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Austin Ridgeback and the Mysterious Letter
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May 29, 2002, after coming home from a typical boring day working at McDonald's, Austin Ridgeback pulled up to his driveway and went inside his home. It was deathly quiet, literally deathly quiet. "Honey!" he yelled. He suddenly gasped at the horrible sight he saw. He saw his wife's throat sliced open, and his daughter's without heads. Their was a mysterious letter on his wife's breasts that said "Come to Afghanistan. AK" So he set off with some of his former comrades to the dangerous lands of Afghanistan. When he and his comrades make it to Afghanistan, they were pursued by a mysterious group of men. They were taken to an abandoned looking town. Once there, everyone was executed except Austin. He then meets the the strange groups leader who's name is Ajank Heind Grook. Austin then learns that the group is Alkida and the reason they want him is because he is the only American that survived the battle in Iran, and Ajank was the only other person that survived the napalm dropping, however he was badly burned. Austin then takes a gun from one of the terrorists and begins killing them off, however Ajank and a few of his supporters get away in an osprey. Austin hijacks a biplane and shoots down the osprey. He then battles the final few Alkida members and before he stabs Ajank in the head, he says "This is for my wife, my kids, and all the other people you've tortured and killed!" He then makes it home safely.