklist to make sure that you meet the criteria.

To file a request, place the following code under the "current requests" header, above any existing requests.

An archive of past requests can be viewed here.

==replace this with your username==
{{Rfr/1|replace this with your username}}
replace this with a brief paragraph about why you want to be nominated. ~~~~

Requests made on this page are a vote, meaning that if they achieve at least 80% support then they will be closed as successful. Opposers must provide reasons for opposing. Most requests last for around a week, unless there is clear consensus either way after a short period of time.

If a user has been nominated for chat moderator before, add 2 to the end of the topic header. For users with multiple requests, add the respective number of the request. It is also considered good practice to link to previous requests for rights when nominating a user.

Current requests


Lavertus (Talk - Contribs - Block/rights logs - Logs) - (493 edits, 106 mainspace) - (Back to user rights requests)

hello guys! I have put my name down for chat moderaor as i am good at solving arguements, an exelent listener and if theres one thing i can't stand on the chat it is spam. I have quite a bit of experience with chat powers and i love chatting to new people on chat. Finnaly, i hope some of you will agree with my points and i look forward to seeing the outcome of the poll.lavertus (talk) 18:43, July 15, 2015 (UTC)


  1. Nice, funny, talented... This is the job for you, Lav. -- LEGOFan999King of Awesomeness
  2. Because I'm a psych major. -WDMB



  1. I haven't seen you once on chat. --GOLDNINJAMX , (Talk) 22:55, August 30, 2015 (UTC)
  2. You need to be more active on chat. --Haunted330


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