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Captain Redbeard
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Peg Leg


1989 - 1997, 1999 - 2000, 2002, 2015


Captain Redbeard is a Pirates minifigure that was first introduced in 1989. He was the first minifigure ever to bear a hook and a peg leg. He returns in 2015.


Redbeard has a black pirate hat and a hook hand.


Captain Roger Redbeard was the leader of the Pirates in the Pirates theme. He was first introduced in 1989 with the theme start and to the Pirates, he holds the same rank as Governor Broadside.

Redbeard is a fierce and bloodthirsty pirate that sails on his ship, The Black Seas Barracuda. He has several hidden hideouts and forts in which he can seek refuge, one of which being the Forbidden Island. He was cunning and smooth, and maintained a friendship with Bo'Sun Will, the youngest member of his crew. He also had a pet parrot named Popsy. He was always looking for treasure, including that belonging to the Islanders. As a pirate, Redbeard was an outlaw and was constantly chased by Governor Broadside and his imperial soldiers.

In 1992, a member of the pirate crew mutinied and started the Renegade Runner, a second faction of pirates in the area. The member bore a resemblance to Captain Redbeard, even missing the left eye and hand, but still had both of his legs. In 2009, Captain Brickbeard who was made for the the revival of Pirates theme, looks like a redone version of Captain Redbeard.

It is not known what happened to Captain Redbeard. Some assume he was captured, killed or otherwise met a nasty end by the Imperials. Legend has it that he was last seen sailing off into the sunset on his ship.


Redbeard from an angle

Soccer Mania

Captain Redbeard also appears in the video game Soccer Mania. He was involved in the plot, as he was the leader of the pirate crew that intercepted the player as they were chasing The Brickster. He says that he will give the player the location of the Brickster's hideout, however the player's team must defeat the Pirate Skeletons team, after the player accomplishes this, he lives up to his promise. Later on in the game, he is seen as the goalkeeper of the Tricorner Pirates team, as the player is locating the parts for the Spaceship. At the end of the game, he is seen to be a part of the Intergalactic team, the final team that the player has to face, he appears as a defender.

LEGO Chess

Captain Redbeard is one of the characters in LEGO Chess. He is the leader of the red team (bad guys) on the Pirates theme, here, he is always accompanied by his own personal crocodile. In each match, Captain Redbeard faces his old nemesis Governor Broadside.

Assuming the storyline goes to plan, based on the success of the player, Governor Broadside uncovers a treasure map, which is unsuccessfully stolen by Captain Redbeard and his crocodile later that night. The next day, as Governor Broadside sets sail to locate the treasure, his ship is intercepted by Captain Redbeard, who's then made to walk the plank. As Governor Broadside later uncovers the treasure, Captain Redbeard and his crocodile arrive to steal the chest, however he ends up being buried up to his neck in the sand, as Governor Broadside returns to his ship with the treasure chest.

LEGO Racers

LEGO Racers - Captain Redbeard's Opening00:16

LEGO Racers - Captain Redbeard's Opening

Redbeard's cutscene in LEGO Racers

It is revealed that in the LEGO Racers video game, Captain Redbeard is a competent race driver. He is one of the circuit champions of the game, he is the host of the tutorial circuit of the game. He and his car are unlockable after you finish first on his circuit overall. Coincidentally, Governor Broadside, Captain Redbeard's old nemesis, is one of the four other CPU racers from his circuit. Redbeard's preferred brick colour is red and he uses the basic cannonball attack (this coincides with his name, beard and also the fact he is is a pirate).

The LEGO Movie

Captain Redbeard can be seen briefly in the real world as The Man Upstairs looks at the "Do not touch" sign on Pirate's Cove. Descriptions This is a quote taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Captain Redbeard is the toughest of the pirates. The old sea dog has plundered more forts and sailed for more years than he has teeth in his mouth. Which frankly doesn’t say that much. But you get the point.


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