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Bricktober was a 2009 Toys 'R' Us promotion. It started on the first day of October and ended on the first day of November. Each week, if you purchased a LEGO set, you would receive a DUPLO brick with part of the picture on it. If you bought a LEGO set every week in October, it would make a LEGO Halloween picture. In 2010 if you made a purchase of $20 or more on LEGO products you would get one of four minifigure magnets including a cowboy, imperial solider, knight or firefighter. In 2011, If you made a purchase on any LEGO Game or Construction set over $20, you would get any Minifigure magnet from the classic sets of the past 30 years (Ninja Princess 1999, Forestman 1990, Knight 1978, and Astronaut 1984), depending on what week you buy it.


  • You can see the full picture by going to the Toys "R" Us website. You can also buy each individual piece.
  • The picture is a skeleton resting on a stack of blue bricks. He is a banner that says, "Bricktober". Underneath the flag, there is the LEGO logo.
  • The skeleton looks like one from Castle, although the promotion doesn't seem to have anything to do with Castle, except you can buy a Castle set to get a brick.
  • The price of each brick is $4.99. That only applies if you just want to purchase the brick.
  • Several Toys "R" Us stores reported that they sold their entire stock within days.
  • The brick magnet size on the Magnet Minifigures is 2x4.


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