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Cragger is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013. He is initially the main antagonist of the theme, but is not truly evil. He appears in some 2014 sets, except, freed from his evil sister's control, he is now the deuteragonist of the theme.


Cragger has small golden armour with a transparent flat blue stud (CHI), which is absent in the show. He has a red torn up cape. His head mould is earth green on top and olive green on the bottom with lots of jagged teeth. His left eye lacks any features and has a large scar around it, indicating he is half-blind. His arms are olive green but his hands are dark green. Cragger's torso is scaly with muscles and red straps shaped like an X and in the middle of his torso there is a circle of CHI, which is blocked by his harness in the sets, but appears in the show. He has red straps continuing onto his legs. The bottom of his feet are printed with claws.

In the Outlands variant, Cragger's head and arms are the same, but similarities stop there. In order to prepare for the Outlands, Cragger has on Lavertus's new armor. His chestpiece is gray, he has a metal chest place with CHI in the center, secured by multiple straps. The back is the same, but instead of CHI, it has a very faint symbol of the heroes from the original wave. Cragger has also discarded his cape. He has a metal belt, and underneath is the red straps, with metal straps, and knee pads with Crocodile symbols on each leg. Knees down, the legs are the same as the original model. He also has armor, but this time, it's silver, and much more bulky, covering almost his entire chestpiece, and has a transparent blue stud, which is his CHI.


Cragger's weapon of choice in the show's first season as well as one set is the Vengdualize. The Vengdualize is a dual-sided golden chainsaw with massive blades and a short but beautifully detailed handle. It is in the shape of a crocodiles' jaws, and has red lasers in the middle when being used. Cragger carried it with him at all times, and uses it for combat, usually against Laval. In Season 2 he no longer uses it, preferring the Scale Ripper, although it is mounted on the head of the Crocodile Legend Beast, his main mode of transportation. He reuses it in season 3, once again as his main weapon, although it now has orange lasers.

In Season Two, Queen Crunket gave him his father's Scale Ripper, a complex weapon which has a rectangular prism base, two silver blades sticking out of the sides that can be used for combat, dual CHI cylinders with green studs on the side, and two blue cones on the end that shoot dual blue lasers at foes. He uses it instead of his Vengualize in Season 2, as it has blades and is also a long range weapon, having more diversity and usefulness than his original sword. He also uses it in his only other early 2014 set, Scorm's Scorpion Stinger, to combat Scorm, the King of Scorpions and leader of the dark tribes.

Although these are Cragger's main weapons, he has many more weapons in his arsenal. Before he got his trademark Vengdualize, he used a small normal wooden sword. In the Ultimate Speedor Tournament, he uses the Vengious which is a silver version of the Vengdulize, but with only 1 sword, and a simple mace known as the Gronk. In the Croc Swamp Hideout, he uses the Grandourious, which has the exact same chainsaw as the Vengious, but has a longer handle, which has an axe attached. In the show, he carries a small gun that shoots Croc Flares, which sets off a full armed battle. He also uses his tail as a weapon, which proved to be useful for catching enemies off guard.

He also uses the Vengious again in the Crocodile Legend Beast set, but this time it's golden with a Blue Laser, calling it the Royal Vengious, showing how he has turned good. In the later 2014 sets, the Royal Vengious is reborn as the Vengblaze, and it has a red, fiery blade instead of a laser. However, he also uses the Fyreclaw, a powerful three clawed weapon with a Fire CHI orb in the center.


Cragger was very competitive from the start. He was best friends with the prince of the Lion tribe, Laval, and the two played together for much of their younger years. However, Cragger and Laval sneaked into the room containing the pool of CHI, an extremely powerful energy source on Chima. Due to its potency, only those of a certain age were allowed to tap into it's raw energy. Still youthful and therefore not permitted to use it, Cragger's curiosity got the better of him and he placed an orb of Chi in his chest. Unprepared as he was for the effects of the energy, Cragger was overwhelmed by the power. After the power wore off, Worriz questioned him about the chi and Cragger tried to sneak into the Lion Temple again with Worriz. He was once again caught by the lions, while Worriz fled. When escaping, he set off a croc flare, which initiated an all-out war. He went to the Fangs, a dangerous place that Laval knew. The two had a talk, and it ended in Cragger apologizing for the Croc Flare, which Laval was unaware of. Cragger tries to talk to his parents, but to no avail. In the end, Cragger's parents fall off a cliff, and Cragger becomes king. Cragger knew that the lions were innocent, but his evil sister Crooler wanted him to destroy the lions, and gave him his father's golden helmet.

