Bindy Brandon is a protagonist in Bart0106 and Dennis Parker's Custom LEGO Brand: LEGO Bart & Bindy.

Bindy is a swordfighter and best friend of Bindy Brandon. Together they go on a lot of crazy adventures, like: The Golden Wand, The Mysterious Town, The Murder at the Gates and The Gift From The Atlantians


The Golden WandThe Mysterious TownThe Murder at the GatesThe Gift From The Atlantians
  • Sherlock Dumdum (By Harry People)
  • Explorer (By William Frank IX)
  • Brick (By Miranda Parker)
  • Mr. Brandonovícacontropicha (By Amelia Strangovski)
  • Smithy Number one (By Lady Diana)
  • Fourth-Doctor-Withouth-The-Looks-Of-The-Fourth-Doctor-Guy's compagnon (By Benny Prixton)
  • Explorer (By William Frank IX)
  • Mr. Bad Detective (By Larry Coppah)
  • Mr. Can't-Handle-A-Book (By Bart Parker)
  • Dingydongy-Man (By Amy Prits)
  • Ms. Calahan (By Greg Vendraz, Penelope Peenliquere, Tony Tromboney & Pat Prits)
  • Explorer (By Raymond)

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