Litle Sister
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Artemis Fowl, Opal Koboi


Artemis Fowl



Little Sister is a custom set made by Jodofoo in his Artemis Fowl theme.


This is based off of the scene from the sixth book when Artemis flies to the Little Sister rock in his Cessna jet as a distraction for Opal who chases him. He pulls another trick by giving Opal a toy monkey instead of Jayjay the lemur but she didn't realize it until a few moments but at that time Artemis used his laser pointer to cut through the rock which was actually a kraken shell. It exploded and buried Opal. Unfortunately she someone how escaped because when the LEP came to dig her out, she wasn't there.


Includes the Fowl family Cessna and 2 large rocks, one being the Little Sister. The Little Sister has a trap door mechanism to represent Opal being buried. Artemis has a laser pointer and it also comes with Opal Koboi and the toy monkey.

Minifigures Included


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