Agent Flame
IMG 6281

Dagger: The Adventure Begins


Alice Harper


Various Gadgets and vehicles


2007 - Present




Agent Flame is a custom minifig in Eagleeyedan's custom themes about Agent Dagger.

Back Story

Originally an ordinary girl named Alice Harper, Flame was kidnapped in her teens by a villain named Black Jack. He trained her in martial arts and other forms of self defense. While in her cell, another captive named David Merton used his knowledge of electronics and hacking to escape. Alice, once home, became a movie star when David found her again asking her to help him capture Black Jack, she said no because she was happy right where she was. On flight to a set, the airplane was hijacked and she was taken captive. Coincidentally, David was on that plane. They were taken to a desert prison where Alice constantly kept the guard on their toes. She would often practice her skills on them until they chained her to her bed. David helped her escape in a climactic flight with a WWII General. She went back to being a movie actress but the General had other plans. He hooked the two of them up again and she became Agent Flame and David became Agent Dagger. Together, they fight crime across the world. In order that she not be recognized (because of her movie career everyone knew what she looked like) she dyed her hair black when on missions.


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