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"People change!"
―Big Blunt to Pale Man

Big Blunt is a custom minifigure by MLG Neo-Futurist who will appear in Infinity Comics. He is Baby Blunt in the year 3054.


Big Blunt is a bigfig that carries a giant blunt.



Baby BluntEdit

Baby Blunt came from a strange, two-dimensional world. One day, he found a giant blunt and it became his favored item. When Pale Man altered time, Baby Blunt was teleported to the Infinity Comics universe. He became a hero who stopped drug smugglers, but he also fought against many heroes.

Big BluntEdit

In the year of 3054, it was revealed that Baby Blunt had become an massive adult. Now by the name of "Big Blunt", he became a tyrant and villain, having new superpowers. These include invulnerability, even stronger super strength, and lasers from his eyes that can disintegrate, making him the second strongest character in the Infinity Comics Multiverse. After killing many heroes, he remembered that it was Pale Man who brought him to Prime Earth in the first place; Pale Man is the strongest being in the universe. Blunt then decided to kill Pale Man, succeeding him and finally becoming first the strongest superhero in the universe. However, he failed to kill Pale Man.

In a comic showing 3325, his dead body was shown at the ruins of a city. However, it is unknown how Big Blunt died.


  • Super strength - Big Blunt is powerful enough to lift up an entire metropolis.
  • Breathe in space - Big Blunt has the ability to breathe in space. However, he cannot breathe underwater.
  • Lasers - Big Blunt can shoot lasers from his eyes, capable of disintegrating. It will even injure heroes that are invulnerable.
  • Invulnerability - Big Blunt is invulnerable to many attacks that would kill most superheroes.
  • Slow aging - Big Blunt has an unbelievable high lifespan as he appears to be in his thirties in the year 3054.

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