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The Cat is a Friends animal figure introduced in 2013. The black one, released in the first series of Friends Animals, became available even in December 2012. The white variation is so far exlusive to 41013 Emma's Sports Car set.


The cat is a single-stud mould, which features it standing up with bent back, elevated head looking straight ahead and long tail lying flat curled around the left side of its body. As other Friends animals, the cat has detailed and realistic eye print and a mild expression on its mouth. Some accessories like a bow or a crown can be attached to its head.


This mould comes in two colour variations.
The first variation is almost black but has patches of white fur on its chest, face, front paws, inside its ears and at the end of the tail. The cat’s nose and mouth are pink and its eyes are green.
The second variation is white with gray details on the front paws and at the end of its tail. The inside of its ears is pink and its nose and mouth are black. It has blue eyes and a printed blue collar with pink heart-shaped tag on its neck.


Both cats live in Heart Lake City attended by (Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia, and Stephanie). Their name remain unknown, although the description on suggests that the black one is a she-cat.
The black cat's is squirrel’s and turtle’s friend. Her favourite food is fish (mostly tuna). She also likes cat food and clams. The girls bought her a cat tree which she appreciates much.
The white cat is a more adventurous type as it enjoyes car trips to the mountains with Emma – its owner.

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The Cat
The girls gave me the best cat tree EVER! They make me feel like a princess. My favorite food is a fine fresh tuna fish! After I eat, it's cat nap time!



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