Troll Trouble
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Butler(knight armor) Juliet


Artemis Fowl



Troll Trouble is a custom set made by Jodofoo in his Artemis Fowl theme.


This is based off the scene in the first book when a troll sent by Briar Cudgeon causes a lot of havoc in Fowl Manor. It delivers a fatal wound to Butler and knocks out Juliet and Holly but Holly heals Butler and herself. When Butler sees that the troll is about to kill Juliet, he is enraged. He puts on a suit of armor and arms himself with a mace, then defeats the troll. That made him famous for being the first person to defeat a troll.


This includes a giant troll wielding a pillar from the wrecked Fowl Manor. The setting includes a fireplace and a destroyed pillar. Butler is wearing a suit of armor and wields a mace. It also includes his sister Juliet who can be held by the troll.

Minifigures Included

100 2712
100 2711
Butler (knight Armor)Juliet

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