In episode 2: The Great Story, Crooler takes control of a depressed Cragger by using a Persuader Plant on him, and he declared war on the lions. After almost killing Laval after a Speedor tournament, Eris and Gorzan saved Laval. He retreats to get allies of his own and teamed up with the Wolves, who hated the lions, and Ravens, who were bribed by him. Cragger's plan was to launch a massive attack against the lions during Laval's age of becoming ceremony (while having Plovar inconveniently come during his speech). The attack worked well, and while Cragger's allies crippled the lions' defenses, Cragger stole some Chi and made a run for it, with Laval in hot pursuit. Laval wins and tries to finish him, before he realizes that it's Cragger. After a lecture on peace, harmony, and Chi, Cragger throws Laval into a creek and steals back his stolen Chi. Even with the Eagles and Gorillas, the Lions are no match for the Crocodile forces. The effects of the flower wear of, and Cragger realizes that he's done something horrible to his best friend, and tries to save him, but is sprayed with the flower again. However, Laval comes back with a Legend Beast, shocking everyone. Cragger plugs an orb of Chi into his harness, but is swatted away, and is forced to retreat.

In episode 3, The Warrior Within, Crooler has seemingly took complete control over Cragger's mind, with him only questioning her statements when the effect wears off. He first comes in at the Lion Chi temple with his sister, asking for Chi. Despite Laval still being hostile, Lagravis still gives him the Chi, as it is the rule. Laval comes after them while they're leaving in his Command Ship, and warns them about their Chi usage. After Crawley is swatted away, and Crug is losing against Laval, Cragger gives Laval all of his Chi, with Crug bearing witness. He then broadcasts that the Lions stole their Chi, and will never give them any more, in front of his entire tribe. Laval and Eris come back to give the Chi back, but Cragger mumbles threats to them, (that his tribe can't hear) which forces Laval to scream "YOU'RE NEVER GETTING OUR CHI!", in front of all the crocodiles, making them hate him even more. Laval throws their Chi down the Fangs, and keeps one to fight off their army. However, Cragger pushes him over, only for Laval to be saved by Eris' Eagle Intercepter. Cragger then sent a message to Razar and Worriz to come and attack Laval with their armies, but because Gorzan was protecting a flower on the road, they couldn't come. When Laval goes to find the Legend Beast, Cragger cuts him off, and reveals that he still had an orb of Chi, which he uses. When everything heats up, Plovar comes in, annoying Cragger, Laval, and all of the Crocs. When they throw weapons at him and force him to leave, Cragger's forces and his Chi overwhelm Laval, until an army of Eagles and Lions come in to save him. Because their allies were held back, Cragger had to retreat. However, Crooler comes up with another brilliant plan, thinking that the lions only have allies because they control the Chi.

But failed scheme after failed scheme, Crooler begins to lose faith in Cragger. After losing to the Gorillas and Lions in his own swamp, Crooler deems him useless, and switches her loyalties. Although the persuader plant didn't work on Worriz, and he still had loyalties to Cragger due to the Pledge of the Pack, Crooler managed to strike a deal with him by promising the destruction of the Pledge of the Pack. By using Furty, Crooler spread rumors in the Speedor race, that caused a riot and fighting ensued. Cragger manages to catch the Wolves and Crooler sneaking in, and follows them too see that they're successfully stealing the CHI, without him! Enraged, Cragger began to fight the wolves, but was shocked when Crooler sided with them. Thankfully, Laval, Eris, and Rogon enter the scene and help him fight. Laval and Cragger fight side by side, and their friendship is somewhat rekindled. In the process, Cragger also finally realizes that Crooler was pulling his strings with the persuader plant, but sadly, the wolves escape with the CHI.

Although Cragger was finally freed from evil, only Laval trusted him, while Lagravis and the Eagles had no trust in him whatsoever, since they didn't know that Crooler was pulling his strings, and thought that he did it out of his own free will. However, Cragger was no longer the threat, with the wolves and their CHI stealing habits being for more dangerous. After being affected with a tiny persuader plant, Cragger starts a war with the wolves that he couldn't win, and he was imprisoned. Thankfully, Crooler had a bell, which made the wolves do whatever he wanted. The wolves were tempted to kill him, but due to Lagravis having Skinnet as a spy, they couldn't mistreat them or else they'll be in serious trouble. They planned to kill them when they had enough power to defeat the Lions and their allies after another raid, so that no one could stop them. Laval still decides to rescue them the night before Lagravis made his decision for a rescue, and he "succeeds," only because the wolves let him win.

