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Some Brickipedians have decided to form a project to improve and write articles related to the generally neglected "girl themes".
In general, we will attempt to create and improve all articles related to these themes. More specifically, we will attempt:

  • To get the page of each theme itself to at least Complete status.
  • To get the article corresponding to the largest set of each theme to at least Good Article status, preferably Featured.
  • To create articles for all sets in each theme, if it has not already been done.
  • To create articles for all minifigures (or nearest equivalent) used in the themes.





If you wish to join, simply add your name to the bottom of the list!
Note: You don't have to want to improve all the themes above-if you want, you can simply choose one, and that will be fine.


If you join, you can copy the code of the following userbox, and add it to your userpage:
Oliviares This user is a member of The Pink Police.

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