Goblin Ambush
100 2715

Trouble Kelp, Grub Kelp, General Scalene, Goblin


Artemis Fowl



Goblin Ambush is a custom set made by Jodofoo in his Artemis Fowl theme.


This is based off of the scene from the second book when the LEP are attacked by goblins at Spud's Spud Emporium. Trouble and Grub Kelp take cover behind a photo which was destroyed soon after but they made a run for Spud's.


Includes a detailed photo booth with red curtains and parts that will easily fall off to represent it being destroyed. The sign on it says Photo Finish but the o is missing because in book it was shot off. It also comes with Spud's Spud Emporium. Trouble and Grub Kelp have Neutrino blasters and LEP helmets. General Scalene has a softnose laser and another goblin has a fireball.

Minifigures Included


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