"Gimme an L! Gimme an E! Gimme a G! Gimme an O! Yaaay!"

The Cheerleader is a minifigure in 2010 as part of 8683 Minifigures Series 1.


The Cheerleader has blonde hair and a yellow head with eyes, eyebrows, and a cheerful expression. She has a blue torso with two white lines at the bottom of her top and two her collar, black printing at her sides to make her look thinner, and a 'M' sign on it and yellow arms and hands. She has white hips and legs with blue and yellow printings on it. The Cheerleader has two pom poms as accessories. Like all Minifigures, she has a black display stand.



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“Gimmie an L! Gimmie an E! Gimmie a G! Gimmie an O! Yaaay!”

The Cheerleader is perpetually filled to bursting with energy, excitement and enthusiasm. She prefers cartwheels and handsprings to plain old ordinary walking, and she waves her pom-poms around wildly whenever she talks, which is pretty much all of the time.

The Cheerleader loves to cheer people on, no matter what they’re doing. Whether they’re changing a light bulb, building a wall or just crossing the street, she’s always there with a peppy cheerleading routine to encourage them to do their best and never give up. It can actually get kind of annoying sometimes, but her perpetual good mood and sunny smile are so contagious that it’s hard to really mind.



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