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This article is about the Batman character who appeared on consoles and PSP. For the Clayface who appeared on DS, see Clayface (Hagen).

"My mom told me I could be anything I wanted. ANYTHING."
―Clayface's soundbite in LEGO Batman 2

Clayface, or Basil Karlo, is an enemy of Batman. He only appears in LEGO Batman: The Videogame. In the game he possesses super strength and can jump higher than most characters. He appears as a boss on the first level, You can Bank on Batman, and was playable in The Riddler Makes a Withdrawl. He reappears in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. He makes his physical debut in 70904 Clayface Splat Attack, albeit as a brick-built figure.

Clayface is voiced by Kate Micucci in The Lego Batman Movie.


Clayface's head is combined to a sandwich plate to help give the appearance that he is somewhat of a blob. His face is coloured orange, like the rest of his body, has two, white squinting eyes, an opened, black mouth with a row of white teeth on the bottom, and several areas with his clay-like protoplasm in compacted together to give him shape, like above his eyes where it forms a brow. Clayface's body also uses the design to give his body shape and blends right into the blank orange torso. Clayface's arms, hands, and legs are also orange. He can change his hands into certain weapons, like hammers, during combat, and is able to throw clay at enemies. He also has the ability to perform a high jump, because although his volume is large, his mass is small.

His appearance is unchanged in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and he can still change his hands into mallets and has super strength, but he can no longer double-jump.

He is a brick-built figure in physical form.


Basil Karlo was an actor who became insane when he learned that a remake of a movie he starred in, The Terror, was in the works, even though he was a member of the advising staff. Karlo went on a murder spree dressed as the movie's villain, Clayface, and kills most of the remake's cast and crew, saving the actor in his old role for last, but Batman and Robin intervened.

After several other schemes, Karlo was visited by Sondra Fuller, the fourth Clayface. Karlo suggested that he, Fuller, and the other living Clayfaces form the "Mud Pack" and attempt to kill Batman. The "Mud Pack" failed, but was able to transfer the powers of Fuller and Preston Payne (the third Clayface) into himself, which transforms himself into an actual Clayface (rather than dressing up as one).

In LEGO Batman

In the videogame's story, Clayface was a part of The Riddler's group, which also consisted of Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Two-Face. Clayface asstisted The Riddler in retrieving a key from a bank which he needed to rob the Gotham City Gold Reserves. When the key was secured, Clayface insisted on staying in the bank to collect the gold that was there. He was then defeated and captured by Batman and Robin and sent back to Arkham Asylum.

In LEGO Batman 2

In console versions of LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, he is found near Gotham Bank, and is available to buy for 100,000 studs after he is defeated.

In portable versions Clayface plays no role in the story, but he appears as an unlockable character. His minikit can be found on the level Gotham Metro. He costs 50,000 studs.

In The LEGO Batman Movie

Clayface is among the Batman villains that Joker assembles in his plot for Gotham City.

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