Batman: The Batmobile Assault
Batmobile (The Batman)

Batman (Driving), Firefly, Black Mask (White Suit), Black Mask Henchman


DC Comics

Batman: The Batmobile Assault is a DC Comics Super Heroes set release in 2014. The Batmobile design is based on The Batman and Batman's Design is based on a combo of New 52 and Arkham City


Firefly and Black Mask are up to no good. Assemble the Batmobile and hunt them down. Put Batman in the Batmobile and ride to find Black Mask and Firefly.

Minifigure Included

Batman (Driving)
Firefly Redesign
Black Mask (White Suit)
BM Henchman
Batman (Driving)FireflyBlack Mask (White Suit)Black Mask Henchman


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