Alexa Von
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Alexa Von is a super hero in Inspiration Comics. She is the daughter of Dr. Von.


Alexa Von is a young adult who is in the learning stage of getting a job at her father, Dr. Von's business, VonTech. One day she encountered an alien Creature. She took it to VonTech immediately for help, but she happened to be there at the same time the Evil Investor created King Dino, and the big breakout happened. Her father arrested, she set out to recapture the dinosaurs that Dr. Von created, with the help of the VonTech staff and eventually Creature too.

After many events, new heroes and villains are created. A new team of heroes is created, with Alexa and Creature as the leaders. Later, Alexa finds her father in hiding due to a prison breakout. She helps her father become a new person, a hero. The entire team of heroes then face their greatest threat yet.


IMG 20150919 190700
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