Cragger and Laval rekindle their friendship after they stop a fake CHI dealing from Reegull, and almost sign a treaty to never fight. But Crooler throws a persuader plant into a fire and makes the Fog of Destiny. Cragger believes that his destiny is to rule Chima, and is turned evil again. On the bright side, Crooler is finally put in her place, and is locked in the dungeon for the rest of the season. What's more, is that with Laval in exile for stealing the golden CHI, Cragger orders Ripnik to steal all of his stuff, leading Lagravis into a trap, where he imprisons him. However, Laval trades him the pledge of the pack for his father's freedom, which he accepts. It also had writing from his father, saying "make us proud miracle baby", which is what they called him at a young age.

Cragger briefly rejoins the heroes to fight off the black cloud. Sadly, when the CHI falls run dry, Cragger blames Laval. Cragger rallies the Ravens, the only tribe that was loyal to him for the entire season, the Wolves, who were obedient due to the Pledge of the Pack, and the Rhinos, who were persuaded by mounds of rocks. It was a repeat of the first major battle, with the Crocodiles beating the lions, but the victory was by a far greater margin, and their allies were cut off before they could even arrive. In the midst of battle, Laval and Cragger dual. Both are evenly matched, but they both end up taking a devastating fall. This causes a montage of their greatest moments. Laval ends up breaking Cragger's fall, but ends up dying as a result, much to the horror of Cragger and Lagravis. Cragger runs away, to Laval's room, where he makes a teary confession to Laval in his bed, only to read a note that Laval isn't dead. Later, Cragger tries to persuade Worriz to let Lagravis and his men go, but to no avail. Suddenly, Laval and Crunket arrive on the Crocodile Legend Beast, and the fighting stopped. Cragger is ecstatic that Laval rescued his "mommy", but Crunket reveals that there are dark tribes, which are behind the black cloud, and that they want all of the CHI. Cragger, along with his allies Razar, Worriz, and Rhogon, join forces with the heroes, Laval, Eris, Gorzan, and Bladvic, to save Chima from these evil tribes.

In Season 2, Cragger is set to move on to the Outlands, but Crunket tells a story of how CHI fell into the Gorge, and transformed the Scopions, Spiders, and Bats into the Dark Tribes. Cragger, realizing that that was the CHI Laval threw in Episode 3, he tries to pin it on him, but Laval deflects the issue and, Crunket continues the story. Led by Scorm, the dark tribes wanted more CHI. Crunket and Crominus show them Mount Cavora to get out, then try to escape. The Dark tribes had unbelievable power, and Crominus did not make it out while Crunket was saved by ShadoWind. Crunket also gives Cragger the Scale Ripper, his new main weapon, and releases Crooler from the dungeon, much to Cragger's protest. Cragger does extremely well in surviving the Outlands, with the Legend Beast being his mode of transportation. It was surprisingly faster than everyone except for Laval, and traded 2nd place with Eris and her Speedor, and the Legend Beast was, unsurprisingly, also extremely strong in battle. Besides that, Cragger never really struggled in battle, and he and Rogon were the only ones who never needed any help against the vicious plants, and he held his own well against the black cloud. After being chased multiple times, they agree to stay with Lavertus, although Laval and Cragger still tell the other animals to stay together. After this, the entire group (minus Laval and Cragger), are split up by all of the cool stuff in Lavertus' house, and Laval leaves a scared Cragger to see the punching dummy. Lavertus then says that he could pick them all off one by one, then says he's kidding, and after several "or do I?"'s, Cragger is left even more scared then before, which becomes a running gag between the two for the rest of the season.

Cragger did play a prominent role in season 2, but mainly just helped his other friends capture their legend beasts. However, in Tooth or Consequences, a dream about his father sends Cragger looking for him, while Worriz looks for the mother wolf, causing them to cross paths and team up. When Worriz sees the legend beast, Cragger holds him down and silences his howling, persuading him to wait, only for Worriz to do the same to him when he sees his father. They are both given away by Plovar and are captured, but Cragger is happy to be reunited with his dad again. He and Worriz then learn the story behind Crominus and Lagravis' history. Later, they are rescued in the Crawlers' cave, and Cragger is reunited with his Legend Beast. When losing the fight, Cragger tries telling them that Laval threw the CHI down the gorge and created them, instead of a "great scorpion in the sky". This only enrages them further, and turns everyone except for him and Eris against Laval.

