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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Attack of the Shadow Lord is a set from the second wave of The Atomist and depicts the battle at the Shadow Lord's castle.


Attack of the Shadow Lord consists of 2 main sections: The Wyrme and the Wall. The Wall has 3 segments, angled away from each other and has 3 colors: Light grey pillars on the segment's lining, dark grey stone for the arches and black obsidian for the inside. In each alcove, a short sword is clamped, while atop the wall, large torches burn brightly. This is where the Skeletor stands.

The Wyrme is small and black, with a head molded similarly to the Mechdragon's, but entirely black. It has 4large feet on short legs and a glossy body. It's tail has 2 segments and whips from side to side. It's 2 wings are sharp and bladed, and an appropriate length for it's body.


As strange disturbances rock the Sorcerer world, Vaurien and Mahrous are sent to the castle of the long-dead Shadow Lord, only to find that he has been breeding an army of Wyrmes, Voors and Skeletors.

Wyrmes were bred in imitation of dragons, the Lords of the Skies, and evolve from the form of a horse to the shape seen here. In their first form, Wyrmes appear as shiny black horses, with red eyes, but their hooves slowly become clawed paws, and their tails become sharp and bony. The mane will disappear and small wings will grow, the Wyrme's hair will fal out to be replaced by scales, and the head will become draconic. Wyrmes continue to grow this way until they have no vestige of their horse form.