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Clara Oswald
Ideas Clara Oswald

LEGO Dimensions




Clara Oswald is a LEGO Ideas minifigure released in 2015.


Clara Oswald was born on 23 November 1986 in the Lancashire town of Blackpool. She received the TARDIS phone number from a mystery woman (later revealed to be Missy) who claimed it to be a computer helpline. Upon calling the number, The Doctor recognized her voice and went to meet her, although she did not recognize him. She joined him in stopping the Great Intelligence invading Earth's Wi-Fi and joined him as his companion. She later stepped into a Time Rift to save the Doctor's lives from the Great Intelligence, being scattered along his timeline as several versions of herself, including Oswin and Victorian Clara. The Doctor saved her, however, and she became an English teacher at Coal Hill School. She later convinced the Doctor to team up with all his other selves to save Gallifrey from being destroyed in the Time War. Clara also convinced the Time Lords to grant the Doctor a new regeneration cycle, and helped the Doctor adjust to his new incarnation. She later left the Doctor after her boyfriend died stopping the Cybermen, before resuming her travels with him and becoming more reckless, which concerned the Doctor. Clara's recklessness got the better of her when she attempted to outsmart the Doctor's immortal friend Ashildr, who was being controlled by the Time Lords, by taking on a death sentence, before later learning that it cannot be revoked. She cautions the Doctor not to give into his darker nature in response to her passing, and faces death with bravery. The Doctor eventually used Time Lord technology to extract her from the final second of her life. He attempted to run away with her to save her, although he was told that saving Clara would fracture time. He had his memory of Clara wiped, although he managed to piece together everything except what she looked like. Clara then began travelling in her own stolen TARDIS with Ashildr, intending to return to Gallifrey to be put back at the moment of her death, after seeing the sights of the Universe.

In LEGO Dimensions, Clara can be rescued in the main story level A Dalektable Adventure, and the Doctor Who level pack The Dalek Extermination of Earth.


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