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Golden Mace, Orange Viper, Spear, Hammer, Silver Dark Blade



I like all my food BITE ssssize..

Chokun is a Ninjago minifigure. He is a soldier from the Constrictai tribe. He has a grey head (the same head mould as Fang-Suei's), orange body, short orange legs, grey arms, and black hands. He was seen in the Ninjago TV episode "Can of Worms", taking part in ambushing the ninja with the Venomari Tribe. He also appears in "The Royal Blacksmiths", when he sings in the Serpentine band 'Treble Makers'. His name is a pun on 'choking'. Bio: This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

When strategy or muscle are not your strongest skills, rely on whatever strengths you have. In Chokun's case, that's the size of his not insignificant overbite.

Constrictai are typically heavy built, so Chokun's modest appearance might seem like a disadvantage. However, what he lacks in upper body force, he proudly makes up for with his huge, spiky teeth. He's the guy you want to watch your back for you. He's all in it for the glory. And the orange getup really goes well with his teeth, which is a nice bonus.



  • He appears on the Ninjago cards "Close Call" and "Sacred Flute".
  • He was the lead singer of the group "Treble Makers", which the Serpentine founded to prevent the ninja from getting the Blade Cup.
  • Chokun, Mezmo, Lasha, and Snappa sang a song called "My Poison Lies Over the Ocean" (to the tune of "My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean") at the Ninjago talent show. Pythor awarded them a 10, but the judges only gave them a 6. However, Pythor snarled at them, so they turned their boards upside down and awarded a 9, to the audience's disapproval.
  • In 9591 Weapon Pack in the description it is revealed that Chokun is the Constrictai protector.
  • In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu he is seen holding a tea cup for Sensei Wu and when the tea is poured he tries to drink it but Sensei Wu then knocks him off.


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