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Baron Von Vengeance is one of the secondary antagonists of the first plotline in the atomist, and a Herald of Death.

Description Edit

Baron Von Vengeance is a standard minifigure, with the same torso and legs as Dominus, as well as his chest plate, but with no helmet or cape. His head has an angry expression with bushy eyebrows and dark grey hair

Background Edit

Von Vengeance was a secret Herald of Death, worshiping their ideals, while being raised in secret by parents with similar beliefs. Von Vengeance was sorcerer who grew up in the city of Gallantium, an independent city-state, with barbaric ideas and society. The concept of slavery sill existed, and mortals were often enslaved.

Von Vengeance's parents were not the rulers of Gallantium, and died while Dominus was just 12. He had to learn to survive on his own through the dog-eat-dog world of Gallantium. He became a criminal and thief, as well as hired killer. One day, he attempted to steal from the Baron of Gallantium, and was caught. The Baron, however, took Von Vengeance under his wing and raised him. Eventually, the original Baron died and Von hired assassins to kill his other family.

After this, he joined Dominus as one of the 3 generals. He was certainly the most powerful and clever of the 3, and was often seen at the front line. He was an expert in warfare and weaponry, designing the Vengeance Blade, a curved and serrated sword which caused an efficient and painful death. He also designed he armory of the Uruks. He was leading the defense of Dominus' territory until being recalled, where he was killed by Vaurien during the showdown.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Von Vengeance was a powerful sorcerer, and was a Gravitist. As a Gravitist, Vengeance was very powerful. He could manipulate gravity, increasing, decreasing and changing it's direction. He was not entirely proficient with unarmed combat, but could fight with effectively with over 76 weapons.

Gallery of Variants Edit

Baron Von Vengeance