In This May Sting A Bit, Cragger fights back against the crawlers when Laval is absent, but finds himself overwhelmed. Later, when Laval returns with his Legend Beast, the tide turns. They looked poised to win, but Scorm then decides to lock them in by blocking off all the exits. When the last exit is being held up by Lagravis's golden CHI, Cragger and Laval stay behing for Crominus and Lagravis, who settle their feud, with Lagravis accepting his fate and saying that if Crominus didn't marry Crunket, they would've never had Cragger, "one of Chima's finest warriors".

In Fire Dreaming, Cragger, along with Laval, enjoy telling their stories and legacy to everyone, enjoying their newfound fame, and just having fun. They ignore a paranoid Eris' fire dreams, and Cragger constantly mocks her, calling her "Hotwings".

In Attack of the Ice Clan, the ice tribes attack the Croc Swamp as their first major target since the Crawler's cave. He finds his parents and Crawley frozen, and then sees the ice tribes. He throws his Vengdualize, which is blocked by the ice. Cragger recovers his spear and runs away with Crooler, shutting the crocodile gate, locking the hunters inside. As Mungus is lifting the gate, Cragger tries to swim away in the boat, only to be blocked by the ice, since he did not know what it was. He and Crooler escape in the Helicroctor, with a frozen Crug in tow, and go to the Lion Temple, where they inform Laval and Lagravis of the attack. The elders identify the "white stuff" as ice, and are threatened by it. Cragger joins Laval in the following attack, where he duels Vardy, the vulture king. Vardy freezes his tail, but instead of finishing him, he waits for him to freeze over. Cragger, who is very impulsive, is angered by his patience but cannot escape the ice on his tail. Laval eventually frees Cragger and holds off Vardy, while they retreat to safety, clearly outmatched.

Throughout the third season he wants to free his family and tribe from the Hunters, and he also is slightly disturbed by Eris apparent lack of mental stability. When he finds the Pheonix Temple with Laval and Eris inside Mount Cavora, Cragger accepts her visions. While Eris is admitted Fire CHI by Fluminox, Cragger is burned by it, as he and Laval, as "groundborns", are not allowed to use it. Tormak, a groundborn himself, sides with Laval and Cragger and persuades Fluminox to test their worthiness, which he agrees to. After many tests, which he struggled in, he eventually finds Flinx after jumping into a fire pit after Laval. He then lights a torch with Laval and is deemed worthy of Fire CHI, which he, Laval, and Eris use to orchestrate their first win against the Hunters.

In A Very Slippery Slope, the main three heroes (Laval, him and Eris), as well as Tormak and Flinx, raid the Hunter's ice mountain. With the map from Plovar, Cragger easily finds the trophy room, where Flinx frees all the captives, including the Crawlers. Cragger is intially happy to see his parents, but quickly has to fight again when Scorm declares war. Crominus, Crunket, and Lagravis hold off the dark tribes, leading everyone to leave except for Laval, Tormak, and Flinx. Descriptions

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Cragger was always an extremely-competitive kid. He lived for the rush of victory. Laval actually liked that about him when they first met, and the two became best friends at a very young age. At the time, both cared only about adventure, fun, and the occasional prank. Cragger challenged Laval’s Lion sense of propriety, and Laval had a way of getting Cragger to laugh at himself – no small feat given Cragger’s oversized ego. But everything changed when Cragger had his first taste of Chi. There are strict rules about how old one must be to use Chi, and Cragger was far too young to handle its awesome power. For Cragger, Chi gave him that sense of ultimate power he had always been seeking. He never completely recovered from the experience. This was the beginning of the end for Laval and Cragger, as well as Chima’s thousand-year Age of Peace.

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After a failed attempt at seizing control of Chima’s CHI, Cragger is now once again friends with Laval. They have teamed up to save the CHI from an enemy from the Outlands, but all is not going smoothly. Cragger has to work hard to regain the trust of his old friend, while at the same time searching for his missing father, King Crominus. Cragger hopes that, when this adventure is over, the past will be forgotten and he and Laval can be buddies, just like in the old days.


  • All of Cragger's main weapons are a play on the word "Vengeance". This is still a trend, despite his parents having been saved. It must be noted that Vengius is the name of the basic crocodile blade, so while the original pun has lost it's meaning, use of it is still reasonable.
  • In the cartoon, Cragger's head ridges are red. However, this is not the case for his minifigures; their head ridges are consistently the same shade of green as the rest of his scalp.
  • It would seem that Cragger is still unaware about Crooler's use of Persuader Plants to control him.
    • He seemed to briefly realize it at one point, but apparently forgot about it.
  • At ten sets, Cragger appears the most in the theme.
  • On some of the last episodes in season 1, when ever Cragger goes mad in control, Laval sometimes does something nice, Cragger's red glowing eyes disappears and he can be reasonable


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