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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

This is based off of my Non-Canonical or Fictional story of when i encountered wikia has taken over Blacktron. The set contains DarthShlomo (Hood), Jahchildren, tons of Wikia Soldiers, Evil Mech, and me, hanging off of the blacktron capital core and about to fall to my death.


The set features jahchildren hacking the control panel to make the platform lower (so DarthShlomo can attack Evil Mech, obviously) and also includes DarthShlomo electricuting a Wikia Soldier, with tons other Wikia Soldiers aiming at DarthShlomo, it also includes the top which is damaged only because of an attempt to battle Evil Mech, it also includes me, King Kahuka, hanging off the damaged platform with Evil Mech holding my gun about to blow me off.

This set is actually the most biggest set i have made, despite all those other ones i made for my MOC Themes this is HUGE!

Notes From Creator

  • I hope darthshlomo likes this.
  • I had to give Jahchildren a different hairpiece because they didnt have the hairpiece he usually has (e.i. his User Image)
  • It includes Wikia Soldiers, the soldiers of Wikia (in which, of course, are evil)
  • It includes the Blacktron Robot included to the Minifigures Series 11 known as Evil Mech
  • This is the biggest set i have EVER made, all the sets i have ever made have been big, but this just broke a record. It has won the "Biggest Set" title in my MOCs.
  • You can see i have Anti-Matter coming from my hands (though i didn't know how to use it yet)