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Covert Spy Tank
Covert Spy Tank
Required sets:

8968 River Heist & 8969 4-Wheeling Pursuit


Dollar Bill

Year introduced:



    Agents 2.0

The Covert Spy Tank is a combo model that can be made with pieces from 8968 River Heist and 8969 4-Wheeling Pursuit.

Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

When Dr. Inferno’s henchmen want to sneak around without detection, they roll out in the Covert Spy Tank! With anti-radar armor plating, all-terrain wheels and independent rear tires, this open-topped, two-man infiltration and espionage vehicle can slip past all but the most hi-tech Agents scanners both on and off the road. Even when discovered, its side-mounted missile cannons mean that this spy tank is no pushover!


  • The instructions for the Covert Spy Tank are on the CLUB Build-It section on

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